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Tragedy, Grief and Government

Posted by revkharma on February 10, 2008

When I was inf fourth or fifth grade, a classmate of mine was hit by a car and killed. Not many of us heard anything about it until we reported to school. I was one of the kids who raised the flag each morning, and as I took it from it’s storage space, I was told to lower the flag to ‘half staff’ that morning. There was an announcement made during the home room period, informing us of the loss of our classmate. We had class that day. A day or two later we all attended her funeral, then returned to class, as usual. We went on with our lives. After all, were merely kids, and had our whole lives in front of us. We all dealt with her death privately, within our families. Those who were especially close had more to handle, those who barely knew her, a little less. But, we all dealt with it.

This past week, a school student was hit and killed crossing a road on his way to school. He apparently was a normal teenager, with hopes and aspirations. More than a dozen students were unable to finish the day and left school early. The school district had rushed nearly a dozen “grief counselors” to the school, to help the students ‘cope with the tragedy”. One child killed. It is a tragedy, for his family,and the community. However, other schools had their resources depleted to send staff to aid the young people. Many others simply were dismissed. Rather than teaching the children to function and actually deal with a difficult situation, we are teaching them that they should surrender to emotion and feelings and that everything should revolve around their personal feelings. The government school must allocate extra tax dollars from various schools to help students, and then those students are sent home anyway.

This is a sham. This is simply one more scam created by the government run, taxpayer funded schools to demand more money for unneeded additional positions of ‘counselors’ who apparently are not even needed.

We are raising generations of dependent, disconnected people who are told time and again that they are incapable of functioning without some sort of aid or assistance from government funded programs. America was, since it’s inception a nation of self sufficient, hard working individualists. We took pride in our ability to thrive through adversity, and grow stronger after facing disasters. Now we stand and wait for a government program rather than pack and move out of the way of a massive hurricane and flood. Worse, once the disaster strikes, rather than help each other, we sue the government for not stopping the disaster in the first place, then for not providing everything we want afterward without delay. America faced floods, earthquakes, fires, the dustbowl, the depression, and world wars. We survived, we moved forward, we grew. Americans helped repair the damage, fed their neighbors, and took in those who lost everything. We gave to our churches, and local charities, and helped anyone who needed it. As the government has added more and more restrictions, and more and more ‘Government assistance’ programs, individuals have stepped back and decided it is the job of government to do what has always been ‘The right thing to do”.

We expect to be helped by someone, anyone for any inconvenience, and no longer are willing or even in many cases, legally permitted to give the help our neighbor needs. We need “Good Samaritan” laws to protect those who might have tried to help someone, but now shrink back for fear they might be sued for not helping properly.

Now we are told that we HAVE to cry, to weep, to be psychologically dependant, in order to justify the jobs of government appointed grief counselors.

Politicians run for office on the basis of what they can give us, who can help us more, who will build a more compassionate government. Look at how the campaigns run. We need government health care. We need early, mandatory kindergarten. We need Pre-K. We need 4 year olds in mandatory pre-k. We need government funded lunches. We need to mandate insurance coverage for what ever the trendy disease of the week is. We are incapable of caring for ourselves, please, Big Government, do it FOR us. Frankly, I don’t want a compassionate government, I want a TRANSPARENT government: one which fulfills the obligations of the Constitution and nothing more than that. As politicians have been able to convince the sheep inhabiting this country that they are invalids, it has been able to expand it’s scope and reach to a level not even in the worst nightmares of the founders. It was Jefferson who presciently said

I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.

That is the situation into which we are running at breakneck speed. Government pretense to take care of us, and the sheep living here think it’s wonderful. They will bleat sadly when the caretakers in Government decide it is time for a fine dinner of mutton. There will be no one to protect us if we continue to surrender all our liberties to preserve the illusion of security.

Keep the faith!

The Rev!


6 Responses to “Tragedy, Grief and Government”

  1. deaconkharmafuture1 said

    There is a collective understanding and a groundswell of those that are fed up as you and I are. Unfortunately I see that we haven’t arrived at the point where the indignation is quite mainstream enough. How many corruption cases and impeachments, censures, disbarment, and outright killings and avoidance of the law do we need before we see it is broken. I could go on and on just on the Kennedy family alone on this. Drunk driving was really ambien and police LT blocked investigation, oh that chic that drowned on her own while Ted ran and stayed in a hotel overnight, oh that chic wasn’t really raped on the Kennedy compund… How about our Bathroom Bing Crosby Tap dancing hiw way to notoriety? (Larry Craig) How about William Jefferson and his freezer full of bribe money? How a bout a disbarred President also impeached and openly fornicating in the “hallowed” oval office?
    Now the refusal of enforcing our borders to cater to a group of people, the current state of “I’ll give you this to put me in office”. We are on a downward spiral and most people don’t realize it. There are more and more, though, when you listen to talk radio. But will it be too late, when Government has such an arsenal of weapons to coerce you into submission? IRS investigations, ATF investigations, Police no longer protecting constitutional rights and instead generating revenue.. Who exactly is there to protect you? The militia has now become an illegal enterprise, the second amendment is being “reasonably regulated” into oblivion. The first amendment is being bent around to protect perverts yet regulated into zones when it comes to political speech…
    Tell me, how exactly do you take this country back? I honestly put forth that you can’t. Entrenched corrupt politicians, government will not change. Change it from within? Ron Paul anyone? The only genuinely honest constitutionalist, marginalized and shouted down by those he seeks to defend. All his wisdom ignored over taking a position Thomas Jefferson took years ago.
    America doesn’t want to be saved folks, complain and fuss as you like, they never will. Should a time ever come as to show a massive majority of indignant populace, they will be beaten down like at Kent State or Tienamin square.
    There is but one hope to revive this great experiment and that is to take it elsewhere with lessons learned and try to write these lessons into a new constitution.

    Just my .02$ as usual.

  2. Jimmy said

    This is just another way for the bloodsuckers to take money from people who are in a vulnerable position. The funding comes from the feds, and our kids are coached to ‘think the right way’ so we raise a generation of obedient troglodytes who will do as they’re told!

  3. Merry said

    Amen— I couldn’t have said it better! I must add my own story about my 5th or 6th grade to demonstrate how government actually MAKES children helpless. Twin Russian girls joined my class in public school in the middle of the year. They did not speak more than 50 words in English, if that. They received no government sponsored/mandated ESL classes as they didn’t exist then. They just “toughed it out” along with the rest of the English speaking students. By the end of the school year these girls could converse extremely well in English and were performing at the top of the class. Why? Because English wasn’t supposed to be their SECOND language; it was to be their primary language. As well, they learned the language in one of the very best ways that one can, by immersion. No one held their hand and told them that they needed help!

  4. revkharma said

    Exactly Merry. The big distinction here is that the more Big Government does,the less free and private individuals can do without restriction or ‘permission’. By creating a dependent class, the big government proponents maintain a permanent excuse for the need for their intervention. The muscles of freedom atrophy without regular exercise!

  5. deaconkharmafuture1 said

    Man this gives me hope to see more are getting it!
    I was really thinking that no one got it or cared. Now how to get the rest of the people out there to see?
    Merry, Jimmy, thanks for giving me a ray of hope! So nice to see the lights are coming on across the country. Please, “keep the faith” as the great and illustrious purveyor of truth “the Rev” says! (last sentence: tounge in cheek)

  6. tom said

    People are so conditioned to think that money from Washington is free that they never think what happens when you take it. All that money is essentially confiscated from obedient ‘taxpayers’ and doled out to favored ‘constituents’ by the government representatives.
    the kicker is we have no choice. The reality is our money is taken from us by force, eventually force of arms, backed by the federal government.
    One commenter said something about troglodytes… it’s close, but I’d say we’re closer to slaves, or drugged out stooges.

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