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Red Lights, and less regulation

Posted by revkharma on May 28, 2008

This one is merely a mention of something not at all earth shattering. the SC Governor, Mark Sanford has just signed a bill which allows, in very limited situations, motorcyclists to go through a red light. Of course many of the safety nannies were up in arms over this. They were joined by the reflexive supporters of more government at any level possible. What this law does is quite simple. A motorcyclist, who is at a red light which does not change, may, after 120 seconds, after verifying that the intersection is clear, proceed through the red light. The background is simple, and anyone who has ever ridden a bike for any length of time is familiar with it. Most traffic lights are operated by sensors. There is a wire loop under the road bed. This sets up a weak current, which then reacts to the metal in vehicular traffic in the road. The mass of metal induces a current in the loop, which then triggers the light to change, allowing the car or truck to pass. This way, the light can stay green on the main road, only changing when needed to allow traffic to flow. The hitch here is that almost all motorcycles contain less metal than is required to trip the sensor. I’ve sat for many minutes waiting in vain for a car or truck to pull up behind me to trip the light. The usual work around involves making a right turn on red, then making a U-turn to effect the intent of the left turn. This involves all sort of maneuvering which is time wasting, and probably breaks traffic laws. This is NOT carte blanche for bikers to run red lights. The rider must wait two minute, and verify the road is clear before proceeding.

My favorite part of this lies in one thing: This law reduces regulation, and removes one hurdle (small as it may be) to freedom. That can’t be bad. That is also why the safety ninnies are already crying and looking for ways to thwart this bill. Anything that enrages the fans of big government earns my applause. Only through hard work and persistence from various groups around the state, including some heavy lifting by ABATE did this happen. ABATE is a group that works hard on freedom and liberty issues. The folks in that group, and its various chapters work unseen in many ways to protect freedom and thwart needless regulation all the time. Good work folks! Thanks for your efforts folks. Don’t stop.

Congratulations and thanks to Gov Sanford.

As always

Keep the Faith!

The Rev


3 Responses to “Red Lights, and less regulation”

  1. james said

    Freedom to do what one wants, or what one should?

  2. revkharma said

    Fine point of discussion. Here, I am discussing freedom, not license.
    Freedom allows one to choose what one wants, regardless of what one should. Morality is the discussion of what one should. Licence ( morphed toward licentiousness) is freedom without a conscience. The concept of freedom has been distorted, to become interchangeable with licentiousness. In this case, the freredom to proceed through the red light is accompanied by the requirement to verify the safety of the maneuver. To use a short, often stated quote, “freedom isn’t free”
    Keep the Faith!
    The Rev

  3. […] who is at a red light which does not change, may, after 120 seconds, after verifying … are the Ga. state laws on motorcycle headlight covers?The red/blue light rule is another law, […]

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