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Inflation, and the Coming Economic Collapse

Posted by revkharma on June 7, 2008

As the price of oil continues to spiral ever upward, and the stock market finds new ways to drop value, some observations can not be missed. At least, they can’t be missed unless you are looking away from them.

I’m not the first person to observe the devastating effect inflation continues to have on personal wealth. Anyone who thinks inflation is small, and unimportant needs only check the ‘inflation calculator‘. Punch in the amount you made on your very first part time job in high school, and translate that to 2008 value dollars.  We have all heard the comment that a car today costs as much as our parents paid for their house. So, just how is it that the dollar continues to slide in value?

Here’s a good example. A week or so ago, Fed chief Ben Bernanke announced that he would get behind a push from the US Secretary of the Treasury to rebuild the strength of the US Dollar. Almost immediately, several things happened. The Dow Jones index began to climb, and the price of oil dropped to its lowest in several weeks.

This was followed quickly by an announcement from the EU Central Bank that they were considering raising interest rates. On JUne 6, this was followed by a rapid climb in the price of oil, to a high of over $138 per barrel.  Gold climbed at the same time,and the US stock indexes shed value like snakes shedding skin. And, once again, the dollar slid in value against most major currencies. Here we see the problem.

Those who are, or who claim to be in charge of ‘running the US economy’ are being outmaneuvered across the globe. The value of oil has not changed much at all. The value of the dollar has vanished, more than 10% in the last year alone. It’s the old shell game. ” Don’t look there, look here!”  While we all look to OPEC to blame for the oil price run up, the real theft is happening right in our own wallets.  Our money is being inflated and made worthless right before our eyes, and the politicians are doing absolutely nothing. Or rather worse than nothing. They are pointing fingers, blaming those who produce and create value, and screaming for their heads.

Rather than senate hearings on steroids in ball players, or investigations into video tape of opposing football teams, our representatives should be investigating the tragic destruction of our wealth through the willful destruction of our money system.

As always

Keep the Faith!

The Rev


3 Responses to “Inflation, and the Coming Economic Collapse”

  1. james said

    Speaking of high gas prices, you ever notice in the last book of the Bible (Revelation) that the end-times wars are fought on horses? Wonder what than means?

  2. revkharma said

    Personally, I think it means that the author rode a horse, and had not ever seen a car or a tank.
    Kind of like the Polish Army at the beginning of WWII, mounted cavalry fighting against Panzers

  3. tduffie said

    Great post. This is the ‘tax on poor people’ Ron Paul was warning us about. Until the sheeple wake up to these realities, we’re just heading into oblivion.

    Barr ’08

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