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End of Civil liberties?

Posted by revkharma on August 17, 2008

We can all recall the yelling, shouting and jeers as the NY Times wrote of “Secret Prisons” that the US had set up in some countries to house detainees captured while fighting US troops abroad. America was compared to the worst tyrants in history. Sen. Shumer of NY, Sen. Durban of Il, Kennedy, and others screamed that this was evil and no one should be housed in secret places, or warehoused. Recall, the people held there were terrorists, bent on the attack and destruction of US soldiers, US interests, and if possible, the US homeland.

Today I saw this. Note the article specifically says

“…the city had long planned to build a new holding facility for the DNC”

This is not a normal jail, this is a jail built to hold anyone who is opposed th the Democtatic Party! Senator Obama and his party are so afraid of actual people messing up his media big show, they have a SECRET JAIL set up? I understand the need for jails, because all sort of nutcases and moonbats will show up to scream and shout and make faces and try to disrupt the convention. That is to be expected, and Denver and the DNC would be stupid not to be prepared to handle it. But, until some reporter uncovered this, it was a secret jail. This is just wrong. Was the plan that any one arrested would be whisked away, hidden from sight, so the glorious Obama could seem to be ascending to his throne with no objections?

Help me understand this… a city is building a jail at the request of a political party? I am baffled. I know that the CCCP build jails for enemies of the party in the Soviet Union, and they do so in Communist China, but this is the USA, right? Why are city officials building .. and again this is right from a city spokesman

Undersheriff Bill Lovingier, the city’s director of corrections. Lovingier said the city had long planned to build a new holding facility for the DNC, which triples the processing speed of the city jail. Lovingier said the Steele Street warehouse will be able to process 60 arrestees an hour.

Just what the hell is going on here?

As Always

Keep the Faith.

The Rev


One Response to “End of Civil liberties?”

  1. deaconkharmafuture1 said

    “Our rules apply to thee, not to me”
    For instance, take the fact that the Obama camp said that a gas tax holiday was “a gimmick”. Funny how the DNC is using a ploy to fill all of their vehicles on the local government’s card which excludes all taxes… The DNC is the biggest group of hypocrites I have seen in my lifetime.

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