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Hamas, Israel and current Hostilities

Posted by revkharma on December 31, 2008

After several years of a ‘Truce” with the Palestinians, during which time Israeli civilian centers were routinely targeted by rockets, mortars, and missile from ‘Hamas’ controlled areas, the Truce has ended. As Hamas unilaterally declared the truce over it unleashed a barrage of rocket fire once again into civilian population centers withing Israel. The Israeli military finally went on the offensive, in another attempt to end such craven attacks. Most of the Muslim world cried crocodile tears for their “brothers” and western media outlets began the now familiar cry of ‘disproportionate use of force’ by the Israelis. Hamas targets exclusively civilians, and kills them intentionally
Israel targets exclusively military objectives, and collaterally kills civilians who are put into the line of fire by Hamas for propoganda purposes.

 There is no ‘disproportionality’. In fact, the Iraeli military works to minimize civilian deaths, while Hamas explicitly intends to increase such civilian deaths as a routine matter of policy and strategy.

The goals of the two forces are  also not equivalent. Israel is acting defensively, to protect citizens, and thwart an existential threat. They will stop when the missiles stop. Hamas, PLO and Fatah are attacking, attempting a war of annihilation. They have sworn NOT to stop until Israel is eliminated. One seeks safety and co-existence. One seeks conquest and destruction. No, there is no proportionality. Certainly there is no disproportionate use of force on the part of Israel.
However, here’s a thought: The Israelis should provide a picket line of missiles along the border with Gaza and all Palestinian territories.
Each time Hamas–or ANYONE in the area controlled by the “Palestinians” launches rockets, missiles, mortars, or ‘suicide bombs into Israeli civilian areas, the Israelis should fire an equal number of their weapons into Hamas controlled areas. This will then be EXACTLY proportionate.
My hunch is that the number of casualties will not be equal,as the Israeli military seems a bit more accurate. However, the force employed will be proportionate, one for one.
Now, SHUT UP and let them get on with protecting their people.

As Always,

Keep the Faith!

The Rev


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