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Congo town proves personal defense is a personal responsibility

Posted by deaconkharmafuture1 on February 13, 2009

{from The Deacon}

 I have been on other projects and efforts but I had to make a brief return from obscurity to draw attention to this tidbit. ”  Congo town mounts own defense against rebels.” I actually got a little welled up at this (from mixed anger and pride) today when I read it. A people left to die horribly, by those professing to have their interest at heart, prevailed and really thumbed their noses at these effete snobs. UN “aide workers” and “security forces”, both who provided nothing their names would indicate, were said to be, quote watching the phenomenon with trepidation.” (Notice I highlighted “watching”) Further, they said that they quote  “fear these self-defense groups could transform into a menacing force”. I have a significant and rare level of distaste for these indescribable elitists that think they know better what you need, want, or deserve,. The villagers, however, said “we deserve life and will live, regardless of your uninvolved and useless opinion”. Today, they are alive but would not be, were they still awaiting those who were “watching with trepidation”. Once again, people taking care of their own, is shown with glaring certitude to be more feasible than any police-force or peace-keeping force. Once again, it proves what we and our Founding Fathers knew all along. The right of a people to defend themselves is God given. Furthermore, no man should ever deem themselves wise enough to question or hold in contempt those rights granted by God. It proves to those who claim to be defenders of life and freedom, that the only ones who can be guaranteed to be there when the situation dictates, are the ones already there. I hope we all can learn something from the Congo. From the Warsaw Ghetto, the African Congo, or the American colonies, we see time and again that a people determined to resist can make a difference. Had the UN, The Nazi’s, or the Crown had their way, these groups would all have been disarmed for their convenient destruction. I hope we remember this, the next time someone comes for our rights. I fear it will be sooner than we think. And to the brave people of the Congo: I am so proud of a people who, told by both sides to lie down and die like cattle, said to both, “no”.

Quoted text credited to the article by MICHELLE FAUL, Associated Press Writer



Yet another region shows that armed citizenry can protect itself. Flying in the face of this is the constant disarmament attempts by UN and other officials. You must, if any logic is within you, begin to ask why do they REALLY so want to disarm people. Why, when time and again and well over the number of sensasionalized bad occurances, firearms are used for good.

Excerpt is from the link below,2933,520947,00.html

—Thursday, May 21, 2009 
Print ISLAMABAD —  Armed residents repelled an attempt by Taliban militants to expand their reach in Pakistan’s Swat Valley as foreign aid for refugees fleeing an army offensive in the northwestern region passed $200 million, officials said.

The attempted infiltration in Kalam indicated insurgents are feeling pinched by an army offensive and are seeking new shelter, while the local resistance suggested growing public confidence in an anti-Taliban operation supported by the United States.

Fifty Taliban fighters tried to enter Kalam, but that residents gathered quickly Wednesday to fight them off, Deputy Mayor Shamshad Haqqai told The Associated Press. Residents of Kalam captured eight militants during a shootout and were expecting another attack, Haqqai said.
We will not allow Taliban to come here,” he said. Kalam, a town in the far north of the valley, has about 50,000 residents and has so far remained beyond Taliban control.—

I wonder if the UN was watching this one (much like the congo town that defended itself) “with trepidation” too?

Once again, chalk one up to folks defending their homes and having the means to do so.



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