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“Hello,” he lied.

Posted by revkharma on February 28, 2009


It is a truism that politicians often play fast and loose with the truth. They answer questions vaguely, and dodge those they cannot tap dance around. However, the sheer scope of dishonesty exhibited by our current President is stunning. He seems to say almost the opposite of what he intends, and somehow he gets away with it. His huge, bloated debt package, designed to create the largest deficit in history is called a short term “Stimulus and job creation package’. Even the Congressional Budget Office warned before it was passed that the scope of debt created would shrink GDP within 5 years. He moaned that he had attempted to get bipartisan support, but was spurned by the opposition party, when in fact the bill was drafted entirely in secret, by the savagely partisan San Fran Nan, left wing Speaker of the House. The only cover they got was from routinely left wing RINO’s in the senate.

He gains support by pledging to give  tax rebates to “95% of all Americans”. All the time he and his stooges are repeating this, he knows that fully 45% of Americans pay no taxes at all. What they are getting is, in fact, a handout, money transferred from those who work to pay their way and are the real support for the country. 

In his address to the nation he characterises tax cuts this way:

“A surplus became an excuse to transfer wealth to the wealthy instead of an opportunity to invest in our future.”

Allowing those who have earned it to keep their own wages is not ‘transferring it to them”, it is simply forbearing the confiscation of their property. As for ‘investing in our future’ that is the new way to attempt to disguise government spending. When people like the Great and Powerful Obama, Barney Frank, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid decide they know best how to spend money, they confiscate it and call it an investment. The largest deficit,combined with the highest government debt load in history seems pretty far away from what anyone would call an investment.

Now he has announced that he will withdraw all U.S. forces in Iraq by a “Date Certain” in August of 2010. Except he will not pull all troops out by then, and of course he might not do what he promises if the situation changes and he decides not to do what he said he will do. Set aside the honesty issue here. If  I were an Iranian funded Shiite ‘freedom fighter’ seeking to impose my way on the rest of Iraq, (think Moqtada al-Sadr) I would now pull back. Maybe I’d open a food store, or sell flowers. Fill the back room with inventory, and as many weapons as I could hide.  The Great and Powerful Obama says he has done what he can, and orders all combat forces out. Once the U.S. troops are gone, simply hand the guns and RPG’s to my Iranian trained militia, and start the destruction again. Then say since there are no Americans to oppose me, I am the new sheriff in town, and install a de facto Iranian allied regime.

President Obama says, in front of the cameras, the nice words his pollsters have determined the American people want to hear.  He knows that those who will be receiving a gift from the taxpaying suckers will not care what he says. The dimwits who get their news from the Daily Show, and the Tonight Show will hear the feel good plattitudes and think he’s just a nice guy trying to help.

Those who pay the bills this administration is running up will hold on for as long as they can. But make no mistake, the bill WILL come due. And all of America will be on the hook to settle the tab. Unless people can recognize the danger his lying words are steering us into we will all face a backlash worse than anything this country has seen in generations.

As  people begin to see the results of this “Change” imposed upon our nation by these increasingly deceptive people they will have few choices. The class envy which is the foundation of his economic platform may likely turn ugly. As those who carry more and more of the burden find that they are increasingly unable to provide for themselves and the rest of the confiscatory scheme, many will simply find ways to opt out. Business owners will find it necessary to shrink. This will entail more and more job cuts, not the job growth promised by the Great and Powerful Obama. Many who have entered the realm of what the government deems ” Wealthiest Americans” will find ways to scale back their earnings enough to escape the punitive taxes imposed on their income. Rather than generate higher treasury funds, we will see tax revenue decrease in real dollar terms. The resultant deficits will explode into even more unimaginable figures. The alternatives will be to eliminate the programs which got him in power, or shift more taxes onto more Americans. Either choice will result in anger from those who put him there. Will the resultant “Catastrophe” then engender ’emergency powers’ of the administration?  We will have to see. This administration has already shown an amazing disdain for the constitution when it is politically inconvenient.  The U.S. census has been moved from control of the Commerce department to direct control by the White House. Congress has moved swiftly to provide a congressional representative with voting authority for DC, long a priority of the Democrat party, and a campaign pledge of Obama.  Part of his economic agenda is the ‘Cramdown” legislation, which will grant authority to bankruptcy judges to unilaterally alter terms, principal and interest on valid mortgage contracts. 

The provisions for the census are spelled out in US code, title 13, chapter 1. The administration cannot abrogate this. this is Unconstitutional.

Article 1, section 10 of the constitution prohibits any “law impairing the obligation of contracts”.   Once again, this is unconstitutional.

The qualifications for membership in the House of Representatives states: a member of the house MUST be an inhabitant of that state in which he shall be chosen. Article 1, section 2.

The Federal District is established in article 1, section 8. this establishes a federally controlled district, which is specifically NOT a state. to provide, by statute for a voting representative in the House is, once again Unconstitutional.

For matters of power and political expediency this administration has shown, in a very short time, a remarkable  willingness to ignore and jettison restrictions imposed by the Constitution. The level of mendacity is stunning, even by the standards of DC politics. The creation of, and political use for crisis and urgency should cause anyone paying attention to wonder just where it will stop. The first month under the guidance and administration of the Great and Powerful Obama has proved enlightening and frightening. I fear it will get worse!

Keep the Faith

The Rev


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