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Using the Courts

Posted by revkharma on December 7, 2007

Ok, so today Barry Bonds was brought to court and voiced a plea of ‘Not Guilty” to federal perjury charges. He is being charged with lying during the investigation of rumors of steroid use by the new Home Run champ of Major League Baseball. ‘Everybody knows’ that Bonds cheated.’ Everybody Knows’ that he was juiced. A promising ball player went from a slightly above average build to a big headed behemoth who crushed the ball on a regular basis. No one could actually prove he took banned substances, they just knew it. Maybe Bonds could afford to pay enough for technology to beat the tests. Perhaps the Baseball Powers simply wanted to make money badly enough that they turned a blind eye. There’s certainly blame enough to go all around.

Now we get to something else. The oncoming trial. The Feds could not lodge sufficient charges to actually try Mr. Bonds. So he is now being charged and tried for lying about a crime for which he has never even been charged. Lying to cover up a crime that legally never occurred.

Sound familiar? Over the last decade there have been several prominent trials which have been represented as falling into this category. I’ll deal with several here. Bill Clinton: It was claimed that he was tried for ‘lying about sex’ and nothing more. Martha Stewart was convicted and went to prison for lying to investigators about insider trades she was never actually charged with having commited. Lewis ‘Scooter’ Libby was charged and convicted for lying about releasing classified information which was proved to have been leaked by someone else.

Let’s go through them:

Clinton. He lied under oath. He was a licensed attorney, testifying in a case in which he was accused of harassing and/or assaulting a woman sexually. His perjury was germane to a particular charge for which he was on trial. He was convicted of perjury. He was disbarred by the State of Arkansas. He had his license to practice law before the U.S. Supreme Court revoked. Mr. Clinton was charged, convicted and punished for lying about a matters relevant to the crime for which he was being tried. This one works.

Martha Stewart was investigated for securities fraud. She was accused of making profits on a pharmaceutical stock which precipitously lost it’s value following an adverse ruling by the FDA. She sold the stock before it tanked, made her profits and took off. The stock has eventually regained most of it’s value, and the company continues to flourish.

Ms. Stewart was never charged with any crimes, nor any civil offenses. There was insufficient evidence to do so. But, “Everybody Knows” she must be guilty of something. They just couldn’t prove it. ( In a court, that generally means acquittal, or a verdict of ‘Not Guilty”)

Instead, federal prosecutors charged her with providing misleading statements and information during the investigation. She was convicted of lying to cover up a crime which legally had never occurred.

Scooter Libby was caught in the crossfire of a political battle. A special federal prosecutor was investigating who leaked the identity of Ms Valerie Plame. It has been revealed that quite early in the investigation, the prosecutor knew who had leaked the information, and it was NOT Mr. Libby. But, the feds thought “Everybody Knows he must be guilty of something.”So the charge of perjury is brought out. He was charged with lying about (here we go again) a crime which he never committed. Lying to cover up something which legally did not exist.

Now to Mr. Barry Bonds. Investigations have dragged on for years. No charges could be brought. No crimes could be proved. So, since “Everybody Knows he’s guilty of something” the feds bring out the famous charge. Lying about a crime which legally does not exist.

I’m no fan of Bonds. The steroid issue is only a part of my problems with him. I think the huge armored arm brace he wears is more of a cheat, but that’s another issue.

I think the federal prosecutors are overreaching again and again. They have virtually unlimited resources to fund investigations, and to bring charges. The citizen must fund his own defense. Somehow, somewhere somebody has to stop this. Federal charges of perjury are a catch all way to crush someone who defies the feds. They may not be able to prove a crime, but they can get you anyway. Anger the machine, and you will be prosecuted for years until you are broken financially or have your reputation ruined.

Much as I hate to say this, in this case I am rooting for Bonds. Go big guy. Fight back. Beat these charges.

Then, I hope Baseball finds a way to ban him and prevent his name from ever being entered into the hall of fame.

Win Barry, win this one. Then, please, go away quietly.


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  1. […] in congress and charged with perjury on something that is a local legal law enforcement matter (See much earlier post on Bonds on the Church Site)? All because they say he lied about something that wasn’t in their purview to judge? […]

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