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Reciprocity: Join Us In A Big Hug

Posted by revkharma on November 10, 2008

Since the election of President Elect Obama I have seen many  comments, letters to editors and received personal missives, all with the similar aims. As they celebrate the election results they appeal to those who did not vote for Mr. Obama. Uniformly  they ask that we who were defeated join and work together with the new administration. “It’s time to reunite and rebuild” they say.” Please don’t be bitter, they implore, now is not the time for it. Join us, help us, put past  hard feelings aside.”

I find it difficult to absorb that message when it comes from the same people who, from the instant polls closed in 2000 screeched so shrilly that they election had ‘been stolen’ and President Elect Bush was ” NOT MY PRESIDENT”.

These are the people who are reflected in the comments from actor Ron Silver,  during Clinton’s first inaugural was comforted that the military jets overhead now were “our planes” and therefore safe now.

The spirit of cooperation is shown by Senate Majority Leager Harry Reid, who has been meeting with Joe Lieberman of Connecticut, who dared dissent from Democrat orthodoxy and supported the war in Iraq. Now that  the evil republicans are out of power, he will be punished for his wayward thoughts. Nancy Pelosi, from the Speakers Podium cheers the possibility of a new “Fairness Doctrine” to impose uniformity of thought on broadcasters.

The warm, and embracing feel from the original letters gave way rapidly in my area. The day after the election several local papers immediately portrayed all republicans as crying and using (interestingly enough) the phrase used for the last eight years by the dems ” Not MY president”. Letters to the editor columns are filling rapidly with taunts and threats that republicans had better go along, or be labelled as obstructionists or worse.

Rumor has it that even Michael Moore has a letter circulating, requesting that conservatives join hands with the Obama crowd and unite our country once more. This is the same Moore who went to Cuba, praising the system of a man who tortures those who disagree with him.  Praising the leadership of a man who makes it a crime to attempt to leave his needlessly impoverished country for those seeking a better life. He toasts thugs like Hugo Chavez who openly boast of their desire to destroy America and it’s economy. Then Mr. Moore wonders why those who did not support Senator Obama’s campaign are reluctant to become loyal soldiers in the President Elect’s new army.

I have had conversations with many close friends, some who were quite vocal supporters of Mr. Obama. I have no problem with them, nor do I doubt their real sincerityof belief. That’s the way American politics SHOULD work. I will not however ‘join hands and unite in support’ with the likes of Moore, Pelose, Reid, Nadler and the others in government and outside it who seek fundamental change and irreversible destruction of the system of government our nation has built for more than two hundred years.

Barrack Obama has been elected president. That in itself belies the cries of ‘racist’ hurled by so many at our country. That in itself shows the openness to change of our nation.  I honor him, and salute his remarkable, and yes, historic achievement. I will support the President of The United States. I will, however oppose his policies and politics the moment they swerve into areas I know will bring our country to ruin. This is not personal. It is simply politics.

As Always

Keep the Faith

The Rev


4 Responses to “Reciprocity: Join Us In A Big Hug”

  1. Jeff said

    It seems that there is hypocricy on all sides of the coin, more specifically, the more extreme right and left. I am a 67 y.o. man who served his country during the early to mid-60s, trained as a medic @Ft. Bragg, N.C.-home of the 82nd. airborne division and the former home of the 5th. Special Forces. One of the medics from the 5th. took me under his wing to teach me more advanced techniques so that I could help if I were in combat. That being said, my politics is left of center, because, as an eye doc as well as a former Army medic, I have a soft spot for our fellowman. That means being treated with respect and honor. When former experts in the Bush administration involving our national security, senior commanding generals and our economy dared to have a difference of opinion, they were told they were unpatriotic and were “fired” on the spot. These are people who had served under a number of administrations and were considered some of the best minds in America in their respective fields. I always thought that democracy was based on respecting differences of thinking. Thus, the clear lack of loyalty to the men and women who love this country and have put their lives on the line by this administration is shameful and truly un-American. I can tell you(generically because I have been privy to sensitive information) that this administration’s complete rebuttal of intelligence data from both our best, most experienced military and civilian operatives has caused these people to resign both individually and in mass including giving up one’s military retirement. Reason: they could not get Pres. Bush to even take their perspectives seriously. Funny, not one Iraqui ever attacked the United States–they were all Saudis and 2 from Yemen. Perhaps doing business with the Bin Laden family for 30 years cooled down the enthusiasm to go where the mass murderers were trained and indoctrinated. So many other issues that have caused our traditional alliances to be bruised and shattered because of a lack of respect for the countries that have stood by our sides for decades, giving tax breaks to corporations to EXPORT our American jobs, et. al. . I guess that this blog is a starting point. All this being said, there have been many Republicans who have shared the same views and they have been ignored as well. Hopefully, a new day of respect, loyalty and the capability to listen and learn from others with differences of opinion will come forth. America, we deserve at least that.

  2. revkharma said

    Thanks for taking the time to read and reply.
    I have seen many people with many viewpoints, all taking sides and producing much noise and little of value. Your point, about the extreme right and left is well taken.
    The arguments about taking on Saddam hve been so distorted and twisted that I haven’t got space to even begin here to cover that, perhaps another time. The issue on this particular post is the sudden request for inclusion, and cooperation from those who hve been obstructionist and pigheaded in recent history. The extremes will always be wrong headed. My fear is that the Democrat party has been totally subverted and coopted by the extreme. There is no mainstream remaining in that party.

  3. […] Commenter Jeff remarks that there is hypocrisy on both sides. I submit that this sort of repugnant behavior is increasingly the exclusive preserve of the left in our country. The inability to allow dissenting voices is the mark of those who wish to cut off any debate, and would demonize opponents rather than engage them in open, truthful discussion. Those who thoughtfully and scientifically attempt to refute the panic over global warming are called  “Global Warming Deniers” and compared to extremists who reject the Holocaust. This is not civil debate, it is reactionary panic. […]

  4. […] Reciprocity: Join Us In A Big Hug […]

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