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Oil, The Dollar, and The Fed.

Posted by revkharma on March 4, 2008

Just about everybody has heard of the (in) famous Bill Gates, and the colossal Microsoft. As the company has grown, so have the complaints of its competitors. They accuse Microsoft of all sort of anti competitive practices. Over the last decades, the US Dept of Justice has brought charges, and Microsoft has paid fines in the billions to compensate for the ‘damages’ caused by the success of Microsoft.

The EU has gotten into the act, also prosecuting Microsoft. It is simply illegal for a company to engage in anti-competitive practices to the detriment of other companies. Microsoft has been forced to disclose its codes so as to allow all competitors to duplicate, and interface with, Microsoft’s patented, trademarked and copyrighted products. Even the socialist governments in the EU feel such practices to be out of bounds.

So, tell me then, why no such outraged calls ring from the halls of the US Dept of Justice, nor from the sacred meeting chambers of the EU’s competition committees when it comes to the Oil Carte. The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries meet, plan, and collude to fix production and prices on the single most in demand product of every industrialized nation. OPEC is a true cartel, a totally anticompetitive organization. Yet it is feted and applauded, and never ever has a bad word spoken against its policies.

The US dollar is in free fall. Among the many causes, the sale of oil is conducted in dollars. As OPEC restricts supplies, and the price is driven higher and higher, the dollar becomes the next peso. Soon we may need to collect our paychecks in wheelbarrows, as inflation makes them worth as little as the Weimar German Mark.

Yet no one, no government, no central bank, no treasury secretary, no media outlet raises a red flag. They continue to pummel private companies, while allowing the oil monopoly to grow and strangle the American economy.

Simple question here: WHY?

How can the terrifically smart Chairman of the Federal Reserve, or the brilliant US Treasury secretary simply sit mute while the destruction of our economy proceeds unimpeded, and the dollar becomes a third world currency?

I’m asking for input here, I have no answers.

Well, other than the most obvious answer. There is simply no concern on their part. There is no interest in stopping the slide into collapse. For some selfish, guarded reason, we are told to pay attention to American Idol while the American dream goes up in smoke.

We’ve got to pay more attention. Our liberty is being stolen from us while we simply sit and watch. As long as the latest super fight is on TV, as long as the writers’ strike is over, we can be happy. We’ll simply continue to rack up debt on our Visa cards until they seize our house, then we’ll ask the federal government to pay off our debts, as long as we keep voting the same thieves into office.

There was an old song, contained a line…. “I owe my soul to the company store”.

The company store is now a multinational bank, controlled by “Sovereign Wealth investment firms”. Our defense contracts are being sold to foreign companies, and no one blinks.

We have GOT TO PAY MORE ATTENTION!!!!. If we don’t we will be complete slaves before we even are aware.


4 Responses to “Oil, The Dollar, and The Fed.”

  1. Only one thing I tempt to tell:

    Despite of all odds and odd court orders, BILL GATES AND THE MICROSOFT stand there TALL in the world. It’s no small wonder.

    My hats off to Bill Gates!

  2. Darrell said

    A simple question deserves a right answer. Since the cold war, the dollar has been used for legal tender for international transactions. Not only is oil traded in dollars, so is gold, silver, iron, wheat, corn, etc.

    During the cold war the focus was on turning back the tide of communist ideology and not on the important question of how foreign commerce should conducted between nations. Under the cover of the cold war, the dollar has become legal tender for most commercial transactions internally within the county and externally between countries. Because the dollar is accepted as legal tender through out the world, American has an unlimited expense account. Our income does not govern how much goods and services we can purchase rather our expenses are govern by how much currency our government will issue in order to obtain the goods and services needed to fuel the economy.

    Other nations want this advantage and what you see now is central bankers trying to replace the dollar as legal tender for international transactions. Will they succeed, in time: yes? What should America’s response be?

    We have to understand that the cold war is over and the world is changing. If we are going to direct this change then we have to acknowledge that we have to change the way commerce is conducted in the world. We have to learn how to live within our incomes and learn that society functions only in community; we have to understand that the day of the individual as lone wolf who gets by on his own efforts is over.

    If you are a Christian then you know we are in exciting times. Because it is only through God that society functions effectively. Praise God.

    And don’t worry about the oil situation; the federal government owns most of the western land which has not been explored for oil yet. I assume that once exploration begins, there enough oil to last many generations.

  3. revkharma said

    Darrell, you make some valid points. My concern, however is one of tone and mindset. Why should we merely sit back and allow the “federal government” to own most of the western land? What ever happened to the concept of private property, and private business? This nation was not founded on the idea that we should sit back, and allow ourselves to be taken care of. We should never have a government which owns most of the vital resources. That way, my friend, leads towards serfdom.

  4. deaconkharmafuture1 said

    Jonathan Edwards (no relation to the politician mentioned in this post later)lyrics –
    Sunshine (Go Away Today)

    But he can’t even run his own life
    I’ll be damned if he’ll run mine, Sunshine

    Sunshine go away today
    I don’t feel much like dancing
    Some man’s gone he’s tried to run my life
    Don’t know what he’s asking

    Working starts to make me wonder where
    The fruits of what I do are going
    He says in love and war all is fair
    But he’s got cards he ain’t showing…

    Speaking of oil and prices and seriously retarded ideas of evil corporations. We have to hold our noses this election Folks! We have a proposal by Jose McCain and Lieberman to put some green onto utility companies and other companies. Oh how great, so we have a still disputed science dictating laws, but I digress. There is cost involved and yet we also hear about making power and goods etc more affordable. Now how exactly do we make stuff more affordable for these terribly downtrodden while raising the cost of production? The cost being raisd by all these green regulations that aren’t proven to have effect anyway? Pay attention folks, much like maligning the Big Corporation Microsoft, the evil Utility Companies will be raising the price of electric and other critical services because they’re evil, not because some doofus raised the cost of production… Be sure to watch same said fellows (who made this law)in 3-4 years damning and condemning utility companies (and other service companies etc) for raising prices to where half of John Edawrds’ “Two Americas” can’t afford things.. Ahh the champions of the downtrodden. Never you mind why things got unaffordable!
    And in the immortal (and hilariously pronounced) words of John Edwards’ speech… Why? Why? …. Why? why?

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