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More discussion

Posted by revkharma on November 12, 2007

The first post is the germ, from which this “Church of ideas” has grown. It’s a way to start people thinking in a different way about almost ANYTHING.

We can only learn by observation and experience, interaction and by exercising our minds, and stretching our thoughts in new and different ways.

And, yes, The Rev is preparing a Kharma Futures Market. Details to follow. Watch for some current events chatter later in the day.

Keep the Faith!

The Rev


One Response to “More discussion”

  1. Samantha said

    Interesting. I’ll reserve judgement until I see more on your politics and philosophy.
    You seem to weave some very different threads to come to a conclusion. Kinda makes me think
    I gotta say, I AM curious about this futures trading in Kharma. Is this for real? I’d love to see some more on it.

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