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Update on Lisbon Treaty Vote

Posted by revkharma on June 13, 2008

Update: Others have seen this too. Keep up the drumbeat:

John O’Sullivan in National Review Online today

Besides, this way of treating democracy is getting a little embarrassing. The French and Dutch electorates, having rejected the treaty the first time, were simply not allowed to vote on it a second time. Almost every other country confined its endorsement to parliamentary ratification even though massive constitutional change and a significant loss of sovereignty (both of which usually require a two-thirds majority in democratic organizations) were mandated by Lisbon. And the Eurocrats tried an end run around national political resistance by insisting that although treaty ratification was not legally binding on governments, it was nonetheless “politically binding”—a hitherto unheard-of concept.

A little embarrassing, now there’s an understatement!


And more from NRO ( They seem to get it over there!)

Stop Press — News Flash!

The Irish have convincingly voted NO to the Lisbon Treaty. Outside Dublin Castle a vast crowd is cheering. White-faced Eurocrats cannot believe what they are hearing and seeing.

Friday, June 13, 2008

The Scheming to Null the Irish NO Vote Begins

“The most important thing is that the ratification process must continue in the other countries and then we shall see with the Irish what type of legal arrangement could be found,” Jean-Pierre Jouyet, the French minister for European affairs, told LCI television. He did not specify what form this legal arrangement might take.

I encourage you to read the whole post. It seems, on many fronts the Pedestrian has gotten it right!

As always,

Keep the Faith

The Rev


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Irish People Stand Up for Liberty!

Posted by revkharma on June 13, 2008

Well folks, from early results being reported it appears that the vote in Ireland has thwarted the globalist agenda for Europe one more time. RTE has been reporting that the results are showing a very high rejection of the Lisbon Treaty.

Lisbon Treaty set to be rejected

It seems certain that Irish voters have rejected the Lisbon Treaty. With results in from 13 of the 43 constituencies, the Lisbon Treaty is being beaten by a margin of 53.6% to 46.4%.

This is good news. While many in the US have not even heard of this treaty, and others simply consider it a strictly European matter,it is in fact a major milestone. Had Ireland’s constitution not required such a vote, the nations of Europe would be on the way to complete dissolution. This would have been accomplished over the objections of most citizens, through a tactic which took the original “EU constitution” and semantically morphed it into a “Treaty”. Thus, a radical reorganization of the political form of every government in Europe would have been accomplished, without the authorization or even against the wishes of the people subjugated by this power shift.

While it seems certain that Irish voters have rejected the Lisbon Treaty; make no mistake, this will be back. The Eurocrats will try again. Ireland will be demonized as selfish, or living in the past. Their assertion of the fundamental right to self determination will be characterized as greed, ignorance or backward insularity. The would be governors of All Europe can not stand to have their dreams of central control thwarted by the most economically successful economy in the region. Ireland must be pulled down into the same level of muck and stagnation as other European nations, lest the citizens in other nations see the success and try to throw off the cloak of socialist smog choking them as well.
This type of government reorganization, a removal of liberty through the installation of bureaucratic overlords who answer to no one but themselves is the wave of the future. The statist ( or more accurately Fascist) politicians will do whatever they can to allow themselves to rule over the ‘ignorant’ masses without accountability. If they are able to get this done, the technique will be used as a template in nation after nation to erase sovereignty and eliminate liberty where ever it still exists.
Every person who treasures individual liberty should cheer for the Irish people who have seen through this smoke screen and threw sand in the gears of the EU juggernaut!
As always,
Keep The Faith
The Rev



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The Irish are voting

Posted by revkharma on June 12, 2008

And how will the people stand up to the assault on freedom?  The whole of Europe waits to see  if the Irish will vote NO on the Lisbon Treaty, a radical constitution under false colors

Even the Brits have gotten the message: From the Telegraph, today

Ireland should vote no to EU treaty

As the only EU country to hold a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, Ireland today carries the can for the cowardly evasions of its partners.

This is important, not only to the Irish, and Europe, but to thinking, freedom loving people around the globe. If governments can get away with such a sham, calling a new constitution merely a treaty, binding the people to an agreement to which they have never agreed, we are taking a big step away from liberty and towards dictatorship.  A totally new compact between government and citizens, which fundamentally alters the notion of statehood, sovereignty and rights can not merely be implimented by parliamentry fiat. So far it has been, because so many in Eruope have surrendered. Somehow, the Irish have managed to hold on against the tide of globalism and expanded government power.

Let’s hope they can vote, and more importantly, have that vote respected. I’ll try to keep abreast of the voting today.

Keep the Faith

The Rev


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Ireland and the Lisbon “Treaty”

Posted by revkharma on June 10, 2008

Today there is an interesting opinion piece in The Mayo News regarding the Lisbon Treaty.

Michael ComminsTHE Lisbon Treaty is upon us at last. And the people of the city that bears its name are not even allowed to cast their vote. For the leaders of Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael and Labour to claim that democracy is being served by supporting this referendum is an abomination. No wonder that thousands of Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil supporters all over the country are ready to vote No on Thursday and take a stand for real democracy.


The vast machinery of the EU is leaning hard on Ireland, attempting to bring them into line so they will surrender their sovereignty just like the rest of the peasants in Europe. trouble is, the Irish are not willingly going along.  Eruope continues to harp on the US, that we have too restrictive a government, that tue US government does not respect rights. Well, how is it, that the Lisbon Treaty, which is merely a slightly polished version of the EU Constitution, is not being rammed through without allowing the vast majority of European citizens to even vote on it? The bureaucrats in the various parliaments and administrations know they will lose if the people have a say. ( Here’s someone working hard to stop it)

Let’s hope the Irish people are able to beat this one more time. The thing is, we know, if this one loses, the Eruocrats will find another way to try to impose thier will on the people without consent. They have a long and proud tradition of doing just that. Let’s hope the Irish people can take this opportunity to stick a finger in their eye one more time!

As always

Keep The Faith!

The Rev

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Obama, ignorant then, or ignorant now?

Posted by revkharma on June 7, 2008

I can no more disown him than I can disown the black community.

Barack Obama, regarding Rev Wright, speaking in Philadelphia

April 29, Obama distances himself from Rev. Wright officially, after an appearance by Wright at a national Press Club appearance. Senator Obama said it was”show of disrespect to me”

Barack Obama said Saturday( 5/31/2008 ) he has resigned his 20-year membership in the Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago “with some sadness” in the aftermath of inflammatory remarks by his longtime pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, and more recent fiery remarks at the church by a visiting priest.

I can no more disown him than I can my white grandmother — a woman who helped raise me, a woman who sacrificed again and again for me, a woman who loves me as much as she loves anything in this world, but a woman who once confessed her fear of black men who passed by her on the street, and who on more than one occasion has uttered racial or ethnic stereotypes that made me cringe.

Barack Obama, in Philadelpha.

“Thank you to my grandmother, who helped raise me and is sitting in Hawaii somewhere right now because she can’t travel,” Obama said at the lectern in St. Paul, Minn. “She poured everything she had into me and … helped to make me the man I am today. Tonight is for her.”

Barrack Obama, 6/3/2008

So which is it? She’sa crypto racist who harbors hatred and/or fear for blacks, or a loving woman who taught him the values of inclusion he preaches now?

So, as long as the polls are not showing too much damage, Obama will say that he clings to you like a part of himself. He is fiercely loyal, until you become a threat to his ambitions, then he suddenly no longer knows you.

Look to his references to Rev. Wright, after his Press Club appearance. Obama says ” this is not the REv. Wright I’ve known for twenty years” After Tony Rezko is convicted he too has suddenly changed, and is ‘Not the man I’ve known for twenty years” Obama associates with these men for most of his adult life. Both were intimately involved with his early political career, and the families were together on many occasion.

If, in fact Sen. Obama actually did not know them, this is a huge red flag, isn’t it? He is closely associated with someone, and is totally unaware if his beliefs and actions. Yet, Sen Obama now wants us to trust him as commander in chief. This man who publicly says he is ignorant of the behavior of those to whom he is most closely connected, now expects us to vote him in to the most powerful political office in our nation?

Either we must suspend disbelief on one hand, that he could have been in the dark earlier, or we must suspend belief that he is in the dark now. One or the other is a dangerous situation, and should disqualify him. Yet, no in in the fawning press has dared to call him publicly on this shocking contradiction. The annointed Wonder Boy must not be challenged.

As always

Keep The Faith

The Rev

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Inflation, and the Coming Economic Collapse

Posted by revkharma on June 7, 2008

As the price of oil continues to spiral ever upward, and the stock market finds new ways to drop value, some observations can not be missed. At least, they can’t be missed unless you are looking away from them.

I’m not the first person to observe the devastating effect inflation continues to have on personal wealth. Anyone who thinks inflation is small, and unimportant needs only check the ‘inflation calculator‘. Punch in the amount you made on your very first part time job in high school, and translate that to 2008 value dollars.  We have all heard the comment that a car today costs as much as our parents paid for their house. So, just how is it that the dollar continues to slide in value?

Here’s a good example. A week or so ago, Fed chief Ben Bernanke announced that he would get behind a push from the US Secretary of the Treasury to rebuild the strength of the US Dollar. Almost immediately, several things happened. The Dow Jones index began to climb, and the price of oil dropped to its lowest in several weeks.

This was followed quickly by an announcement from the EU Central Bank that they were considering raising interest rates. On JUne 6, this was followed by a rapid climb in the price of oil, to a high of over $138 per barrel.  Gold climbed at the same time,and the US stock indexes shed value like snakes shedding skin. And, once again, the dollar slid in value against most major currencies. Here we see the problem.

Those who are, or who claim to be in charge of ‘running the US economy’ are being outmaneuvered across the globe. The value of oil has not changed much at all. The value of the dollar has vanished, more than 10% in the last year alone. It’s the old shell game. ” Don’t look there, look here!”  While we all look to OPEC to blame for the oil price run up, the real theft is happening right in our own wallets.  Our money is being inflated and made worthless right before our eyes, and the politicians are doing absolutely nothing. Or rather worse than nothing. They are pointing fingers, blaming those who produce and create value, and screaming for their heads.

Rather than senate hearings on steroids in ball players, or investigations into video tape of opposing football teams, our representatives should be investigating the tragic destruction of our wealth through the willful destruction of our money system.

As always

Keep the Faith!

The Rev

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Important news. Election June 12,2008: Ireland Voting on EU

Posted by revkharma on June 1, 2008

I will write more on this later, but for now, this is important. On June 12, the Irish people will be the only nation allowed to vote on the “Lisbon Treaty” the new guise for the EU Constitution. When the people of various nations in Europe rejected the surrender of their sovereignty to a Pan European bureaucracy, centered in Brussels, the power grabbers went back to the drawing board. They changed the name, and changed tactics. Now, instead of a democratic process, the various governments have bypassed their citizens. They will allow their parliaments and assemblies to vote to ratify a treaty, instead of approving a new Constitution. Ireland voted no on the agreement last time, and now appears they may once again reject it in it’s new form. One of the major points is taxation. under the new system, there will be a uniform tax code. Ireland’s agressive free market oriented tax system is widely credited for helping to create the “Celtic Tiger” the fastest growing economy in all of Europe. They will lose the power to control their own taxes once the new government of the EU abolishes national sovereignty.


As always

Keep the Faith!

The Rev.

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