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The Mask Slips Just A Little

Posted by revkharma on February 12, 2009

Yesterday, I was  driving home from some errands. Radio playing, “O’reilimbannity” starting.  You all know what I mean. The radio broadcasts of those fast talking, self promoting ‘conservative Icons’. Don’t get me wrong; each and every one of them has good and bad points. And at the very least, they offer some slight alternative to the major media complex. But for most of the last eight years the programs had become merely a megaphone for the Elephant party, with some notable exceptions. Lately the big three have tended to make more of a self love fest. Each trying to outdo the others in claiming the mantle of ‘original conservative” and not beholden to the Bush establishment. Each tries to claim the mantle of the founders, or at least of Ronald Reagan, now enshrined as a demi-god of conservatism, and a totem for them to hold up for worship and admiration.

The ole blowhard Rush kicked things off, and  I came in mid stream, with him in full Righteous Anger Mode.
I’m paraphrasing here, but here was his rant. The mask has slipped, and his true face shows. Limbaugh is NOT the ‘Rock Ribbed, Conservative Stalwart, devout follower of the Founders. He is now speaking openly of simply using power for his ideas. His anger has shown his true colors, and he is just another politico, looking to bend and shape government toward his goals, as opposed to the ‘other guys’.

I’m paraphrasing here, but here,in essence was his rant:
Those left wing nuts have done so much, they have used government and the law to destroy America, to bastardize America. Well, let me tell you, they will not hold power forever. We will take it back, and when we do…
We will use government against them. They want to censor us? We will censor THEM! They have made government bit, and we will keep it that way and do to them exactly what they have done. We use the government to crush the unions! We will use the power of government to shut THEM down. We will seek out…. Soros, yeah, people like Soros, so America can see who funded this.

We will use the big government they have built, and use it against them.
Anger, and fury, and guess what follows?
Replace one fascist state with another. Who CARES if an oppressive government is run by ‘their guys’ or our guys’?
In either case, he is talking about an oppressive State, amassing and misusing the power of government to achieve political, partisan, self interested aims, rather than to follow the principles of the Constitution.

Someone who revers the principles of the Founders, who looks to the ideas of the Constitution would have a natural repugnance to ‘using the tools of big government to squash them’. Being faithful to the founders would envision something entirely different. How about this:

Take back the power from those who now defile the nation. Once you place your hands on the levers of power, begin the deconstruction of the Leviathan which has been imposed on the United States. Eliminate DC power and devolve authority back to the States. Embrace principles of subsidiarity and abandon the bloated, life sucking welfare state. Withdraw from the dreams of empire and return the nation to it’s bedrock ideals and allow Liberty to flourish once again. The last time we had a leader capable of such visionary thinking the great George Washington refused to become a king, and stepped away from the Presidency, returning to his private life. The mirror image is now in DC, with sycophants introducing legislation to repeal the Twenty Second amendment.

Listening to all this brings me inevitably toward a devastating conclusion.I am sick thinking of this, but it is the logical result.  The fat, bloated carcass is only moving because the maggots are devouring the meat below the skin. The Republic is dead.
I propose a funeral, and memorial service.
Then, it will be time toprepare for the maelstrom  as the vacuum sucks what is left into the cyclone of destruction which shall follow!

Unless somehow some miracle brings a restoration of sense and humilitty to DC, there really is no chance that the Constitutional form of government which has held us together for more than two hundred years can survive.  Dictatorships are rarely imposed from outside forces. The people usually willingly surrender soverignty and cheer the installation of the despots. Look at Cuba in 1959. People lined the streets cheering Castro as he moved into Havana after Batista and his crooks fled. By the time the Cuban people realized just what evil they had invited in for lunch, Castro had installed the machinery of death far more ruthlessly than anyting Batista dreamed of. Fifty years later most of the university ‘intelligentsia’ ,and the  hollywood royalty, with their empty heads filled with in the liberal media’s version of history still swoon at Fidel and his myth.

Now we have the equivalant. Women lean in to the Great and Powerful Obama at ‘Town hall meetings’ and mouth  ” I love you Barack” and swoon like bobbysoxers at a Frank Sinatra concert.

We are not far from the end . If you value Liberty, be prepared to defend it.

Keep the Faith!

The Rev.


2 Responses to “The Mask Slips Just A Little”

  1. James said

    Your last line reminds me of a quote, “Be known for what you stand for, not for what you are against!”

    Oh, I feel a sermon coming on . . .

  2. DeaconKharmaFuture1 said

    Bring on the sermon Brother James! 🙂
    Sometimes we get lost in what we are against, we spend so long fighting it, we become that which we despise. But then thats what you said. 😉
    We need a return to the Republic, not a constant changing hands of just parties that stand for nothing but making sure which BRAND is in charge. The republicans and democrats have long failed us, but are so entrenched, like a tick, it’s going to take a hot needle to remove them. It’s frustrating to listen to them try to sell their brand when the brands look so much alike. Sure is cute and almost comical how each side tries to say they’re for lowering taxes and helping the little guy but then both, for example, want to drive up energy costs with carbon caps. Cap and trade, then drives up cost of production, and thus the cost is passed to whom? THE LITTLE GUYS. Yeah, they care about you. We had Cap and Trade OR… Cap and Trade, to choose from this past election, just to make my point of “no choice just a BRAND”.

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