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The Irish are voting

Posted by revkharma on June 12, 2008

And how will the people stand up to the assault on freedom?  The whole of Europe waits to see  if the Irish will vote NO on the Lisbon Treaty, a radical constitution under false colors

Even the Brits have gotten the message: From the Telegraph, today

Ireland should vote no to EU treaty

As the only EU country to hold a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, Ireland today carries the can for the cowardly evasions of its partners.

This is important, not only to the Irish, and Europe, but to thinking, freedom loving people around the globe. If governments can get away with such a sham, calling a new constitution merely a treaty, binding the people to an agreement to which they have never agreed, we are taking a big step away from liberty and towards dictatorship.  A totally new compact between government and citizens, which fundamentally alters the notion of statehood, sovereignty and rights can not merely be implimented by parliamentry fiat. So far it has been, because so many in Eruope have surrendered. Somehow, the Irish have managed to hold on against the tide of globalism and expanded government power.

Let’s hope they can vote, and more importantly, have that vote respected. I’ll try to keep abreast of the voting today.

Keep the Faith

The Rev



One Response to “The Irish are voting”

  1. atomcat said

    To the Irish people.

    Please for all that is good in the world

    Vote NO!

    The EU is evil as is the UN and the cabal of bastards that want to rule the world.

    The high oil prices and food prices are all part of Agenda 21.
    They want your freedom and your soul.

    Never ever give either up.

    Be proud, be Irish, be free

    Vote NO!

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