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Reading Between the Lines- Hidden Cost of Illegal Immigration

Posted by revkharma on May 19, 2008

This weekend, while returning from a high school prom, a high school student was involved in a collision. His car was hit by another, driven by a drunk. The drunk continued on to his home where he was later arrested. The young man is still hospitalized, seriously injured.

Now, this is, all alone a tragic occurrence, one which is unfortunately repeated many times around the country during this time of year. There is a twist to this however, which makes this many times more serious and much more of concern. Let’s examine the details of this particular incident.

The driver of the car, the drunk, who continued on after seriously injuring a young man from Bluffton HIgh School was eventually cited for the following offenses:

…”felony drunken-driving, leaving an accident with great bodily injury, driving without a license, operating an uninsured vehicle and disregarding a traffic signal. His bond had not been set as of Sunday evening.” according to the Island Packet

Ok, why the concern? Why should this be of more interest than any other similar collision. Well, also stated in the report is the following information about Mr. Juan Rodriguez. According to Lt. Bryan Norberg, of the Bluffton Police,”Norberg said he wasn’t sure of Rodriquez’ immigration status.” Well, I wonder why he is unaware. The current wave of political correctness makes it ‘uncomfortable’ for most departments to inquire about the immigration status of criminals. Once the status is determined, then there is the messy question of why this person is still in our country. Note that he has no license, and no other required documents. In the current parlance, it makes him an ‘undocumented driver’ doesn’t it? After all if someone is in the country illegally he is merely an ‘undocumented immigrant’. Let’s put away the pejorative words, the harsh judgementalism which puts those who have invaded our country into nasty ‘categories’ and makes them feel badly.

If our national authorities were properly doing their job, I am willing to wager we would see a great reduction on crime simply by stopping the criminals from entering in the first place. ‘What? you ask ” how do I know they’re criminals?” Well, let’s start at the beginning. In order to get here in the first place they have broken the law to get here!!!.

We probably will not see any follow up stories regarding the ‘uncertain immigration status’ of the driver who fled the scene. There’s no payoff. If the local paper reports that lo and behold, the gentleman in question is here illegally they will have to discuss the immigration issue in a circumstance that puts the ‘undocumented migrants’ in a bad light.

If there is a report that the individual is an ‘undocumented migrant’ then the authorities, from local police, to the state, to the Homeland Security will have to answer why they have permitted invaders to roam unfettered in our country. We have surrendered our borders, and we will continue to pay the price until someone, anyone decides to take steps to take it back. It seems to me that all the various things our Washington Government keeps trying to do such as stealing power, over regulating our lives, and invading our privacy, could be eliminated and replaced with a logical, secure border. The government is NOT doing what the constitution requires, yet it continues to make up non-constitutional things to tax us for and spend our money on. More and more, the obvious conclusion can not be avoided. It’s time to shake things up. It’s time to replace whoever is in power and start again. How, when? Once again, I’m not offering solutions, but at least, I’m not afraid to ask the questions!

As always,

Keep the Faith!

The Rev.


2 Responses to “Reading Between the Lines- Hidden Cost of Illegal Immigration”

  1. james said

    It might help to determine what the real issue is. Would it be:

    1) Felony drunken driving;
    2) Leaving the scene of an accident;
    3) Driving without a license;
    4) Operating an uninsured vehicle;
    5) Disregarding a traffic signal;
    6) Undocumented immigrants;
    7) The entrance and unsupervision of criminals into and around this country;
    8) Power theft;
    9) Life regulation; or,
    10) Unconstitutional behavior; or,
    11) Replacing power?

    I actually think the answer is lies in the principle of broken law. While some may have broken the law to get here, the law remains broken thus the “permission” for criminals to stay. If border patrol could curb crime, then we need to rethink our whole judicial process. Drunks are drunks on any side of any border, and so are thieves, liars, adulterers, etc. Will power change and border patrol change a person, much less a society?

    Take a clean rag and clean up your coffee spill and, guess what, the solution is now saturated with the problem. Oh, but therein lies the clue to not merely the consequences of broken law but how those consequences, even broken law itself, can be resolved . . .

  2. james said

    my #8 above was replaced with a graphic–how ironic.

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