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Another Dangerous Confirmation

Posted by revkharma on February 2, 2009

It looks like the Senate will move today to confirm Eric Holder as Attorney General of The United States of America. Among the wonderful accomplishments on his resume is obtaining clemency for FALN bombers, reportedly to lock in votes for Hillary Clinton in her run for the NY senate. It seems that not a single one of those granted such clemency had asked for it, nor planned to renounce their organization or it’s activities.

All that is in addition to his ramming through the pardon of fugitive Marc Rich. He has repeatedly denied during his confirmation hearings that he knew the scope and breadth of Mr. Rich’s offenses, but  Andy McCarthy of National Review has shown clearly that is simply not true. Now, he is not only shown to be a political hack, doing the work of the highest bidder, but apparently he is also dishonest with the Senate. No matter. They will all show wonderful bipartisanship, and appoint this dangerous man to one of the most crucial offices in government.

I urge everyone to contact your US Senators and voice your displeasure with this man, and with his appointment. Follow up. If and when this goes through, check to see how YOUR senator voted. Hold these political animals to account for their actions.

The signs are clear, and continue to accumulate. Obama is making good on his pre-election signals. He is working to radically remake the government, and there are very few obstacles to his agenda.  We are in a dangerous time.

As always,

Keep the Faith

The Rev


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