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It’s All About Tolerance and Inclusion, Right?

Posted by revkharma on November 14, 2008

The Obamites have chanted and sang all along that they want to get along, to transcend partisanship. They now want to reach out to the losing side and have the whole country join them.

There was an interesting story in the Chicago Tribune the other day. Seems this school girl wore her “McCain Girl” shirt and was subjected to quite a bit of “Tolerance and Inclusion”.

One person told me to go die. It was a lot of dying. A lot of comments about how I should be killed,” Catherine said, of the tolerance in Oak Park.

The hate filled invective hurled her way by other eighth graders is amazing. Children of that age are beginning to form their views, and most are parroting the views of mommy and/or daddy. Or perhaps a favorite teacher. Notice the remarkable example of tolerance from the girl’s teacher also.

I give credit to this young lady for her incredible strength to stand firm, and not respond in kind to the idiots in her school. I hurl scorn on the teachers, staff and administration of that school for permitting the poisoned environment that thrives there. Unfortunately, it seems as if that is the norm in public schools. Teachers unions are among the most powerful in the country, and guess who they supported unconditionally in the election?

Commenter Jeff remarks that there is hypocrisy on both sides. I submit that this sort of repugnant behavior is increasingly the exclusive preserve of the left in our country. The inability to allow dissenting voices is the mark of those who wish to cut off any debate, and would demonize opponents rather than engage them in open, truthful discussion. Those who thoughtfully and scientifically attempt to refute the panic over global warming are called  “Global Warming Deniers” and compared to extremists who reject the Holocaust. This is not civil debate, it is reactionary panic.

Look at the reaction to Senator Lieberman. There are those who would say he can keep his position only if he publicly apologizes for his transgressions. Very tolerant, that bunch! That bears a whiff of the re-education of intellectuals carried out by so many communist regimes over the years. 
We will need to watch carefully, and call HALT to the extremes before things spin out of control. I’m sure there are many people of good intention and much civic spirit entering the Obama administration. I am also certain that many are extreme, and bent on a radical transformation of our nation. Remember, “Change”… only no one has said exactly how much, or what kind. Notice.. Obama’s own transition website has removed just about any concrete policy proposals, only again, promising to solve our problems. Here at the Kharma Church, we are a small insignificant voice, but there are many others. We all will be helping to steer this nation through the troubled waters ahead. We are all willing to join and work together, but not to work for the destruction of the Republic entrusted to us by the great men who founded our nation more than two hundred years ago. They pledged their fortunes, liberty and lives to create this nation. It seems to me that the  Obamites and the class warriors fighting with him are  willing to pledge the fortunes and liberty of every one else to enrich themselves.

Even in these dangerous times:

Keep The Faith!

The Rev


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