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**** Legislative Alert****

Posted by revkharma on February 7, 2009

I have not got the time to explore this in depth right now, but need to call attention to a bill which has been introduced into the House. the bill is entitled “Blair Holt’s Firearm Licensing and Record of Sale Act of 2009 ‘. Supposedly named in memory of a child killed by gunfire while riding in his school bus. As soon as politicians use a child as cover, you can be certain there is some nefarious purpose to their bill.

HR 45 is an attempt to mandate, among other things, federal licensing and registration of ALL firearms. You can read the text HERE.

Such licensing is a first step to confiscation. Please read this, contact your legislators and voice your opinion.

When I have time, I’ll write more on this.

Keep the Faith

The Rev


2 Responses to “**** Legislative Alert****”

  1. James said

    If men lived by the Ten Commandments, we would not worry about these things (see #6: “Thou Shall Not Kill”). Oh, that’s right (slaps forehead)! The Ten Commandments were removed, so we had to come up with our own . . . what was I thinking?!

    Matthew 5:21-26 and 1 John 3:15 show the problem is more than guns.

    Oh how man must repent of lawlessness.

  2. revkharma said

    Always, always you call me to Godliness, and always, always I fall short.
    The world needs more of you and less of me.
    However, I have read the intent of #6 was more of murder than killing.
    Else, various precepts involving execution and war would also be rendered meaningless. As always, you are thought provoking

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