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Contradictions, and Constitutions

Posted by revkharma on January 28, 2008

Does anyone else notice the contradictions:
The Dems have screamed since the Bush tax cuts, hell, the Reagan tax cuts, hell…. even the JFK tax cuts that cutting taxes will slow growth, and hurt the little guy, since only the “super rich” get a break.
Now, it’s election time, and Pelosi, and Reid,and the rest of the pack of socialists are all for Tax rebates… in other words, CUTTING TAXES to stimulate the economy.

On the border of Gaza and Egypt, the Palestinians have blown holes in the fence that separates them, causing a mass migration of Palestinians into Egypt, looking for food, housing, and refuge.
Egyptian military forces are deployed to protect their borders, and prevent illegal crossings into their nation.
Now, I thought it was a violation of human rights to do anything to prevent free movement of peoples from one country into another when they are suffering from economic deprivations. When the US attempts to enforce our laws and prevent illegal migration and violation of our sovereignty and the status of our nation’s borders, we are hooted down, called racists, and evil. Egypt has had just such a wall, apparently for years. When we merely deploy National Guardsmen with no offensive capacity, we are called murderers, even in the face of paramilitary attacks, and probably, but technically unproved, direct attacks by the military of the Mexican nation.
Egypt is portrayed as victims, who must act swiftly to protect their territorial integrity from invasion by the Palestinians. ( not so noble this time, are they?)
2. I thought that only the Israelis were evil enough to box in the Noble Palestinians, and it is the fault of the Zionist entity that they are starving, homeless, deprived, what have you.
3. When Israel proposed a wall/fence to prevent the infiltration of their nation by terrorists from Gaza, they were deemed to be creating a ‘new holocaust’. But it seems that Egypt has had just such a border wall for years, with no outcry at all.
I for one am tired of the crap, and hypocrisy from not only the UN crowd, but the left even within our own country.
WHO will stand up and say ENOUGH! Someone needs to do just that, someone from our own government. If not, then someone from the People will do it for them, and that day will be a dangerous day for our nation. It may well be the beginning of the unraveling of this Noble Experiment in government. We are allowing our country to be run not by our representatives, but by gangs of bureaucrats and civil servants from departments, and advisory boards, to the famous NGO’s ( non governmental organizations).

The USA has moved steadily to align with the UN, now our own countrymen are condemning us in international forums to earn praise and glory at the expense of our nation. Non legislative organizations make regulations, rather than legislators making laws. This gives them power unchecked by any constitutional authority. The elected legislators cede their power and responsibility to the K street gang, then offer to help their constituents by interceding on their behalf. Of course this comes, as always with an implied price. ” Well, I helped you with that board, or commission, so now I expect your vote, and your generous campaign contribution to help me get reelected. Once back in office, they work swiftly to create another ‘Blue Ribbon Panel” to do the work they are unwilling to do, so their fingerprints are never on anything that might come back to haunt them. They create crisis after crisis, demanding action, immediately to forestall the lurking danger. Then they surrender more and more authority to extra- and trans-national bodies so once more they can say they are not responsible, but for a small contribution to reelection, will gladly help with your problem.

I hate to say it, but I can’t see a way out. Can you?

What’s the answer? Is there one? Or are we finally at the point of exhaustion of our Republic. ( for those who have been educated by the Teachers Union Monopoly, that’s our original and legal form of government. WE ARE NOT A DEMOCRACY, no matter what the idiots in the media say. Even if your eighth grade ‘social studies’ teacher said we are a democratic system, we are not there …YET.

I fear that we will be, and soon. When that happens, will you be ready to surrender all your rights which the Constitution had guaranteed the government would never take?

Keep the Faith! 

The Rev


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