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Ireland and the Lisbon “Treaty”

Posted by revkharma on June 10, 2008

Today there is an interesting opinion piece in The Mayo News regarding the Lisbon Treaty.

Michael ComminsTHE Lisbon Treaty is upon us at last. And the people of the city that bears its name are not even allowed to cast their vote. For the leaders of Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael and Labour to claim that democracy is being served by supporting this referendum is an abomination. No wonder that thousands of Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil supporters all over the country are ready to vote No on Thursday and take a stand for real democracy.


The vast machinery of the EU is leaning hard on Ireland, attempting to bring them into line so they will surrender their sovereignty just like the rest of the peasants in Europe. trouble is, the Irish are not willingly going along.  Eruope continues to harp on the US, that we have too restrictive a government, that tue US government does not respect rights. Well, how is it, that the Lisbon Treaty, which is merely a slightly polished version of the EU Constitution, is not being rammed through without allowing the vast majority of European citizens to even vote on it? The bureaucrats in the various parliaments and administrations know they will lose if the people have a say. ( Here’s someone working hard to stop it)

Let’s hope the Irish people are able to beat this one more time. The thing is, we know, if this one loses, the Eruocrats will find another way to try to impose thier will on the people without consent. They have a long and proud tradition of doing just that. Let’s hope the Irish people can take this opportunity to stick a finger in their eye one more time!

As always

Keep The Faith!

The Rev


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