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Ethics and Obama simply don’t mix

Posted by revkharma on January 31, 2009

During the campaign, Obama was frequently criticized for what was charitably called a ‘thin resume’. He often spoke of  ethics, and referred to ethics legislation achievements as proof of his seriousness and accomplishments.  He noted it on his campaign website.  The New York Times even claimed that the great and powerful Obama was responsible for the eventual impeachment of  the now infamous Blagojevich. In a January 2007 op ed in the Washington Post, he even brayed that a new ethics was needed in Washington.

How is it, then that his pick for the Treasury Secretary failed to pay his taxes, despite repeated written instructions, which he signed, informing him that he did in fact, owe such taxes? How is it that his nominee for HHS secretary is now also reported to have dodged more than $100,000 in taxes?  How is it that his attorney general apparently did an end run around standard Justice Department protocol to have then President Clinton pardon Marc Rich? Or that he pressed for, and had Clinton sign clemency for FALN terrorists, who not only never requested it, but openly stated their intent to return to their ‘struggle’?

No, once again, the Great and Powerful Obama has shown he is merely the small man behind the curtain. A deceitful, corrupt politician, who climbed his way through the slimy swamp of the  Chicago political machine. His push for ‘bipartisanship’ is merely an attempt for a fig leaf to cover the massive and ultimately corrupt payoff to liberal interest groups that paid for him to move into the Whitehouse.

We are in for a rough ride during this presidency.

As Always..

Keep the Faith!

The Rev


One Response to “Ethics and Obama simply don’t mix”

  1. davidlemon said

    I’m right with you on this. And how about his no lobbyists in the administration policy? Meaningless.

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