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The Border

Posted by deaconkharmafuture1 on November 15, 2007

Thoughts on the border crisis…
The government of the U.S. has done nothing substantial as far as the border, of that, I think we can all surely agree. I would like to randomly muse on this topic and some points. When it comes to police forces we have an abundance. When it comes to traffic enforcement, we have that in spades. I was brought up on Andy Griffith and thought that was what police were. These days it’s revenue generation, busting college parties, ticketing speeders, nailing people for “felony taglight violations” (I kid you not, this is police humor) and how many police are allotted for traffic versus other non-revenue based service? Keep that thought humming while I shift gears.

So, we have the border that resembles, in my mind, a colander (aka strainer) being used to hold water. We know we have a problem. We even have evidence of Mexican military crossing our border. Why is this unchecked? Go back to the police model of today. Revenue generation, versus no revenue. It is more profitable, less time and energy to ticket your average speeder. Now lets not forget safer, both physically, and LEGALLY. A perfect case study in America hamstringing it’s own security is that deputy that barely missed getting run over by illegals( and when defensively fired his pistol, was prosecuted.

Revenue, hmmm, is that why we prefer to prosecute Americans for drugs yet all the while allowing drugs to be escorted into the country by armed Mexican military? So instead of handling things, we bait and switch. “War on Drugs”, a sham if we don’t cut the supply. Bait and switch? How about the war on terror and security “for American safety” but a porous border with 70 Americans kidnapped by Mexicans. All this from the border in one year. How many Americans were kidnapped by Saddam? This is not necessarily an anti-war statement, just a point I consider pertinent since we are talking American safety.

The “minuteman project” is a prelude and led me to a somewhat far reaching theory, though more credible to me every day. A theory is that citizens will take things into their own hands and retaliate. Some will seek to only defend, some will become vigilantes, and some will teeter precariously close to the very thing they despise, the American version of Mexican gang like activity and declare gang war on them. Unfortunately, if our government won’t come to our aid, perhaps they will come to the border for peacekeeping. Soon the border may be past boiling point.

One final thought, could this be anticipated? Expected even? I ask myself why the US government is contemplating giving advanced audio (listening devices), optics (night and thermal vision), and other equipment to Mexico to police their side of the border. Mexican military escorts of drug runners,( (,2933,182650,00.html) fully equipped with night vision, has been reported. Mexican military vehicles crossing the border armed… Could we be better equipping Mexico in anticipation of civilian response to the threat our government refuses to deal with directly? Or do we believe our government is actually daft enough to think the Mexicans will break with current trends, and actually use the equipment to police the border on their side?
You do the math…


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