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Irish People Stand Up for Liberty!

Posted by revkharma on June 13, 2008

Well folks, from early results being reported it appears that the vote in Ireland has thwarted the globalist agenda for Europe one more time. RTE has been reporting that the results are showing a very high rejection of the Lisbon Treaty.

Lisbon Treaty set to be rejected

It seems certain that Irish voters have rejected the Lisbon Treaty. With results in from 13 of the 43 constituencies, the Lisbon Treaty is being beaten by a margin of 53.6% to 46.4%.

This is good news. While many in the US have not even heard of this treaty, and others simply consider it a strictly European matter,it is in fact a major milestone. Had Ireland’s constitution not required such a vote, the nations of Europe would be on the way to complete dissolution. This would have been accomplished over the objections of most citizens, through a tactic which took the original “EU constitution” and semantically morphed it into a “Treaty”. Thus, a radical reorganization of the political form of every government in Europe would have been accomplished, without the authorization or even against the wishes of the people subjugated by this power shift.

While it seems certain that Irish voters have rejected the Lisbon Treaty; make no mistake, this will be back. The Eurocrats will try again. Ireland will be demonized as selfish, or living in the past. Their assertion of the fundamental right to self determination will be characterized as greed, ignorance or backward insularity. The would be governors of All Europe can not stand to have their dreams of central control thwarted by the most economically successful economy in the region. Ireland must be pulled down into the same level of muck and stagnation as other European nations, lest the citizens in other nations see the success and try to throw off the cloak of socialist smog choking them as well.
This type of government reorganization, a removal of liberty through the installation of bureaucratic overlords who answer to no one but themselves is the wave of the future. The statist ( or more accurately Fascist) politicians will do whatever they can to allow themselves to rule over the ‘ignorant’ masses without accountability. If they are able to get this done, the technique will be used as a template in nation after nation to erase sovereignty and eliminate liberty where ever it still exists.
Every person who treasures individual liberty should cheer for the Irish people who have seen through this smoke screen and threw sand in the gears of the EU juggernaut!
As always,
Keep The Faith
The Rev




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