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Another One Surrenders?

Posted by revkharma on February 16, 2009

When Senator Clinton accepted the post as Secretary of State for the Great and Powerful Obama, there was a long, drawn out drama in New York to find her replacement. After dancing with a Trust fund baby, and another Dynasty child, the Governor of NY made a relatively sane choice, selecting Kristin Gillibrand, from Upstate NY. She immediately angered some as she has a solid reputation as being a defender of the Second Amendment.   She drew  full blast anger from Carolyn McCarthy.  Mccarthy is a state representative from Long Island, whose husband was killed in the LIRR massacre in 1993.       She is a one note singer,whose entire reason for entering politics has been to diminish and repeal Second Amendment rights. Mccarthy seems to think that disarming more law abiding  New Yorkers will somehow enable them to defend themselves should another Colin Ferguson draw a bead on a train full of suburbanites. The logic is as  twisted as a soft pretzel from a street vendor.  She has launched vitriolic attacks at Sen. Gillebrand since the moment  her appointment was announced.  Because Ms Gillebrand has not repudiated the Second Amendment, Mccarthy says she is unfit to serve in the US Senate.

Recently  the press has revealed that Sen Gillebrand has “two guns stored under her bed”. Oh The HORROR!! A law abiding citizen, exercising her rights, and taking affirmative steps to protect herself and her family!  This will NEVER do. Why how will the government justify their existence if people take care of themselves!

Well, little by little, in incremental steps we can begin to see the Junior Senator from NY being worn down by political pressure.  It has now been revealed that she has ‘moved the guns from under her bed‘. And, for the record, they are only rifles, her husband hunts, after all.   Furthermore, for safety reasons, she says, she keeps the bullets separated from the rifles.  This of course negates any safety benefit, unless  she can somehow convince any intruders to hold still for a while as she finds the bullets and loads the weapons. Without bullets, a rifle is no more use than a baseball bat, and probably worse. 

I certainly hope she will return to her rural roots, and once again embrace the Second Amendment which is still regarded as a fundamental right in MOST of NY State. If not, we will mourn the loss of common sense and the elimination of a potentially sane voice in the Donkey party.  This will bear some long term watching. I, for one, will watch her closely!.

Keep the Faith

The Rev


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