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Canada, on the brink of surrender

Posted by revkharma on March 30, 2008

You’ve seen some writings here regarding Islam, and the dangers I believe the western world faces from the militant sections, and the constant drive to expand, convert and defeat the western World.

Canada has shown the way to Islamicization is easy. Merely surrender. Provide government agencies to oppress those who disagree, and push hard. Eventually all who disagree will be fined, imprisoned, or both. Got your head scarf ready?

I’m going to link here to something that says this much better than I could ever do by myself. I encourage you to read it, and explore some of the cases referenced. I am most familiar with that of Mark Steyn, author of America Alone. His story is quite disturbing.

Read on, from Ezra Levant.

Keep the Faith!

The Rev


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Banks, the Fed, and The State

Posted by revkharma on March 20, 2008

I urge you to look to Mr. John Wrisley’s page, from March 3o. Once again, he’s on the mark!

As I am unschooled in many things to do with global economics, having learned only what I have been taught in my college days many years ago, and updated my my own readings, I am at this time confused by many of the actions of the government in recent years.

If I have the details right, the Federal Reserve was created to assist the commercial banks (State Banks) and prevent them from becoming insolvent, through federal interventions.

During the 1980’s, there was a crisis with the Savings and Loan industry. Almost overnight, it seemed, the S&L’s were collapsing, their assets suddenly depleted. The media attacks against the greedy S&L owners made them into the Simon Legree of their time. The Federal Government rode to the rescue, extending the umbrella of protection over the weak and helpless Savings and Loan banks.

In the 1990’s there was another crisis in the finance community. It seems that bankers were practicing something evil, called ‘Redlining’. It boiled down to marking certain areas as off limits for conventional mortgages. These areas were statistically unreasonable risks. The odds of default were so great as to present an insurmountable risk of foreclosure on any loans. Activists screamed, howled and protested. The US Congress once again rode in, menacingly directing the mortgage business to restructure their practices, to begin making loans to people who were being ignored. Soon after that, the ‘subprime’ mortgage market was born. Through twists and turns and many gyrations, monies were made available to finance loans with much greater risks, at significantly higher rates, of course. The Federal Reserve Bank continued to cut lending rates, making more and more money available. Banks were shoveling money out the doors as fast as Greenspan and his pals could print it.

Then, one day, someone cried “HALT! There is just too much risk here!”. Investors, prodded by media inquiries began to look at the actual contents of the portfolios, and stopped buying some of the paper. The media began to cry that the sky was falling. “Why one in 87 sub-prime loans are more than 30 days delinquent! That’s a disaster waiting to happen. ” And the Sub-Prime crisis was born. Each day more and more bad news was printed, talking heads on 24 hour news channels shouted that the entire mortgage business was in danger, the housing market ‘bubble’ was bursting. This would be the death knell of the economy. Banks and investment firms, which were previously solid as steel were tottering, and shaking like jello. Never mind that the sub-prime market is a small percentage of the over all mortgage business. There are Villains here. Greedy mortgage lenders, making predatory loans to unsuspecting innocent wanna be home owners. These people just wanted a home of their own. Who cares if they can’t afford it, they’ll deal with the balloon payment when it comes due. In the mean time, just sign the papers, and hand them the key. It can’t be their fault, they only signed the contract. It had to be the dastardly, evil, greedy mortgage lenders at fault.

Anyway, the crisis spiraled up, and up. Eventually some big investment banks shuddered. The fed, with Bernanke in now in the saddle, rode in to the rescue once again. It seems that now, the Federal Reserve Bank has once again solved a crisis by presto-chango altering its mission, and adding investment banks to its portfolio.

Is no one else watching? The federal government pressures industries to do things not in their interest. The industries follow the pressure and then the same federal government uncovers a new ‘crisis’ which requires it’s own brand of intervention. Another industry, previously in the hands of the private sector, is now under the mantle of Big Government.

How soon before we see the Federal Reserve ( or the Treasury, it’s little puppet) buying outright controlling interests in major private banking corporations? Of course, it will all be in the best interest of the economy. We need help, there is a recession looming.

Remember the words of the illustrious Benito Mussolini: “Everything in the State, nothing outside the State.” It is the direction in which we are headed, no?

Keep the Faith!

The Rev

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Oil, The Dollar, and The Fed.

Posted by revkharma on March 4, 2008

Just about everybody has heard of the (in) famous Bill Gates, and the colossal Microsoft. As the company has grown, so have the complaints of its competitors. They accuse Microsoft of all sort of anti competitive practices. Over the last decades, the US Dept of Justice has brought charges, and Microsoft has paid fines in the billions to compensate for the ‘damages’ caused by the success of Microsoft.

The EU has gotten into the act, also prosecuting Microsoft. It is simply illegal for a company to engage in anti-competitive practices to the detriment of other companies. Microsoft has been forced to disclose its codes so as to allow all competitors to duplicate, and interface with, Microsoft’s patented, trademarked and copyrighted products. Even the socialist governments in the EU feel such practices to be out of bounds.

So, tell me then, why no such outraged calls ring from the halls of the US Dept of Justice, nor from the sacred meeting chambers of the EU’s competition committees when it comes to the Oil Carte. The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries meet, plan, and collude to fix production and prices on the single most in demand product of every industrialized nation. OPEC is a true cartel, a totally anticompetitive organization. Yet it is feted and applauded, and never ever has a bad word spoken against its policies.

The US dollar is in free fall. Among the many causes, the sale of oil is conducted in dollars. As OPEC restricts supplies, and the price is driven higher and higher, the dollar becomes the next peso. Soon we may need to collect our paychecks in wheelbarrows, as inflation makes them worth as little as the Weimar German Mark.

Yet no one, no government, no central bank, no treasury secretary, no media outlet raises a red flag. They continue to pummel private companies, while allowing the oil monopoly to grow and strangle the American economy.

Simple question here: WHY?

How can the terrifically smart Chairman of the Federal Reserve, or the brilliant US Treasury secretary simply sit mute while the destruction of our economy proceeds unimpeded, and the dollar becomes a third world currency?

I’m asking for input here, I have no answers.

Well, other than the most obvious answer. There is simply no concern on their part. There is no interest in stopping the slide into collapse. For some selfish, guarded reason, we are told to pay attention to American Idol while the American dream goes up in smoke.

We’ve got to pay more attention. Our liberty is being stolen from us while we simply sit and watch. As long as the latest super fight is on TV, as long as the writers’ strike is over, we can be happy. We’ll simply continue to rack up debt on our Visa cards until they seize our house, then we’ll ask the federal government to pay off our debts, as long as we keep voting the same thieves into office.

There was an old song, contained a line…. “I owe my soul to the company store”.

The company store is now a multinational bank, controlled by “Sovereign Wealth investment firms”. Our defense contracts are being sold to foreign companies, and no one blinks.

We have GOT TO PAY MORE ATTENTION!!!!. If we don’t we will be complete slaves before we even are aware.

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