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While We Weren’t Looking

Posted by revkharma on February 14, 2009

Last night the US Congress completed a theft. The House passed the ‘conference bill” to spend a trillion dollars. Later, abetted by three RINO senators, the Senate also ratified the “stimulus bill”

Make no mistake, this is clearly one of the the single largest transfer of wealth in history. The numbers are staggering. Not only in real dollar terms, but in the portion of the economy affected. FDR’s New Deal programs, the previous record holder for single time theft effectively allocated approximately 2% of GDP toward government directed economic policies. This monstrosity corrals and controls about 5% of GDP. This is in a single spending bill!

The unprecedented scope of this is simply breathtaking. With no oversight, no input from others, no controls Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and The Great and Powerful Obama have rammed a massive takeover of economic activity in a matter of weeks. No matter if we want it or not, we are in for Change.  There is a significant chance this will only accelerate the collapse of the US economy. ( Hell even Biden offered his assessment that “best case we are expecting a 30% chance we got all of this wrong!)

More and more I do believe we need to prepare for the worst!


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