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An Interesting Parable

Posted by revkharma on November 14, 2008

The following is lifted directly from a wonderful site, Head-dibs, published by an actual and quite effective minister. A friend I’ve known for years who I am certain regularly prays for and worries over my salvation. (Don’t EVER stop, please!)  James is a man of deep faith and a powerful mind, gifts from God he gladly shares with all of us. Please read this, follow the link and read his entire blog.

Case Study in Justice

The story is told of a man who was caught stealing a loaf of bread. When the judge investigated he found that the man had no job, could not get work and since his family was hungry, he felt he needed to steal the loaf of bread.

The judge told the man, “I’m sorry, but the law can make no exceptions. You stole, therefore I have to punish you. I have to assess a fine of ten dollars.” As he said this, the judge reached into his pocket, pulled out a ten dollar bill and handed it to the man. “I want to pay the fine myself,” the judge said.

As the man took the money, the judge added, “Now, I also want to remit the fine.” This means the judge laid the fine aside. He released the man from the guilt or penalty of the fine, which means the man could keep the money.

“Furthermore,” the judge said, “I am going to instruct the bailiff to pass around a hat to everyone in this courtroom, and I am fining everybody in this courtroom fifty cents for living in a city where a man has to steal in order to have bread to eat.”

When the money was collected he gave it to the defendant.

What are your thoughts about the point of this story?

As always,
Keep The Faith!
The Rev

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It’s All About Tolerance and Inclusion, Right?

Posted by revkharma on November 14, 2008

The Obamites have chanted and sang all along that they want to get along, to transcend partisanship. They now want to reach out to the losing side and have the whole country join them.

There was an interesting story in the Chicago Tribune the other day. Seems this school girl wore her “McCain Girl” shirt and was subjected to quite a bit of “Tolerance and Inclusion”.

One person told me to go die. It was a lot of dying. A lot of comments about how I should be killed,” Catherine said, of the tolerance in Oak Park.

The hate filled invective hurled her way by other eighth graders is amazing. Children of that age are beginning to form their views, and most are parroting the views of mommy and/or daddy. Or perhaps a favorite teacher. Notice the remarkable example of tolerance from the girl’s teacher also.

I give credit to this young lady for her incredible strength to stand firm, and not respond in kind to the idiots in her school. I hurl scorn on the teachers, staff and administration of that school for permitting the poisoned environment that thrives there. Unfortunately, it seems as if that is the norm in public schools. Teachers unions are among the most powerful in the country, and guess who they supported unconditionally in the election?

Commenter Jeff remarks that there is hypocrisy on both sides. I submit that this sort of repugnant behavior is increasingly the exclusive preserve of the left in our country. The inability to allow dissenting voices is the mark of those who wish to cut off any debate, and would demonize opponents rather than engage them in open, truthful discussion. Those who thoughtfully and scientifically attempt to refute the panic over global warming are called  “Global Warming Deniers” and compared to extremists who reject the Holocaust. This is not civil debate, it is reactionary panic.

Look at the reaction to Senator Lieberman. There are those who would say he can keep his position only if he publicly apologizes for his transgressions. Very tolerant, that bunch! That bears a whiff of the re-education of intellectuals carried out by so many communist regimes over the years. 
We will need to watch carefully, and call HALT to the extremes before things spin out of control. I’m sure there are many people of good intention and much civic spirit entering the Obama administration. I am also certain that many are extreme, and bent on a radical transformation of our nation. Remember, “Change”… only no one has said exactly how much, or what kind. Notice.. Obama’s own transition website has removed just about any concrete policy proposals, only again, promising to solve our problems. Here at the Kharma Church, we are a small insignificant voice, but there are many others. We all will be helping to steer this nation through the troubled waters ahead. We are all willing to join and work together, but not to work for the destruction of the Republic entrusted to us by the great men who founded our nation more than two hundred years ago. They pledged their fortunes, liberty and lives to create this nation. It seems to me that the  Obamites and the class warriors fighting with him are  willing to pledge the fortunes and liberty of every one else to enrich themselves.

Even in these dangerous times:

Keep The Faith!

The Rev

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Reciprocity: Join Us In A Big Hug

Posted by revkharma on November 10, 2008

Since the election of President Elect Obama I have seen many  comments, letters to editors and received personal missives, all with the similar aims. As they celebrate the election results they appeal to those who did not vote for Mr. Obama. Uniformly  they ask that we who were defeated join and work together with the new administration. “It’s time to reunite and rebuild” they say.” Please don’t be bitter, they implore, now is not the time for it. Join us, help us, put past  hard feelings aside.”

I find it difficult to absorb that message when it comes from the same people who, from the instant polls closed in 2000 screeched so shrilly that they election had ‘been stolen’ and President Elect Bush was ” NOT MY PRESIDENT”.

These are the people who are reflected in the comments from actor Ron Silver,  during Clinton’s first inaugural was comforted that the military jets overhead now were “our planes” and therefore safe now.

The spirit of cooperation is shown by Senate Majority Leager Harry Reid, who has been meeting with Joe Lieberman of Connecticut, who dared dissent from Democrat orthodoxy and supported the war in Iraq. Now that  the evil republicans are out of power, he will be punished for his wayward thoughts. Nancy Pelosi, from the Speakers Podium cheers the possibility of a new “Fairness Doctrine” to impose uniformity of thought on broadcasters.

The warm, and embracing feel from the original letters gave way rapidly in my area. The day after the election several local papers immediately portrayed all republicans as crying and using (interestingly enough) the phrase used for the last eight years by the dems ” Not MY president”. Letters to the editor columns are filling rapidly with taunts and threats that republicans had better go along, or be labelled as obstructionists or worse.

Rumor has it that even Michael Moore has a letter circulating, requesting that conservatives join hands with the Obama crowd and unite our country once more. This is the same Moore who went to Cuba, praising the system of a man who tortures those who disagree with him.  Praising the leadership of a man who makes it a crime to attempt to leave his needlessly impoverished country for those seeking a better life. He toasts thugs like Hugo Chavez who openly boast of their desire to destroy America and it’s economy. Then Mr. Moore wonders why those who did not support Senator Obama’s campaign are reluctant to become loyal soldiers in the President Elect’s new army.

I have had conversations with many close friends, some who were quite vocal supporters of Mr. Obama. I have no problem with them, nor do I doubt their real sincerityof belief. That’s the way American politics SHOULD work. I will not however ‘join hands and unite in support’ with the likes of Moore, Pelose, Reid, Nadler and the others in government and outside it who seek fundamental change and irreversible destruction of the system of government our nation has built for more than two hundred years.

Barrack Obama has been elected president. That in itself belies the cries of ‘racist’ hurled by so many at our country. That in itself shows the openness to change of our nation.  I honor him, and salute his remarkable, and yes, historic achievement. I will support the President of The United States. I will, however oppose his policies and politics the moment they swerve into areas I know will bring our country to ruin. This is not personal. It is simply politics.

As Always

Keep the Faith

The Rev

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Musings on the Election

Posted by revkharma on November 5, 2008

Ok, today it’s done. The people have voted and we now have President Elect Obama. Some general thoughts, in no particular order here:

There are some advantages to this outcome. First, the conservative movement can now throw away the junk pile that is known as the republican party. The GOP pretends to be conservative, but shortly after taking over in 1994 they lost their way and became just another institutional political organ of Big Government. 

We live in a country founded on a Constitution. This is a major shift for US politics, but it has been accomplished without the violence that accompanies such change in so many places in the world

Now that the leftist wing of the Dem party controls everything, they cannot hide their agenda. My hunch is that as they begin to impliment such things, more and more Americans will be repelled by the socialist agenda, and reject them next time around. 

Paradoxically, we might just have an easier time militarily. When a republican is in power, the dems reflexively oppose almost any use of the military. With their party in charge, we may see less opposition to proper use of the military and less demonizing of our troops. As an illustration, I refer you to Ron Silver’s statement during the inauguration of Bill Clinton. Many in the crowd were angered by a fly over by some fighter jets. Then suddenly, as Silver retold it, he realized … ” No, this is OK. They are OUR jets now, this is OUR military” ( I am paraphrasing… you can find the quotes out there). The mind set is  that as long as they hold the levers of power, it’s good.  Now I am not saying that I’m happy to see the Anointed One as commander in chief, but maybe once in the Oval Office reality may set in.

I took a ride today, through the area, back streets, neighborhoods and side roads. Everything is still there. We have not collapsed into anarchy. We are fine. This will probably be a period of instability and strife. We have to keep going, and work to make sure that America comes through better off in the end. Now is the time to sit back, take stock and ignore those who call themselves our allies but work only for themselves. Now is the time to make changes and restore true libertarian and conservative principals to our nation. Now is the time to field candidates who will embrace the true American ideals nurtured and planted by our founders.  

We must reflect on the gift we have and work to put things back the way they were planned. This will not be easy, and the outcome is not certain. But we need to begin NOW to restore ourt Republic.

Keep the Faith!

The Rev.

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Rip off the Bandage!

Posted by revkharma on November 4, 2008

Years ago, I had an accident, and rather badly scraped up my leg. I usually heal pretty well, but this one wound seemed to only get worse. I did as all the experts told me, covered it with all kind of medicine, and kept a bandage on it.

Still the skin around it was red, sore, and the spot was sore. Seemed to keep a constant low grade infection no matter what I did. Finally I decided to get a better look and see just how badly it was infected.

It hurt. It hurt badly. As I tore off the bandage, the thinly formed scab underneath ripped off, reopening the wound.  As I removed the bandage the wound began to ooze, and I could finally see just how bad the infection was. There was a great deal of nasty stuff that was hidden beneath the bandage and the thin scab that helt the infection in place.

Ripping it open was very painful, and extremely messy. It HURT, and actually stunk a little. Opening it up kinda was like taking the lid off a cesspool,

However, once I had the courage to rip it open and go through the pain, discomfort and mess things had a chance to heal. 

Once I decided there was no alternative I figured it would be worth the discomfort to see if I could fix the problem. It took a couple more weeks, and hurt like hell, but once I let the puss drain the wound had a chance to begin healing.

It never was the same, there’s a scar, and the skin can still be painful at times. However, at least it’s not infected, and there is no longer a risk of the infection spreading throughout my entire system and killing me.

As I write this, the election is still in progress, but it looks increasingly likely that Obama will prevail over Mccain. Perhaps this is the moment of pain. The boiling pus pocket of infection that is the socialist impulse in American politics will be opened, allowing the infection to see the light of day. We need to push this, push the leftists as far as they are willing to go. It’s a risky strategy, but I fear our only option. If we misjudge, the infection can spread and poison the Republic entirely. The potential reward is that we can open it and drain the infection. It will take time, and it will be painful, hard, dirty work. But without ripping open the wound we can not drain this mess. Failure to do so will guarantee that the infection will worsen, spread and kill us all in short order.

We have a small window of opportunity. Unless we are prepared to take it, the poison will spread rapidly and toxicity will overtake us. We surely will die.

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