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Does Anyone Know the Name?

Posted by revkharma on February 14, 2009

For a while I have been discussing some of the intended ‘Change’to be imposed upon us by The Great and Powerful Obama, and his acolytes. One of the themes that has hit me on a recurring basis is a comparison of the rise of Obama and the rise of Mussolini and fascist Italy in the 1930’s. Some have disagreed, others have merely dismissed me as ‘over the top’ and a fanatic.  Often in the media he is (laughably) described as a ‘centrist’ Democrat. Those who are willing to use a term frequently refer to him as ‘socialist’. Many Republicans, and others opposed to him scream that he is ‘socializing’ a huge chunk of the economy. Technically this is not correct. Socialism would involve outright government confiscation of business and private property. He’s not doing that.

I still circle back, and look to Mussolini. Charming, popular, charismatic. He and Obama both had single minded desire to power, and compliant press to aid them. But I am crazy, I’m told. Everyone knows Fascists are evil right wingers.

Still, I can’t shake the comparison. Similar times, similar economic ‘crisis’, a charismatic leader who moves to power claiming the ability to lead his people out of trouble, if only they will put their faith in him.

Much of his early acclaim was due to jobs programs, meant to reduce nation wide unemployment. He set up make work programs, and provided ‘infrastructure’ programs to rebuild Italy.

His government  allowed private property, and business, however control of much of the private sector was directed by the government if Il Duce.  His government also used wage and price controls. ( is any of this sounding remotely familiar?)

During his time, government condemned and censored opponents, controlling education and media to portray him and his policies in the best possible light.   The more you dig, the more of the roots of Obamania is visible. We could go back, and substitute Obama and the Democrat party in place of Mussolini and the Fascist party, and scarcely see any difference. I am not alone here either.   Michael Ledeen has an essay much  scholarly and in depth than mine over at Pajamas mediaHe calls out the word Fascist and wonders why no one else is even thinking of saying it.

Pay attention folks. As The great and Powerful Obama  sees greater and scarier crises to deal with we will continue to lose liberty and rights. We are standing around, arguing procedural rules while The Republic is being transformed into a Fascist State. That’s the real name for what he’s proposing, and Pelosi and Reid are supporting. Please, spare me the cries. I know Hitler and the Nazis, Bush and the Republicans– they were the fascists, right? Go here and read Jonah Goldberg’s blog. Read his book “Liberal Fascism

There is only one way to protect your liberty. Be prepared to defend it in any way necessary. Speak out, shout, write about it. Don’t let the media get lazy, don’t permit your representatives to hide from the truth and from your anger. Do SOMETHING or you will be left with nothing!

Keep the Faith

The Rev


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