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What is YOUR money worth?

Posted by revkharma on February 19, 2008

The controllers of our money supply are all working in our best interest, right? Sure they are.

Here’s a neat little toy to work with. It is actually set up by the Federal Government.

Think inflation is just a minor thing? Run the numbers, see how much your money, your house, your income is REALLY worth.

Want to read more on this and other money topics? I encourage everyone to look at John Wrisley’s website. Bookmark it, and return to it often. The man knows what he’s talking about!

Keep the Faith!

The Rev


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Tragedy, Grief and Government

Posted by revkharma on February 10, 2008

When I was inf fourth or fifth grade, a classmate of mine was hit by a car and killed. Not many of us heard anything about it until we reported to school. I was one of the kids who raised the flag each morning, and as I took it from it’s storage space, I was told to lower the flag to ‘half staff’ that morning. There was an announcement made during the home room period, informing us of the loss of our classmate. We had class that day. A day or two later we all attended her funeral, then returned to class, as usual. We went on with our lives. After all, were merely kids, and had our whole lives in front of us. We all dealt with her death privately, within our families. Those who were especially close had more to handle, those who barely knew her, a little less. But, we all dealt with it.

This past week, a school student was hit and killed crossing a road on his way to school. He apparently was a normal teenager, with hopes and aspirations. More than a dozen students were unable to finish the day and left school early. The school district had rushed nearly a dozen “grief counselors” to the school, to help the students ‘cope with the tragedy”. One child killed. It is a tragedy, for his family,and the community. However, other schools had their resources depleted to send staff to aid the young people. Many others simply were dismissed. Rather than teaching the children to function and actually deal with a difficult situation, we are teaching them that they should surrender to emotion and feelings and that everything should revolve around their personal feelings. The government school must allocate extra tax dollars from various schools to help students, and then those students are sent home anyway.

This is a sham. This is simply one more scam created by the government run, taxpayer funded schools to demand more money for unneeded additional positions of ‘counselors’ who apparently are not even needed.

We are raising generations of dependent, disconnected people who are told time and again that they are incapable of functioning without some sort of aid or assistance from government funded programs. America was, since it’s inception a nation of self sufficient, hard working individualists. We took pride in our ability to thrive through adversity, and grow stronger after facing disasters. Now we stand and wait for a government program rather than pack and move out of the way of a massive hurricane and flood. Worse, once the disaster strikes, rather than help each other, we sue the government for not stopping the disaster in the first place, then for not providing everything we want afterward without delay. America faced floods, earthquakes, fires, the dustbowl, the depression, and world wars. We survived, we moved forward, we grew. Americans helped repair the damage, fed their neighbors, and took in those who lost everything. We gave to our churches, and local charities, and helped anyone who needed it. As the government has added more and more restrictions, and more and more ‘Government assistance’ programs, individuals have stepped back and decided it is the job of government to do what has always been ‘The right thing to do”.

We expect to be helped by someone, anyone for any inconvenience, and no longer are willing or even in many cases, legally permitted to give the help our neighbor needs. We need “Good Samaritan” laws to protect those who might have tried to help someone, but now shrink back for fear they might be sued for not helping properly.

Now we are told that we HAVE to cry, to weep, to be psychologically dependant, in order to justify the jobs of government appointed grief counselors.

Politicians run for office on the basis of what they can give us, who can help us more, who will build a more compassionate government. Look at how the campaigns run. We need government health care. We need early, mandatory kindergarten. We need Pre-K. We need 4 year olds in mandatory pre-k. We need government funded lunches. We need to mandate insurance coverage for what ever the trendy disease of the week is. We are incapable of caring for ourselves, please, Big Government, do it FOR us. Frankly, I don’t want a compassionate government, I want a TRANSPARENT government: one which fulfills the obligations of the Constitution and nothing more than that. As politicians have been able to convince the sheep inhabiting this country that they are invalids, it has been able to expand it’s scope and reach to a level not even in the worst nightmares of the founders. It was Jefferson who presciently said

I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.

That is the situation into which we are running at breakneck speed. Government pretense to take care of us, and the sheep living here think it’s wonderful. They will bleat sadly when the caretakers in Government decide it is time for a fine dinner of mutton. There will be no one to protect us if we continue to surrender all our liberties to preserve the illusion of security.

Keep the faith!

The Rev!

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The Corruption of Charity and Constitution

Posted by revkharma on February 1, 2008

OK, this one will take several twists and turns, but I think it’s worth following.

Around the third week of December, 2007, the media in the Low Country of South Carolina locked their attentions on a story. A modern day tragedy, with all the elements of modern melodrama. A youngish couple were on their own, and in dire straits. It seems this couple were expecting quintuplets, and had no resources to help them. Someone from the town council on Lady’s Island even volunteered to translate for them. ( Oh did I not mention, they speak only Spanish?) The father has not worked for more than a year. He claimed to have had a work related accident, and on the advice of an attorney, would not take work now, as it might jeopardize his compensation claims.

The couple is using friends to shuttle them to doctors and other appointments.

The United Way of the Low Country got involved, and the community began to pitch in to help.

Roughly two days after the original story was published in the Beaufort Gazette, and the (Hilton Head) Island Packet, someone commented on the non working father.

He was upset because he knew quite well that the taxpayers of the county would certainly end up paying all the bills for the wilfully unemployed parents, who would apparently do nothing to help themselves. He was severly reprimanded by other readers who scolded him on the merits of “Christian Charity”. How dare he deny them public funds, he was certainly uncharitable, and definitely mean, and probably kicked his dogs too!

This week, more of the facts came to light. It seems that the entire story was a huge lie.

The woman was not, and never was pregnant. To aggravate matters, it appears both may be in the US illegally, and the INS will now investigate. Maybe they might consider sending them home. But, wait, one more wrinkle, now the fake Daddy is claiming to be a minor, a dupe in the whole thing. At least that’s the claim of his attorney, the one representing him in his worker’s comp claim. Remember him: he’s the gem who told his client not to take any more work so as not to jeopardize any potential future workers comp claims.

OK, where to begin? Let’s look at the couple. Neither is working, both apparently illegally in the country. They make an unsubstantiated claim of multiple pregnancy, and no one questions or challenges them. I think someone who claims to be SEVEN MONTHS PREGNANT with quintuplets should show, at least a little bit! The local feel good government official even ‘happily translates for them’. Not only unemployed, but absolutely not working, intentionally,and reportedly at the direction of his attorney. They are clearly planning to be wards of the state, sucking on the teat of government largess.

One area resident complains about this and is vilified as “un-Christian” because he would deny them GOVERNMENT aid. Tell me this, when did Jesus say to help the poor among us by seizing property from someone else to give to those the government deems to need it more. Make no mistake, that is exactly what is going on. People go around feeling as if they are doing their “Christian duty” by taxing everyone to pay the bills of those they decide need the money more than the original earners. This is not Christianity, it is Communism! The Government of the USA was formed by a Constitution. It is introduced by a paragraph:

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

Look there, do you see anything that says the purpose of government is to pay for the babies of anyone at all? I see some words about general Welfare, but nothing about individual life styles.

The true Christian would not seek to seize the belongings of another, and turn it to his own use. He would use HIS OWN PRIVATE PROPERTY AND EFFORT to aid those in need. Giving the fruit of someone else’s labor is no sacrifice, it is a token effort, which impoverishes all involved.

That, in the end is the problem with the entire state of affairs currently in existence. We have allowed everyone involved to become corrupted. Those who call themselves Christians are more concerned with feeling good, and looking as if they are helping, while picking the pockets of someone else. The government has become an armed thug, used to enforce compliance with this strong arm robbery, and those who lap at the trough become addicted to all this government cheese, and simply atrophy and no longer even imagine they are capable of supporting themselves. The remaining few who continue to work and produce anything of value, are being worked harder and harder to provide for an ever widening pool of dependents who, they are told, will die without the property the government confiscates and transfers to the non working slugs.

In a better time, someone with a need would actually be helped by their neighbors and family. Now, the local people are so used to having all assistance come from some federal bureaucracy, they cannot even imagine they could be capable of helping someone by themselves. As a people, Americans have been drugged into a stupor. The charitable impulse has been forced to withdraw. The work ethic has been demeaned and weakened nearly to the point of extinction.The benefits of self supporting individuality has been so withered, the few who still work, are not just stolen from, they are derided as evil for producing any wealth at all.

It’s time, maybe past time, for the Constitution to be reinvigorated. The Leviathan which government has become must be tamed. If not,we will surely be crushed under it’s immense weight.

Keep the Faith (no matter how bleak things look)

The Rev. Wow, I was researching some other items, and came across this tidbit. Seems We here at the Church aren’t the only ones opposed to “Federal Charity”  Read this piece. It’s dead on, and packed with good sources:


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