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Concealed Carry in National Parks: The Battle for Freedom Begins

Posted by revkharma on January 3, 2009

Among the steaming piles of dung left behind by the outgoing Bush administration is at least one hidden gem. As of January 2009, the Interior department has lifted previous restrictions on carrying loaded, concealed weapons on Federal Park lands. pursuant to the laws of the state within which the park is situated,  valid permit holders may now continue to exercise their Second amendment rights.

Naturally this has caused much of the media to go into convulsions and hissy fits of outrage. A quick search on line reveals the same boilerplate  is being used by newspapers across the country in support of a lawsuit by The Brady Bunch to force the government to reinstate the ban. And horror of horrors, this regulation will take effect before Obama is in office, so he won’t be able to fix it ahead of time.

As anyone who has done any research can find, the liberalized issue of carry permits, particularly with  ‘shall issue’ language is almost always accompanied by a reduction in violent personal crime. John Lott has done most of the heavy lifting, and continues to support the issue with facts refuting hysteria. Lott’s original work was done at the University of Chicago School of Law. He demolished the preconceived notions of the anti gun crowd with carefully researched facts and demonstrated the increased safety in each county where  ‘Shall issue’ regulations permitted more citizens to carry concealed weapons.

Additionally, several studies have provided evidence that concealed carry permits are far and away the most cost effective method of deterring crime.

Of all the methods studied by economists, the carrying of concealed handguns is by far the most cost-effective method for reducing crime. Each and every concealed handgun permit issued reduces total economic losses to crime victims by $3,000 – $5,000.

As for the simplistic argument now being put forward, that allowing permit holders to carry in Federal Park lands  will increase violent crimes, that was dealt with over and over. In Texas there was a comprehensive study which showed the actual statistics.


  • Licensees were 14 times less likely to be arrested for nonviolent offenses than the general public – 386 per 100,000 population versus 5,212 per 100,000. 
  • Further, the general public is 1.4 times more likely to be arrested for murder than licensees [see Figure I], and no licensee had been arrested for negligent manslaughter.

Folks, right here we can see the battle lines forming. the Great O has not even taken office yet, and his loyal followers are baying for him to restrict freedoms even before he occupies the Oval Office. Those of us who love Freedom need to beware and be prepared for the fight which is being prepared for us.

Make no mistake: This will not be a simple switch from R to D behind the incumbent’s name in the White House.  Obama handed out many IOU’s during his campaign.  The holders of those notes are certainly not aligned with the Founders’ views of the Constitution, nor of the very nature of our Republic.  The battle will begin to reshape us from a Constitutional Republic, founded on the rule of Law, into a ‘Democracy” based on PR and mob rule.

Each and every pillar supporting our nation will come under attack. The Second Amendment  will be one of the major focuses.

Be prepared, be willing, be strong. The fight starts  Jan 20, 2009

As Always

Keep The Faith!

The Rev.


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