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What About Those Opinion Polls?

Posted by revkharma on May 29, 2008

Sitting at home, relaxing and the phone rings. Through the magic of caller ID, I can see it is a “private caller” the third or fourth such call in a couple of days. Most of the time I simply ignore these, but was a bit curious, so I answered.

” Good evening, I’m Mrs,XXX from —- Opinion research. We are conducting a survey on voter preference for the upcoming elections, and would you be willing to share your thoughts?”

OF course, I replied. But you don’t need to ask a lot of questions. I don’t favor any of the candidates. ( I was in a particularly mischievous mood) I really don’t think I will vote for any of the named candidates.”

” well, sir, who do you intend to vote for?”

I actually favor the restoration of monarchy, and the establishment of an American Emperor.

A moment of stunned silence, and a few seconds of stammering.

” I haven’t got any category that would fit, sir.”

Well, is there a write in category?

‘No, sir, How about Senator Obama. He supports change. that’s what you favor, change to a monarchy? Why don’t we put your down for Senator Obama?” she replied helpfully.

Because, I do not favor Obama. Change for change sake is silly. I want you to put down that I support an Emperor, and a retun to Monarchy. Will you put that on your form, please?

“Well, sir, there is no category for monarchy. If you let me put Obama, that will keep things competitive and maybe you can just write monarch when you actually vote.”

I sighed , venting my frustration, and said ” If there is no Emperor, nor a write in, please cancel any replies from this call. And please don’t call me again, until you can actually record my opinion as I give it.”

I hung up, chuckling. Then reflecting on the chat I came to realize why I have no respect for the validity of so many polls. The only people who actually answer these calls either have absolutely nothing better to do with their time than answer phone calls from, and give opinions to total strangers, or believe they have all the answers and this poll will help them get that across. Those recording the responses are completely unable to respond to someone who is not honestly responding. The information presented by the sponsoring news organizations then take this information and present it as news. The thing is, they have manufactured what they want to say, then present it as objective news. Nothing objective, nor newsworthy there. But then, people hear the reports, and then discuss what ” most people think” according to the polls. Those with less than firm convictions will be swayed by the artificial information foisted upon them.

So, when the phone rings, and I don’t answer, you will know why I’m ignoring you.

As Always,

Keep The Faith!

The Rev


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