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Important news. Election June 12,2008: Ireland Voting on EU

Posted by revkharma on June 1, 2008

I will write more on this later, but for now, this is important. On June 12, the Irish people will be the only nation allowed to vote on the “Lisbon Treaty” the new guise for the EU Constitution. When the people of various nations in Europe rejected the surrender of their sovereignty to a Pan European bureaucracy, centered in Brussels, the power grabbers went back to the drawing board. They changed the name, and changed tactics. Now, instead of a democratic process, the various governments have bypassed their citizens. They will allow their parliaments and assemblies to vote to ratify a treaty, instead of approving a new Constitution. Ireland voted no on the agreement last time, and now appears they may once again reject it in it’s new form. One of the major points is taxation. under the new system, there will be a uniform tax code. Ireland’s agressive free market oriented tax system is widely credited for helping to create the “Celtic Tiger” the fastest growing economy in all of Europe. They will lose the power to control their own taxes once the new government of the EU abolishes national sovereignty.


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2 Responses to “Important news. Election June 12,2008: Ireland Voting on EU”

  1. Free Europe? YOU can vote online YES or NO to Free Europe Constitution!

  2. Vote at !

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