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The Children in Congress

Posted by revkharma on February 4, 2009

Today the House of Representatives has once again passed a bill, expanding “health care for children”. When the politicians want something done, which will entail confiscating money and extending the power of the government further into private lives, the last resort is to urge it be done ‘because of the Children”. So, the SCHIP bill, loaded down, as most house bills are, with extraneous junk was passed once again. In order to pass this lie off as a  ‘children’s health bill’ the definition of child has been extended, in some cases as far as age 25. To pretend that it is designed to help the ‘poorest of the poor’ while permitting those making, in some areas 400% of the poverty level to enroll, is  dishonest by even the low standards of House politics.   Nancy Pelosi, the hag from San  Fran was more blatantly ridiculous than even her usually low standards. Today she took to the House floor and said:

“Today, the ‘Children’s Hour’ has come to pass. With the bipartisan vote of this House, and the signature of the new President of the United States, we will provide health care to 11 million children in America.”

I think she was inadvertently more accurate than she intended to be. The members of the House Chamber are acting as children. There are very few adult minds functioning in that historic meeting place. They are pretending to ‘invest in our future’ with ‘stimulus bills” that not only confiscate current income from Americans, but will also mortgage the income of generations of Americans not yet born. We have now moved from spending Billions of Dollars as if it was pocket change, to proposing TRILLION dollar spending, and demanding that there be no inspection, no analysis, no accountability because they have determined ( with the help of the Great and Powerful Obama) that , well, they want it and they want it now!. Anyone who questions her is ‘mean spirited’ and should just shut up. ( Do you hear that Rush Limbaugh, and all you other meanies on the radio!)

We have moved from an age of great and insightful minds who founded this Republic, risking and sacrificing everything they had. We have replaced it with an age of perpetual children who have a tantrum if they do not get their way all the time. The Baby Boomers are simply that, Babies.  The problem is, it is the rest of us who will have to clean up their diapers when they move on!

As always

Keep the Faith!

The Rev


One Response to “The Children in Congress”

  1. James said

    Should’nt we be thanking Dr. Spock for this generation of leaders?

    I posted some thoughts on the National Prayer Breakfast on my blog. I would appreciate your comments (if any) there.

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