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Exercise Your Rights

Posted by revkharma on January 31, 2009

Occasionally I have referenced in an objective way the Second Amendment and it’s essential strength as a support to the Constitution and the Republic. Sometimes this is overlooked. Sometimes it just seems like we talk, and write, and leave it at that. Well, this time I have a request for anyone who reads this. Exercise your right to keep and bear arms. On a regular basis we are told how valuable our right to vote, our right to assemble, our right to our own religion, our right to assemble  are, and how we must cherish and protect them.

Think hard about what I am going to say here: If Americans were unable to protect themselves against an oppressive government, none of those rights could be protected. In a state which denies the essential right of self protection,  the government maintains a monopoly on force, and thus controls all rights. Now, I am not claiming that the federal government is about to start kicking in doors and hauling dissidents to prision Cuban style. I’m offering a comparison. When Fidel Castro overthrew the Batista regime, he and his party monopolized power and maintained exclusive rights to keep and bear arms. Thus the dictator and his accomplices have been able to prevent resistance. Here in the USA we have provided an inbuilt safety mechanism. We have prohibited, by constitution, our government from having a monopoly on arms. 

Where am I going with all this? Simple. Exercise those rights. If you live in a state which allows concealed carry, obtain and use such a permit. If you live in a jurisdiction which prohibits such freedom, then work to overturn the regulations which restrict the Second Amendment.  

We are faced with an administration which will certainly work to curtail Second Amendment rights, and to further restrict individual freedoms while expanding the scope and power of the DC government.  Only constant vigilance and effort will protect our freedom.

If you are not familiar with firearms, then learn. there are many options.

Here are a few:

Gun owners of America

Grassroots South Carolina

National Rifle Association

Contact your legislators, both at the state and federal level. Make your views known.

If you are anywhere around the Lowcountry in South Carolina, maybe I will meet you here one day. Palmetto State Shooting is one of the finest establishments of it’s kind. Great people, lots of skill.

We all need to work to keep ourselves free. Nobody is going to do it for you, so get out there and do the work!

As always

Keep the Faith!

The Rev

UPDATE: For a look at this issue, see this, from Liberty Sphere

Some people through the years have stated that the reason my grandfather continued going to target practice even as a man in his late 70s was because he simply enjoyed it. There is an element of truth to that. He was a sportsman, and I have no doubt that he derived a great deal of pleasure from firing his pistol.

But there is also no doubt that a greater reason was lodged in his mind for going practice shooting. He felt it was necessary to stay on top of his game. He never wanted to get rusty, not even as a 78 year old man.

 I’ll add my own comment. I have gotten to the point where I feel more comfrotable with than without one of my guns. His grandfather was right. Shoot often, if you would shoot well.


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Ethics and Obama simply don’t mix

Posted by revkharma on January 31, 2009

During the campaign, Obama was frequently criticized for what was charitably called a ‘thin resume’. He often spoke of  ethics, and referred to ethics legislation achievements as proof of his seriousness and accomplishments.  He noted it on his campaign website.  The New York Times even claimed that the great and powerful Obama was responsible for the eventual impeachment of  the now infamous Blagojevich. In a January 2007 op ed in the Washington Post, he even brayed that a new ethics was needed in Washington.

How is it, then that his pick for the Treasury Secretary failed to pay his taxes, despite repeated written instructions, which he signed, informing him that he did in fact, owe such taxes? How is it that his nominee for HHS secretary is now also reported to have dodged more than $100,000 in taxes?  How is it that his attorney general apparently did an end run around standard Justice Department protocol to have then President Clinton pardon Marc Rich? Or that he pressed for, and had Clinton sign clemency for FALN terrorists, who not only never requested it, but openly stated their intent to return to their ‘struggle’?

No, once again, the Great and Powerful Obama has shown he is merely the small man behind the curtain. A deceitful, corrupt politician, who climbed his way through the slimy swamp of the  Chicago political machine. His push for ‘bipartisanship’ is merely an attempt for a fig leaf to cover the massive and ultimately corrupt payoff to liberal interest groups that paid for him to move into the Whitehouse.

We are in for a rough ride during this presidency.

As Always..

Keep the Faith!

The Rev

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Atlas: My Views on Libertarianism and Society

Posted by revkharma on January 25, 2009

During a recent conversation with a friend, I asked what was kind of a throw away question, designed to stir discussion as much as get any specific answer. I said ” What will happen when Atlas shrugs?”  The conversation I was looking for was about politics and economics. Instead, I got a very thought provoking question.

Forgive my prodding (for my understand only, please) but when I read “What will happen when Atlas shrugs?” my mind went to the humanistic philosophy of Ayn Rand and her ideas of society.  Was that an intentional, or were you thinking pure imagery?

Now, James is one of those people who never misses a chance to ask a question which will expose your thoughts and motivations instantly and make you feel like a fish being jacklighted unless you are prepared.  If you want a test of your thinking, engage him in a discussion, and you will have a mental workout of the first order. In this case, he caused me to look at what was a throw away line and delve into my thoughts on politics, philosophy, faith, the whole ball of wax. I am by no means a trained philosopher. In areas of philosophy, as in politics, I am essentially self taught. I have a basis, and have honed my views with discussion and debate with those much more educated than I, supplemented with reading when I can find the time.

 For me, the  current political philosophy which I feel closest to would be Libertarianism. Ayn Rand’s Objectivism, seems to me to be an offspring of it, but has significant differences. I am by no means a “humanist”, if by that, you mean one who rejects faith and morals and substitutes the individual as the only reference point anyone can use. This is, to me, amoral, and untenable. Socialism does much the same, merely substituting  government for the individual conscience.  Most of the various ‘isms’ of the last century have done much the same, plugging in various substitutes for God and trying to make the world perfect. Well, the world will never be perfect, nor will Man. We have to live in the universe as it exists, and do the best we can.

By allowing individuals to retain their God given rights, (or existential human rights if you wish to craft a politics without faith) and using the force of government only as a guarantor of those rights, we can allow individuals to work toward their own destiny without restricting others’ rights to do so.  This seems to me as the designed objectives of the Founders when writing the Declaration of Independence and The Bill of Rights.  One of the conflicts faced in proposing such a libertarian system comes with the conflict of morality and individual rights. After quite a bit of thinking ( and perhaps some mental gymnastics) I have achieved some personal thoughts which allow me to reconcile some significant moral dilemmas. Most libertarians will advocate for unrestricted access to drug use by individuals, for abortion rights, for rights to suicide, prostitution, and a host of other ‘individual choices’ which they argue can be exercised without impacting on another individual’s rights to object to such activities.  How, the argument goes, can a religious person permit a society which permits such behavior. The problem, it seems to me, is that as currently constructed, there is no political framework in which a truly Libertarian society can function. The State has no obligation, nor even a right to command individual behavior as moral which does not interfere with the rights of another. The State similarly has neither right, nor obligation to protect any religious viewpoint over any other, or none at all.  If we can start with exactly that framework we are at a point of individual freedom,guaranteed by a constitution, which permits liberty, and restricts behavior on behalf of one person which damages or infringes the liberty of another. This mirrors the freedom of conscience and free will which believers contend is given to all by God.

Now, here are some additional supports which I feel are essential.  First, any government must be minimal. No social programs, no community activism, no encroachment into the individual rights sphere. Second, any infringement of the rights of one by another must be dealt with judicially and criminal. That is the proper role of a government. Third, some form of collective protection or national defense should be provided. Individual freedom  cannot be guaranteed if the integrity of the state is not protected.

Let’s look at a couple of specific examples, comparing various scenarios to perhaps clarify my views here.

Under current laws in the USA prostitution is criminalized. I will not argue the merits or damages of the current state. Under this regime, an adult who is fully cognizant of the risks and rewards of such activity is not able to undertake such behavior in a private setting without committing a crime in virtually all jurisdictions. The situation breeds shame, violence and disease. In a truly libertarian setting, there is no moral or religious component to the law. As long as individuals can freely choose such behavior, and no force or threat is used, there can not be an objection. Anyone who does use such force, deception or compels someone to participate against his or her will is clearly violating the rights of another, and then can be prosecuted by the state for THAT crime.

Similarly, drug use can be looked at as a neutral legal matter. If society permits unrestricted access to narcotics, an individual can avail himself of whatever substances he  chooses. Should someone, while influenced by such substances, engage in destructive, or criminal behavior then that act should be prosecuted by society. 

There is still an underlying moral component here. What of the moral impact on the individual who engages in such activity. The woman or man who sells their body for sexual favors may eventually become degraded and suffer psychological or medical consequences. The chronic user of drugs may eventually end up  the classic image of the junkie, passed out in an alley, eventually to die dirty and alone. Should someone not step in and aid them?  If your personal morality deems that essential, then you are within your rights to do so. The difference in a Libertarian society is that the state has no right to coerce the assistance of one individual to aid another. Social ‘safety net’ programs which are certainly well intentioned, merely confiscate the rights of society in order to aid one who is seeing the result of individual choices. If the state can not preempt such behavior as drug use or prostitution, neither can it compel other individuals to pay for the consequences of such behavior freely chosen by another.

Any moral or religious organization is thus free to engage in creating a private ‘safety net’ to assist those in such need, without encumbrance or coercion of the force of the state to do so. There will always be those of faith, and even those who profess no religion, who will seek to provide help to others who may need it. This is one of the foundational goods of any society. Where the state steps in and provides such services, any such aid is corrupted. First, in order to provide it, the state must compel by force the contribution of the efforts individuals who may or may not wish to do so. This is a fundamental infringement of individual rights.  Further, by standing in the place of private citizens, either singly or in groups, the state effectively interferes with, and often prohibits the freely given contributions that would otherwise be made. The state, in effect substitutes it’s judgement and morality for that of the individual person. This is a use of  state  force, and I would go so far as to say it is an immoral use. If you were to give aid, whether financial or social or physical effort of some kind to a cause or person in need, that is generally deemed to be a social good. It is the good and right thing to do. For many there is an actual listing of such essential goods, The Works of Mercy.  In some traditions, not only are such deeds good, they are essential to one’s faith and salvation. A person who aids the poor, or comforts the afflicted is achieving a spiritual and moral success. The same simply is not true of one who has his money taken by force of the State (taxation) and given to someone deemed to need assistance. This is not a work of charity. Essentially it is the theft of one’s property. The recipient similarly is not morally enriched by the transaction. The common political term of ” entitlements” belies a deeper truth here. Those on the receiving end of such assistance feel no moral obligation to repay the debt. They eventually feel ‘entitled’ to such state sanctioned theft, and mobilize vast political armies to prevent the cutoff or even reduction of the stream of property to which they have no real moral claim. This system corrupts rather than redeems.

In the end here, I suppose I am trying to say that a truly free, libertarian society, one which is neutral toward any religion ( or to none) , which permits true individual rights unfettered by infringement, can actually become a moral society. By not substituting coercive state mandates for individual conscience and morality, we can permit freedom. Only by permitting liberty can we permit the fulfillment of the rights of the individual to develop a true sense of morality and justice.  Instituting government mandated moral codes does violence to the concept of free will which is essential to full humanity, and to being fully able to search for, and perhaps to find God. If I may, I would even say that God gave man Free Will. Any society which attempts to supersede that is Godless.
Any system which permits that, permits God.

As Always,

Keep the Faith

The Rev

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The Battle in New York

Posted by revkharma on January 23, 2009

So, after Princess Caroline withdrew from her endowed chair in the Senate, the Governor of NY made his appointment. He named Kristen Gillebrand to take the NY Senate seat vacated by Hillary Clinton. The political calculus is clear, she is from upstate, and will balance the ticket.  She is new and will not pose any threat to Charles Schumer, the senior senator from NY, and one of the biggest egos currently in Washington,DC.

Immediately upon her appointment, Carolyn Mccarthy a state representative from Long Island, went ballistic. Seems she is upset because Ms. Gillebrand has received a rating of “A” from the NRA. Ms Maloney’s sole reason for entering politics has been to advance laws which will restrict Americans rights under the Second Amendment. Anyone who believes that government should be bound by the Constitution is a target of her rage. So, now she has announced she intents to challenge Gillebrand  for the US Senate seat when a special election must be called in two years.  

How Dare She! How could this woman, a Democrat, run for office and actually act upon the wishes of her constituents, and accept the United States Constitution as her guide?  

Here’s the pitch ladies and gentlemen: I have said before that the key is NOT which animal suit a politician dresses in to go to work. The important thing is how they behave in office.  Is the Constitution the guide and goal of all legislation?  If so, then support that person. I for one am going to do what I can to support Kristen Gillebrand in her pursuit of maintaining Second Ammendment rights for all Americans.

As Always

Keep the Faith!

The Rev.

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The Great and Powerful Obama

Posted by revkharma on January 23, 2009

Fire boiled upward, and smoke belched amidst the flames as his voice boomed ” I am the Great and Powerful Oz! You will do as I command, and I will reward you!”  Unfortunately as we all remember from the classic film, little Toto scampered forward, and pulled back the curtain, revealing the lost, and quite ordinary travelling medicine show doctor operating the levers.  Despite “Oz'” telling them otherwise, the adventurers in the story looked, and finally exposed the secret of the Wizard. No matter how much smoke, flame and deception he used, he was not a spectacular wizard, merely a side show huckster with a knack for deception.

“If you are a Washington lobbyist, you will find no home in the Obama Administration! We are all about Hope and CHANGE, and we will not work with the usual crew of lobbyists and insiders!”  Or, so we were told by the Great and Powerful Obama.  A quick look at two of his recent high level appointments points more toward the carnival than the wizard.  William Lynn III, tapped to take the second highest spot in the defense department was a paid rep for Raytheon until this past July.  William Corr is now put forward as the deputy secretary at the dept of HHS. He has worked until the end of last year as a paid consultant for anti tobacco groups. Both have pledged to ” not work in areas in which they previously lobbied”. In the senior positions they will take, there is little chance of that actually being true.

Note also, the flurry of Executive Orders, including the Big News that he will honor his campaign promise and close Guantanamo Bay Prison within a year. Look closely at the details. IN order to close the facility and relocate all those held, he must first find out where to send them and how they will be dealt with. Another executive order directs a commission be formed to determine exactly how this will be accomplished.  So, in fact, his executive order merely restates his campaign promise, with no concrete plan of action to achieve it.  “Don’t look at the man behind the curtain…I am the Great and Powerful Obama!”  The media watch needs some  attack dogs, to pull aside the curtain, and expose the side show barker. Unfortunately most of the media are lap dogs, not even up to the daring of  Dorothy’s little dog Toto.  We have to continue to work to expose this fraud, and perhaps hold their feet to the fire. Mr. Obama will be our President, at least four years. He should be held to account, and perhaps then can actually achieve some of the Hope and Change his believers are so certain he can bring us.

As always

Keep The Faith!


Ted, I thank you for your comments below. Let’s address them a bit here. The whole issue of Barack Obama’s citizenship has been put to rest. Here is a pretty good analysis of the entire issue.

If we allow ourselves to become distracted by side issues we will never be able to focus on those things of real importance. Obama won because the alternative party simply offered nothing of any value to the American people. Mccain offered much of the same socialism, but with less charisma and at a slower pace. This, unfortunately, has been the hallmark of the republicans for many years.  They offer the same interventionist policies, only just a bit smaller. The Republicans lost. They will continue to do so until one of two things happen:

First, they wake up grow a spine and some courage and retake their legacy of leadership and small government. OR

Secong, they fade out as the Whigs and the Democratic Republicans before them did, and they are replaced by a new party.

As to the issue of the oath of office, many people much smarter than I have put that to rest. The oath itself is a formality, the power changes from one president to the other at noon on the 20th by constitutional provision. If we want to return to basic constitutional principles, we must not get bogged down in minutia. We must hold LOCAL elected officials to account, and begin working from the ground up. I appreciate your passion, and hope you will continue to work to right the country.

The Rev.

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Obama and his Cabinet problems

Posted by revkharma on January 22, 2009

This will take more time, but I felt I needed to at least touch on something. Take a look at what has happened to the Man who would bring us Change.  Three of the most critical Cabinet appointees have been marked with a hint of corruption.  The newly approved Secretary of State, Ms. Clinton is tied to a colossus of cronyism and influence peddling. Her husband’s various speeches and foundation gifts are a web of foreign and corporate payoffs that will take years to unravel.

Treasury Secretary designate Timothy Geithner failed to pay his taxes while an employee of the IMF. He has begged forgiveness, blubbering that he simply goofed while preparing his own taxes. Two big problems with that. First: he will be head of the department responsible for the IRS, and therefore the tax code. Is he saying that the department he will oversee is too complicated for him to understand? On this alone he should be rejected.  Second: He was paid by the IMF each year, and signed a statement acknowledging receipt of payment to subsidize the taxes he never paid. So, he stated in writing, each year, that he was aware he was required to make those tax payments. He can not now declare he simply “did not know” he should pay them.

Eric Holder, Attorney General designate is tied to several problems, from ordering the raid on Elian Gonzalez to using backdoor, secretive processes to issue a pardon to a fugitive millionaire whose family was donating millions to then President Bill Clinton’s foundation.  He also championed clemency for FALN terrorists, an attempt to gain political traction for Mrs Clinton’s race for the NY Senate seat. None of the convicted bombers in question had even asked for pardons, and none ever has shown anything close to remorse for their terrorist campaign.

Add to those the withdrawal of Bill Richardson from his appointment due to a federal grand jury investigation, and we see a pattern of entirely lax background checks. Either Obama failed to vet these appointments, or he believes that he is exempt from the normal standards.

Either case is troubling. We are in for a very rough ride!

As Always,

Keep the Faith

The Rev

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We should Unite to Support The New Administration

Posted by revkharma on January 21, 2009

As the election results came in, many from the campaign of President Obama were quick to call for America to rally behind the incoming president.  Fom all parts of the political spectrum came endorsements. Lame duck President Bush did his best to smooth the transition. Even the loudmouth blowhard socialist Michael Moore brayed that we should take the opportunity to move forward in unity. I wrote a little about this in an  earlier post. ( here)

I am an American. I am proud to support the constitution and laws that have built this great republic. The transfer of power we witnessed yesterday is almost a reflex, not a big deal in the USA.  Many other nations still can only wonder at the beauty and elegance. We had one party with diametrically opposed views to the incumbent administration. The election results showed them to have won, and there was no violence, no need for military intervention. George W. Bush shook hands with his successor and flew to his home for a life out of the spotlight. This is wonderful

The democrat party has called for unity. Mr. Obama wishes all of America to join him on his path to change. This is a laudible goal.

During the inaugural festivities, there were still some dischordant notes.  A group of ‘tolerant democrats, who only want change’ began to taunt the outgoing president, displaying the class their party is becoming famous for.

And then, there was the ‘invocation’ given by Reverend Joseph Lowery:


“We ask you to help us work for that day when black will not be asked to get in back, when brown can stick around…”

There was laughter from the enormous crowd. The 87-year-old civil rights pioneer continued:

“When yellow will be mellow, when the red man can get ahead, man; and when white will embrace what is right. That all those who do justice and love mercy say Amen.”


If they and he actually are sincere, then why is something like this posted on the official Whitehouse web site?


President Obama will keep the broken promises made by President Bush to rebuild New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. He and Vice President Biden will take steps to ensure that the federal government will never again allow such catastrophic failures in emergency planning and response to occur.

President Obama swiftly responded to Hurricane Katrina. Citing the Bush Administration’s “unconscionable ineptitude” in responding to Hurricane Katrina, then-Senator Obama introduced legislation requiring disaster planners to take into account the specific needs of low-income hurricane victims. Obama visited thousands of Hurricane survivors in the Houston Convention Center and later took three more trips to the region. He worked with members of the Congressional Black Caucus to introduce legislation to address the immediate income, employment, business, and housing needs of Gulf Coast communities.

President Barack Obama will partner with the people of the Gulf Coast to rebuild now, stronger than ever.

I submit to you that this is NOT the sign of an administration intent on cooperation and reconciliation.

Mr. Obama— President Obama, you are in office only one day, this is the first full day of your administration and you have shown yourself to be petty, mean spirited and bent on fixing blame and living in the past. I thought we were moving forward. I thought we were ready for Change. I thought we were “the change we have been waiting for”

This is not change, this certainly does not engender hope. 

Sadly, but clearly not surprisingly, in a matter of hours, Barack Hussein Obama has shown his roots lie deep in the past, with the corrupt, and vindicative members of his democrat party. President Obama did not wait even one day to use the Office of the President to make a needless, classless and vindictive swipe at his predecessor in office.

How very disappointing. Unfortunately, I am sure this will not be the last, nor even the worst of disappointments served to the American people while this snake oil salesman holds the reigns of power. 

Americans will need to work dilligently and tirelessly for our Repulic to survive this administration and the “Change” they seek to foist upon us.

Once again, I repeat a question:

What will happen when Atlas shrugs?

As always,

Keep the Faith

The Rev

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Good Bye to W

Posted by revkharma on January 20, 2009

At the end of High Noon, Gary Cooper’s character, Will Kane has just completed his sworn duty, and Frank Miller and his gang lie dead after a gun blazing shoot out in town. Kane puts his wife into his wagon, and takes his sheriff badge, looks at it and tosses it into the dirt. He climbs onto the wagon,and rides out of the town. You can see this film off and on on any of several cable channels. Some of the parallels are striking. A dangerous criminal, one everyone thought was gone for good is returning, sworn to avenge himself against the town that punished him. The sheriff asks for help, and at first many say they will. Others are skeptical, eventually not only refusing to help, but blaming Kane for the problems.  They mock him and tell him he’s stupid to even think of doing this. If he would just go away, they say, Miller and his gang would ignore the town, and everyone would be safe. Kane saw the danger, and with the small help he could muster takes on and defeats the Miller gang. There are many similarities to the last eight years, and certainly many glaring differences.

Mr. Bush chose the difficult path of law and order, deciding to stop the ‘bad guys’  rather than surrender to chaos. He accepted the derision and contempt of the towns residents, and fought the battle despite others unwillingness to help.  President Bush similarly made a choice, and saw it through. Despite setbacks, resistance and outright hatred by erstwhile allies, Baghdad is now closer to freedom than any other middle east country, with the exception of Israel. Afghanistan, while still in peril, is not gripped by the fanatics of the Taliban. Al Qaida, while still present, is a shadow of it’s former malevolent shadow government.

The signal achievement of the Bush years has been security. We have NOT been attacked since then, and have rolled back some of the danger. Certainly not all is clear. We are safer, but we are not safe.

All that aside, G.W. Bush’s presidency has seen an unprecedented expansion of the government, and greater and more powerful intrusion than just about anyone since FDR.  His response to an economic downturn would make a New Dealer blush. His classic and underreported quote: ‘I abandoned free market principles to save the free market” displays his disatrous reliance on Big Government instead of liberty. GW’s early cries of ” I’m a compassionate Conservative” should have been a signal.  That term has proven to mean a government believer who uses HIS philosophy instead of a humanist philosophy. Any justification to expand the reach and scope of government is a wrong headed one. Under his stewardship our deficits have grown, our debt has exploded, and rather than look to trust the people, he has given more and more power to commissions, cabinet departments and federal agencies.

Mr. Bush has justified much of his security policies,[rightly so] on the foundation of preventing another major attack. Unfortunately, he has sought to make these permanant. Such powers should be fleeting, used only during emergencies. Mr. Bush has shown good intent, and sound judgement. We cannot be certain his replacements in the Oval Office will have the same character.

Internationally, while he started well, rejecting the Kyoto Protocols, GWB continued to embrace an internationalist, globalist policy that will only continue to degrade American independance.

On the whole I think George W. Bush is a good and decent man. He took office during a time of great turmoil, and faced strains and attacks from foreign enemies, and domestic idiots. He fared well, but failed  in many ways. In a sense, George W. Bush is the quintessential American Tragic Hero. He succeded greatly and failed greatly at the same time

Mr. Bush has earned a well deserved retirement.

With all that in mind, I salute him

GW, Thank you for keeping us safer. Thank you for the good you did. thank you for enduring the assaults from the lunatic left without losing your sense of dignity and your decency.

Now go home.

Good Riddance!


As Always,

Keep the Faith

The Rev.

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Obama calls for Revolution

Posted by revkharma on January 18, 2009

Preparing to board a train for his ride to the nation’s capital, Obama said that “what’s required is a new declaration of independence — from ideology and small thinking.” –President Elect Obama in Philadelphia

The all wonderful Mr.Obama gave a speech in Philadelphia. He invoked the founders, and called upon Americans to exhibit courage, specifically the courage of the Founders.

As he takes office, we find a federal budget with a deficit which has grown to incredible proportions. Mr. Obama is poised to roughly double it with his ‘recovery plan’. The smoke and mirrors he employs would impress the best of stage magicians. Hidden behind all the obfuscation is one central theme: Expand the scope, size and reach of the Federal Government in D.C.

His choices for various cabinet posts display a staggering penchant for expansive powers of government, and show his plans to bring the power of Washington to bear in more and more intrusive ways than anyone since Woodrow Wilson ever dreamt of. Look to Tom Daschle, as HHS secretary, whose stiletto politics will drive a new push to nationalize healthcare. Eric Holder as attorney General brings a new level of corruption to the post. His handling of Bill Clinton’s last minute pardons , including FALN terrorists who never even requested them shows his subversion of justice to political ends. Mr. Obama’s choice for the EPA has long ties to extremist leftist organizations. John Holdren, the presidents Science adviser is an ally of Paul Ehrlich, of ‘population bomb’ fame, and various other discredited scientific frauds.

The permanent campaign has now added a new and chilling extension. Obama’s vast fund raising machinery has continued an unprecedented fund raising operation even after the conclusion of the election. The mystery is gradually being resolved, and it is not a heartwarming situation. Team Obama is devising what is, in effect, their own political party. The monies raised will go exclusively to a significant staff of permanent political operatives who will engage immediately in preparing for the next election cycle. Most interesting of all is the formation of a ‘service organization’ funded directly by Obama’s political campaign funds, through private donations.

In what would be another unprecedented step, Obama’s political staff is deciding whether to create a service organization that would use the vast corps of its grass-roots campaign supporters. As described by one source knowledgeable with the discussions, this nonprofit arm would be used to help victims of natural disasters, but would do so under the Obama umbrella while continuing to build the overall network’s massive e-mail database.

The prospect of a president being able to guide a service or relief agency outside the framework of his government is a unique development

Of course, this will always be devoted to the most high minded of causes. I do feel like I need to ask one question though: ” What color shirts will they wear?”  Brown or Black?

Obama’s speech in Philadelphia, made while fawning media compared him to Abraham Lincoln was headlined this way:

Obama: Americans must emulate courage of founders 

He elaborated  with some wonderful tidbits:

President-elect Barack Obama is calling on Americans to live up to the courage and sacrifice of the country’s founders as they strive to redeem the promise of freedom.

Even better is this :

Obama said that “what’s required is a new declaration of independence — from ideology and small thinking.

So, in answer to our next President’s call for us to model our behavior, and exhibit the courage of the Founders, I offer the following pledge as a way of following his suggestion. I assure you, this is not “Small Thinking”.  A few minor changes and it applies even today!

[My sincere apologies to the author of the original!]

 Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.

We, therefore, the Representatives of the united States of America, in General Congress, Assembled, appealing to the Supreme Judge of the world for the rectitude of our intentions, do, in the Name, and by Authority of the good People of these Colonies,[States] solemnly publish and declare, That these united Colonies  [States]are, and of Right ought to be Free and Independent States, that they are Absolved from all Allegiance to the British Crown,[DC Government] and that all political connection between them and the State of Great Britain,[DC Government] is and ought to be totally dissolved; and that as Free and Independent States, they have full Power to levy War, conclude Peace, contract Alliances, establish Commerce, and to do all other Acts and Things which Independent States may of right do. — And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor.

 This is the courage of the Founders. Mr. Obama would do well to use caution in his wishes and instructions to the People of America. He may find he gets more than he anticipates!
As Always,
Keep the Faith!
The Rev!
You can have peace. Or you can have freedom. Don’t ever count on having both at once. 
R.A. Heinlein

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Concealed Carry in National Parks: The Battle for Freedom Begins

Posted by revkharma on January 3, 2009

Among the steaming piles of dung left behind by the outgoing Bush administration is at least one hidden gem. As of January 2009, the Interior department has lifted previous restrictions on carrying loaded, concealed weapons on Federal Park lands. pursuant to the laws of the state within which the park is situated,  valid permit holders may now continue to exercise their Second amendment rights.

Naturally this has caused much of the media to go into convulsions and hissy fits of outrage. A quick search on line reveals the same boilerplate  is being used by newspapers across the country in support of a lawsuit by The Brady Bunch to force the government to reinstate the ban. And horror of horrors, this regulation will take effect before Obama is in office, so he won’t be able to fix it ahead of time.

As anyone who has done any research can find, the liberalized issue of carry permits, particularly with  ‘shall issue’ language is almost always accompanied by a reduction in violent personal crime. John Lott has done most of the heavy lifting, and continues to support the issue with facts refuting hysteria. Lott’s original work was done at the University of Chicago School of Law. He demolished the preconceived notions of the anti gun crowd with carefully researched facts and demonstrated the increased safety in each county where  ‘Shall issue’ regulations permitted more citizens to carry concealed weapons.

Additionally, several studies have provided evidence that concealed carry permits are far and away the most cost effective method of deterring crime.

Of all the methods studied by economists, the carrying of concealed handguns is by far the most cost-effective method for reducing crime. Each and every concealed handgun permit issued reduces total economic losses to crime victims by $3,000 – $5,000.

As for the simplistic argument now being put forward, that allowing permit holders to carry in Federal Park lands  will increase violent crimes, that was dealt with over and over. In Texas there was a comprehensive study which showed the actual statistics.


  • Licensees were 14 times less likely to be arrested for nonviolent offenses than the general public – 386 per 100,000 population versus 5,212 per 100,000. 
  • Further, the general public is 1.4 times more likely to be arrested for murder than licensees [see Figure I], and no licensee had been arrested for negligent manslaughter.

Folks, right here we can see the battle lines forming. the Great O has not even taken office yet, and his loyal followers are baying for him to restrict freedoms even before he occupies the Oval Office. Those of us who love Freedom need to beware and be prepared for the fight which is being prepared for us.

Make no mistake: This will not be a simple switch from R to D behind the incumbent’s name in the White House.  Obama handed out many IOU’s during his campaign.  The holders of those notes are certainly not aligned with the Founders’ views of the Constitution, nor of the very nature of our Republic.  The battle will begin to reshape us from a Constitutional Republic, founded on the rule of Law, into a ‘Democracy” based on PR and mob rule.

Each and every pillar supporting our nation will come under attack. The Second Amendment  will be one of the major focuses.

Be prepared, be willing, be strong. The fight starts  Jan 20, 2009

As Always

Keep The Faith!

The Rev.

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