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The Battle in New York

Posted by revkharma on January 23, 2009

So, after Princess Caroline withdrew from her endowed chair in the Senate, the Governor of NY made his appointment. He named Kristen Gillebrand to take the NY Senate seat vacated by Hillary Clinton. The political calculus is clear, she is from upstate, and will balance the ticket.  She is new and will not pose any threat to Charles Schumer, the senior senator from NY, and one of the biggest egos currently in Washington,DC.

Immediately upon her appointment, Carolyn Mccarthy a state representative from Long Island, went ballistic. Seems she is upset because Ms. Gillebrand has received a rating of “A” from the NRA. Ms Maloney’s sole reason for entering politics has been to advance laws which will restrict Americans rights under the Second Amendment. Anyone who believes that government should be bound by the Constitution is a target of her rage. So, now she has announced she intents to challenge Gillebrand  for the US Senate seat when a special election must be called in two years.  

How Dare She! How could this woman, a Democrat, run for office and actually act upon the wishes of her constituents, and accept the United States Constitution as her guide?  

Here’s the pitch ladies and gentlemen: I have said before that the key is NOT which animal suit a politician dresses in to go to work. The important thing is how they behave in office.  Is the Constitution the guide and goal of all legislation?  If so, then support that person. I for one am going to do what I can to support Kristen Gillebrand in her pursuit of maintaining Second Ammendment rights for all Americans.

As Always

Keep the Faith!

The Rev.


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