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The Beginning

Posted by revkharma on November 12, 2007

How have you lived your life? Have you accumulated a huge amount of positive Kharma?
Or are you nearing the point, when you think you've built up a reserve of bad Kharma so large that lightning may start striking you at any moment?

The Reverend Kharma Future is here to help. We can even out the peaks and valleys in the Universe, creating a sense of Fairness and Balance throughout.

We here at the Church of Kharma Future will assist, acting as sort of a Kharmic Clearing House. Those of you with excessive Positive Kharma can offer it to those who have somehow accumulated an unfair balance of Negative Kharma.

In effect, you can do even more good by offering your Good Kharma balance to help those with a Bad Kharma balance. In the process you can also realize some material gains as well.

All in all, we here at the Church of Kharma Future will help to reestablish a more harmonic balance to the unequal and unfair balances that have evolved.
It's all about equity and Fairness. It's all about Balance. It's all about Kharma.
We can help.
Let's talk about how YOU can help restore balance to the universe.
We'll see if we can find some Good Kharma for you, to give you the Good Balance you deserve.

Kharma Futures will be a place for discussion on many different issues. Faith and philosophy,politics and world events, sometimes sports or even what The Rev had for breakfast.

Let’s start talking.
Keep the Faith!

The Rev


2 Responses to “The Beginning”

  1. Killer said

    This looks a little odd. Just what are you all about? and is this Karma future for real?

  2. james said

    Do you really think it is possible for “YOU” to restore balance to the universe? That’s an incredible amount of personal responsibility for an incredible number of people who do not share the same time as I do . . .

    I can demonstrate that one person alone cannot make one iota of difference toward balancing himself out, much less make a contribution on a universal (or do you mean Universal) scale . . . are you interested?

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