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A Friend In Distress

Posted by revkharma on March 31, 2009

I have often referred to the blog “The Liberty Sphere” and the outstanding insights of it’s author. Today he has a rather distressing post. Please read this:

Today I begin a journey that has been nearly a year in the making. My eyesight was attacked by a disorder of unknown origin. There have been times when I could not see what was written on the screen without a magnifying glass.

That part at least has greatly improved. But the underlying pathology is yet uncertain.

(Read the whole thing here.)

This is someone who needs us to rally in support and assistance.

I encourage you to read the whole thing, and then to go over to the Examiner and read that regularly. Click the links, and help out. 

Do it. Please.


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A dangerous wind is blowing

Posted by revkharma on March 31, 2009

When I was growing up, I was told I lived in a Constitutional Republic. I remember standing in the street during parades, my hand over my heart as the Flag passed me. We had memorized the words as very young children:

“I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America. And to the Republic, for which it stands…..”

We all knew the words. I grew up with that as my bedrock understanding of the nation, of the very world in which we grew up.

I went to school and learned in Civics class of so many things. How a bill becomes a law. The separation of powers. The right.. no the DUTY to vote. The incredible sacrifices made by the founders of our Republic, and those who put everything on the line to protect the liberty they believed–no the liberty they knew was bestowed on us by God  Generations of Americans understood this, and taught their children the fact that they were Americans and their birthright was liberty.

Today, I woke up and all that seems to have changed.

This morning I think instead of the Constitutional Republic of the United States of America, a land of laws and not men, a place where all are created equal, I awoke in the Fascist Republic of America.  Now, understand, I am not saying Fascist in the twisted and misused way so many illiterate college kids have used the term. I am not saying ” Amerikka” like the dolts of the 1960’s counterculture era.



(sometimes initial capital lettera governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, regimenting all industry, commerce, etc.,

  The President of the United States today announced that 

   GM was not operating the way he wished, and the CEO was required to step down. 

The President of the United States announced that Chrysler Corp, a privately held corporation will be required to complete a merger with FIAT within 30 days.

Now, AIG, for example has effectively surrendered control by ceding roughly 80 percent of voting stock in return for loans and subsidies from the federal government. While both GM and Chrysler have taken loans, they have not surrendered such control. 

The President has led the mob, staying a few steps ahead while those he selects have felt the heat of the anger of the rabble he stirs up.  Americans are told that the car execs are bad, and people scream for their heads. No one bothers to look at the union bosses, who have not surrendered a penny of their fat pensions and their salaries. If GM for example were to file bankruptcy, the unions would appear in court no better nor worse than any other claimant to GM’s money. Union contracts  would no longer need to be an anchor around the necks of the car companies, But the Unions have long been patrons of Obama’s Democrat party. In order to protect what he perceives to be his political base, President Obama has taken a step and seized control of two private companies. There is simply no justification, no constitutional foundation for this action. If, as he says, this is to restructure them to survive, he is doing something else here too. On Fred Thompson’s radio program on Monday, I heard him make a solid point. Mr. Obama is acting in the role of a bankruptcy judge. This is clearly a violation of the separation of powers. The political branch of government is not the correct place to execute a bankruptcy, it is the purview of the judicial branch. The President has taken so many questionable steps during his short tenure, but this is not questionable. I think it is clear to anyone without a set of political blinders on that what was done here is clearly unconstitutional. Yet no one seems to be making too much noise.

As I said, this morning I woke up in a different country. The constitution is dead. I think no one will appear at the wake. Everyone is afraid their business may be the next one seized.

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A Crack in the Facade

Posted by revkharma on March 29, 2009

For months now, bloggers have been pointing to the deeds of Obama and his tools in Congress and shouting ” FOUL!” over the clearly unconstitutional behavior. The mainstream media have mostly ignored it all. Those in power seem close ranks and refuse to say the clear truth. 

Today someone with a major presence in the media has actually said the words and pointed a finger at it all. Today in the New York Post, George Will, not always the most stalwart of conservatives has dared to point out that the stimulus bill, built on a history of unconstitutional legislative actions is itself unconstitutional.

It is high time Americans heard an argument that might turn a vague national uneasiness into a vivid awareness of something going very wrong. The argument is that the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 (EESA) is unconstitutional.

He discusses the history of legislative delegation of powers to the executive, a history which has seldom been challenged. 

The big question now is will anyone with standing be willing to make the challenge and bring this case to court. In order for anything to be heard, a party must be recognized to ‘have standing’ to bring the issue before the Supreme Court of the United States. It seems to me that any of the several state governors who have challenged the  legality of federal money bypassing their authority should have such standing. Perhaps Gov. Mark Sanford of South Carolina will decide that it is time that Congressman James Clyburn be told he is a state representative to the DC government. He has no roll in state government, and has no authority to designate or describe how the state spends funds. 

Perhaps we may just have an opportunity here. Precedent and history are not in our favor. The Supreme Court refused to slap FDR’s hands when he took such steps. But, with the massive scope of this power shift, coupled with the makeup of the Roberts court, the Constitution may just have a chance. We can only wait and see.

Keep the Faith!

The Rev.

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In Time of Danger, Senate Springs to Action

Posted by revkharma on March 27, 2009

We are facing dangers on many fronts. The North Koreans are ramping up to launch a ballistic missile. The pentagon is considering using anti missile systems to shoot it down. Russia is placing bombers all around the Caribbean basin. China is warning us to keep our debt load in check. There is an increasing danger in Afghanistan. Iraq still simmers. The financial community is still in shambles. Mexico still teeters on collapse bringing chaos on our southern border.  Our Secretary of State takes blame for violent Mexican drug lords. Our tax cheating Treasury secretary openly speculates about the possibility of ending the role of the US Dollar as a reserve currency. We are on the edge of disaster in so many ways. 

In the face of all these situations, one of the most senior senators in the opposition party, Orrin Hatch (R-UT) has announced that he will convene hearings in his subcommittee to deal with the pressing problem of the lack of a playoff system in college football.


It seems that all sort of major political figures are up in arms because college football does not have a playoff to determine the annual NCAA champion. Now, this may be a big deal but I am at a loss to see how it is remotely the concern of the United States Senate, once touted as the greatest deliberative body in the world.  I suppose the great lions of the US Senate figure if they can distract attention from their attempts at theft and destruction by dealing with trivia, they might just keep their jobs. The trite comparison is the time honored ” bread and circuses for the masses” from Roman times.

Their allies in the major media will cooperate and cover this farce, because they tend to think that the ‘dummies in flyover country’ will not care at all. They will sit down and shut up and do what they are told by their ‘betters’ in the corridors of power.

The Founders of our republic installed a written, fixed Constitution for a reason. It was to constrain the power of government in order to maximize liberty for individual citizens.  The current regime is working with allies and supine opponents to expand the power and control of government more than at any time since the Civil War, and perhaps even since the founding. By convening a hearing on NCAA football, Senator Hatch and his sub committee are showing contempt for that Constitution, and the restraints contained within it.  If the Senate of the United States has the authority to investigate and control the format used to award a championship in college football there is no limit. The NCAA is a private organization, it is NOT a federal department. The fact that Hatch and his stooges think the Senate has a role is breathtaking in it’s contempt for liberty and private rights. 

We may see a few things happen here. First, Congress can move forward, following the lead of Obama and his band of tax cheats and assorted thugs, and take over larger and larger sectors of what used to be the  private sector.  Obama’s breathless admirers will lay back, content to be fed from the efforts of others. They will cheer as we move from a society based upon individual liberty into a statist prison run by the whims of an overpowering and corrupt government.  The other possibility is that the Americans in ‘flyover country’ will stand up and restore the liberty upon which we were founded. I still harbor hope that the ‘flyover people’ will be able to do the right thing before it is too late.

Keep the Faith

The Rev.

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Are They That Stupid? Or Is This The Real Agenda?

Posted by revkharma on March 25, 2009

U.S.  Treasury Secretary, and admitted tax cheat Timothy Geithner said in an interview that he is not opposed, in principle to the Chinese proposal to create a new international currency to replace the US Dollar in all international trade.

“We’re actually quite open to that suggestion – you should see it as rather evolutionary rather building on the current architecture rather than moving us to global monetary union,” he said.

Now we need to be clear here, that what the Chinese are talking about ( and recently the Russians also proposed) is a “Reserve Currency” and not a global dollar of sorts. However, by directly stating that they wish to replace the current standard, the US Dollar, the world economic leaders are tacitly acknowledging the frail state of the US economy, and the continued decline of the power of the US Treasury to lead in economic affairs. Our currency has become so overinflated that is now teetering on the edge of worthlessness.

While The Great and Powerful Obama has insisted that he inherited a huge deficit, he in fact has done more by himself than any other president to damage our economic future. According to US Rep Michelle Bachman (R-MN) the debt to be created in the first two months of the Obama administration is greater than that of all other U.S. Presidents before him combined.  Pause a moment here.   Let that sink in. Add up the debt burden from George Washington through George W. Bush, and the total is still less than that incurred by our current administration. 

Next add in the dire predictions he made of economic collapse. Then the new stakes of his planned takeover of the us private sector.  This begins to look less and less like a stumbling reeling neophyte and more and more like some sort of Manchurian Candidate. 

Keep the Faith!

The Rev

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Dependency into Serfdom

Posted by revkharma on March 25, 2009

The newspaper industry has hit hard times. Old line papers are feeling a financial pinch, and many are either seeking mergers, or just shutting down the presses and quitting. When liberals see a problem, they generally have a solution to offer, and that is almost always the same: Government. In the case of newspapers, many in congress have been bouncing around some thoughts of a “Newspaper bailout bill”. The thinking seems to be that if the Federal government can use tax money to save financial business, and the auto industry they should do the same for newspapers. After all, everyone knows that the newspapers are just as important to the nation as any other institution.

The fact that the product being produced is less and less desired by their target consumers seems not even to enter into the calculations. The NY Times, and all the other long time liberal print outposts simply have a smaller and smaller audience, and refuse to adapt at all to changes in the media market. That is how business changes and grows.

But, to the current government, any problem needs intervention, and that must take the form of Government intervention. So Senator Benjamin Cardin (D) of Maryland has proposed a bill to rescue the failing newspaper industry.

This will make some fundamental changes to the newspaper industry. They will now be classed essentially as not for profit, educational entities. Ad revenue will not be taxed, and any contributions to the news gathering   functions will also be tax deductible. While papers will be able to continue to substantially report everything they currently do,they will be ‘prohibited from making political endorsements.’

Take a breath and think about this for a moment. The First Amendment to the US Constitution provides for a free press. This is one of the bedrock principles we established to curtail the power of the Government. It is one of the areas that virtually all Americans will agree on. A Free Press is essential to our liberty, and a vital check on government power running amuck.

Now, if this bill should be enacted, the papers will become, essentially wards of the State. Newspapers will still be nominally independent, but the financial life stream will no longer be free, and independent citizens, it will be Government funding, and tax shelters upon which they depend.

According to the bill, ‘Political Endorsements” are to be prohibited. What, exactly, will constitute a forbidden endorsement? Will it require specific wording such as ..” We endorse this person for this office?” Or will there be a commission established to police the forbidden zone of endorsements?  Currently, the FEC investigates violations of the various and complex election law. Imagine a newspaper having to navigate the regulatory tangles of a government established  “no endorsement” regime. Would some senator or congressional representative unhappy with an article or editorial call the newspaper executives in for a public hearing, as they did with the AIG exec?

Remember that with Government there is no ‘reverse gear’. Once in place power is not relinquished. Think, this is a government which characterizes a tax cut as an  expense or an unfair ‘payout’ the ‘more fortunate’.

AIG execs who received contractually required bonus payouts were subjected to a firestorm of criticism, since after all they had ‘taken government money’. Now Barney Frank, who was literally in bed with Fannie Mae while deflecting investigations of their finances, now wants to have government control of ALL financial companies, and to review any compensation to determine if, in his opinion, it is excessive.

Do the newspapers think that they will be spared such direct control of their actions and content?

What we are seeing here is nothing short of an attempt to destroy the First Amendment. Incredibly, the newspaper industry seems to be welcoming it. They will be comfortable, well fed and well maintained lap dogs of the government in no time at all. Combine this with a new ‘fairness doctrine’ to control TV and Radio, and all that is needed is some sort of control of internet media and we will have a government monopoly over all communications and media. Presto, freedom is gone. Bought and paid for at taxpayer expense. What starts out as ‘just a little support’ becomes the sole support, then becomes the chains that will bind us into slavery.

What is needed is a brake on all this, a firewall of some sort. There may just be some hope over the horizon. Look to the states. Many are currently considering ‘State Supremacy” legislation. Watch this space, as I will have much to say about that shortly.

Keep the Faith!

The Rev

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What will be next?

Posted by revkharma on March 23, 2009

We are seeing more and more just how The Great and Powerful Obama operates. During the campaign, he dodged questions, providing as few details as possible when asked about policy issues. He attacked and refused to work with any media who dared to ask him anything other than planted questions.  He campaigned on the warm fuzzy Hope and Change with no substance.  The entire campaign was about as substantive as cotton candy.  The one time Obama actually showed his intent, was the famous conversation with ” Joe the Plumber”. Obama was caught without his teleprompter and spoke some words which contained some real meaning, some actual insight into his views.  The willing soldiers in the media, rather than address the substance of the first issue Obama could be hit with, went after the Plumber. No none dared question Team Obama. If any did, they were tossed off the campaign plane.  So we went to a convention with no idea what the candidate stood for, except getting his way, and bringing ‘change’.

The election was about the same. No info was sought nor provided, other than Obama was the candidate of ” Hopeychange”. ( Thanks for whoever coined that term!) America elected someone to the highest office in our nation who refused to  tell us what he would do once in office.

Now he is our President. He has named a series of tax cheats, and lawbreakers to cabinet positions.  The man we could not live without, Timothy Geithner, the tax cheat in chief is all alone in the Treasury department because no one can be found to take secondary positions who has a clean record of paying taxes.  Obama pledged to have a transparent administration, yet has hidden and deceived and lied with each step he has taken. Rather than provide ‘days’ for any one to review the legislation, Congress was presented with a completed ‘Stimulus Bill” and given eleven hours to vote. After the Obama economic team inserted language into the bill specifically permitting the payment of bonuses to AIG execs, they then turned on the people receiving them, making them the focus of hate and threats. Barney Frank, who slept with Fannie Mae execs while deflecting examinations of the company’s practices now demands the names of anyone receiving a bonus at AIG, specifically refusing to keep them confidential. 

So, we see first, no disclosure of intent, no questions answered, simply a vote to put Obama in office, on the thin premise that he will “lead us”. Once he has assumed a position of power, he then uses that power to attack dissenters, and then to threaten those who dare to stand up to him.  Fear is the watchword. We are told over and over that we are in imminent danger. The media creates an echo chamber, and inflates the bogeyman to monstrous proportions. Like a mouse in front of a spotlight, the shadow of danger is likely more threatening than the original danger. However, as the financial markets see that partnership with this administration brings not assistance, but danger and demonization, not many are willing to step forward to lead. 

Hidden agendas, creation of enemies ( remember Rush Limbaugh?) threats of censorship ( Will there be a new “Fairness doctrine?), using the power of the mob to intimidate dissenters, and whip a populist frenzy.

What is the next step? Where will we be taken next? Today a new specter emerges.  AP is reporting that details are emerging  of the ‘new bailout’.

A key part of that regulatory framework will give the government new resolution authority to take over troubled institutions that would pose a threat to the entire financial system if they failed. Under the new powers being sought by the administration, the treasury secretary could only seize a firm with the agreement of the president and the Federal Reserve.

Once in the equivalent of a conservatorship, the treasury secretary would have the power to limit payments to creditors and to break contracts governing executive compensation, a power that was lacking in the AIG case.

So, we see new, exective powers, no where to be found in the Constitution, will allow the Treasury ” With the approval of the president” to seize companies which they deem deserve to be seized.  Then Tim Geithner, the Treasury tax cheat, will decide if he likes contracts or wishes to void them unilaterally. (“A power lacking in the AIG case”)  So, as long as they can get congress to write the words into a bill this administration believes they have the authority to abrogate contracts, in direct contradiction of the United States Constitution. AIG had a contract, vetted by Geithner when he was at the New York Fed, approved by the current treasury, reviewed by the Justice department. But it was useful for them to be made into monsters so that no one would be paying attention when they step over yet another constitutional provision.  Peter Robinson, writing in relates a conversation with some others about what makes a Banana Republic.  Some living under such governments attempted to persuade him that Obama is rapidly moving us toward just that.  He tries to refute them, but I think he makes a very weak case.  To me, it has seemed frighteningly obvious that the mass appeal, the lack of accountability, the stage managed presentations have all pointed toward a plan for control of this nation, tighter and more restrictive than anything we have ever seen. The left loves to cry “Fascism” with every move the right makes to enforce rules. But reviewing past history one can easily see it has been the ‘ Progressive’ movements that have always brought increased government power and reduced individual liberty. Look to TR and the trust busters. Woodrow Wilson and his incredible restrictions of American rights and suppression of all dissent during his term in office. Look to FDR and his gross accumulation of power in DC and theft of the same power from individuals and States. Look at LBJ and the Great Society for vast expansion of federal bureaucratic power, and the use of the courts to advance an agenda without reference to actual Constitutional principles.

What will be next? The Great and Powerful Obama is telling us. He is no longer hiding his agenda. He has gotten the masses frothed to a fury and now will seek to consolidate that anger, and focus it to  advance his agenda of power and restricted liberty. The worst, most disheartening, most reprehensible part of it all? So many Americans seem willing to lay down, and prostrate themselves before this self styled savior of us all. We are facing an end game. We need to stand and fight, or simply lose all we have. What will you do? How will you prepare? How will you stand?

Keep the Faith

The Rev.

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Obama and Friends Seem To Forget About The Constitution

Posted by revkharma on March 18, 2009

Sen. Chuck Schumer of NY bellowed yesterday, about those who received bonuses at AIG: ” They can return them voluntarily, or we will take them back.” There is talk of passing new laws, or new taxes to ‘recover the money’. Iowa Senator Grassley rumbles that they should take the ‘Japanese way” apologize, bow deeply, and kill themselves. The Great and Powerful Obama claims not to have known, nor anyone in his administration. They did, however review all the contracts before paying the last round of billions of dollars  in support money to AIG. Insiders say the Treasury and White House checked with the Justice department to determine the legality of the bonuses. They paid the money, knowing the bonuses were to be paid.

Timothy Geithner, the tax cheat at the head of the Treasury was one of the main negotiators for the original, first bailout of AIG. All such bonuses were discussed and reviewed at that time. Any pleas of ignorance are simply facile excuses to try to deflect the anger of the mob. (Speaking of mobs: apparently AIG has had to place armed guards outside their offices due to threats of violence) They encourage, once more, anger and rage at someone else. Always, always, this administration seems to need someone to point to, to scream at, to demonize as a way to prevent the American people from looking directly at them and seeing the results of the last election are producing the kind of change we may not be able to live with.

As to the screaming about bonuses, and attempts to pass laws to ‘take them back’ there are a few things to consider. I seem to recall the Great and Powerful Obama claimed to have taught Constitutional law. If that is the case then he should be well versed in several phrases: ex post facto laws, bills of attainder among the most important. See there is this silly document. No matter how ‘alive’ it is, the leftists have still been unable to erase. Look up article 1, section 9 paragraph 3. It’s pretty clear. Even a tax cheat in the Treasury ought to be able to understand it, as well as a brilliant Senator from New York.

When confronted with the fact that there is a valid contract, which legally binds AIG to pay those bonuses, the crowd pleasers bray … ” Well, they should be forced to renegotiate those contracts!” Hmm, just a little further down the page in section 10 an interested reader can find a prohibition against any  law impairing the obligation of contracts. 

Oh, I think I can see the problem. I said there, that any interestedreader could find such words. I think that’s the problem. Those who are screaming and fomenting the anger are simply NOT interested in the constitution, nor any laws which support it. Schumer, Obama, Geithner, Grassley, Pelosi, Reid, well I could go on and on, but all the legal experts ranting about the bonuses are looking to form a mob mentality. They are interested in emotion, in rage. A nation engaged in serious, sober dialog will follow the rules, and will maintain order.  By finding a soft spot, and pushing it, and yelling that someone else is at fault, these rabble-rousers are attempting one of the oldest political ruses in history. They WANT Americans unhappy, angry, aroused. A contemplative nation will not engage in class warfare. They will not disregard laws, and rules, and the Rule of Law. They will work calmly and seriously to solve problems with the lawful tools at their disposal.

Only if they can rub away at a sore spot, confuse and enrage the people at large ( Demos in Greek.. the root of Democracy… a MOB) can they get away with the wholesale corruption and discarding of the constitutional foundation of our Republic. We may be facing, in the near term, a mob of nearly uncontrollable anger, whipped into a fury by this mass of crooks and decievers. God help us all when that day comes. These dopes in DC think they can control it, but they will reap the ashes of the fires they stoke. I repeat myself here, but we need to be prepared for the worst. We may face it sooner than any imagine!

Keep the Faith

The Rev


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Intolerable Acts of 2009

Posted by deaconkharmafuture1 on March 18, 2009

Why are we so complacent and content to allow the government to tax with a burden heavier than has ever been levied before? Why do we allow ourselves to be shamed and silenced into submission because a group of people do not play by the rules, nor do they earn or pay their own way? How is it that we have so many people in this country ready to roll over and cater to a group perpetually screaming about perceived injustices that will always exist no matter what we do?

We have elected a man who admittedly seeks redistribution of the fruits of our productivity to those who do not produce. We have seen multiple bills forced through the senate and the house with one group of senators and representatives shut out of the proceedings, and the bill forced down our throats with not one congressman being able to have read it before the votes were cast, despite explicit pledges to provide a four day review period before signing any legislation. The occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue promised numerous times that he was going to provide “transparency” in government for all to know what is going on.  Why then, the secrecy and closed door meetings and rush to vote on something no one could have read?

The occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue promised a new tone in Washington and not the politics as usual. He claimed bipartisanship would be the new tone. The occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue claimed he would end earmarks. The latest Omnibus bill had 9000 earmarks in it and again was pushed through with a “hurry up and vote”.  Anyone standing in the way and anyone who has questioned these bills, including our governor, has had a concerted defamation effort by the media and what seem to be continuing campaign ads for the occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. We have seen Campaign ads purchased in South Carolina media outlets, telling us to make Sanford stop “playing politics”. The sad thing is this: he is the only one not playing politics. He is genuinely concerned with the future commitments entailed by accepting federal bailouts, which create more debt in a time of need. The additional responsibilities come with no funding and saddle the state with future debt to live up to the responsibilities it must agree to in using the “bailout” money. Like a dealer who hooks an addict, the federal money will force states into a position of needing more and more money in the near future.

Why is it exactly, that if these bills are so good for the American people, that an onslaught of campaign ads, closed door congressional meetings, rushed votes, and character assassination, are being used to force these things down our throat? Why the secrecy? Where’s the transparency we were promised? The only thing transparent about this new administration is that every one of the folks nominated so far has tax or legal troubles. Hardly change we can believe in, but it does provide some transparency to the core of the occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, displaying the corruption and disobedience to the laws they expect the people to obey. It seems amazing that the very folks nominated to enforce or apply laws and become stewards of our money cannot obey those very laws.
How shameful that we have nominated stewards of that which they themselves cannot adhere to.
What is it about the biggest increase of deficit in history that we know will saddle our children with a burden that should never have been theirs?
 How can we create the largest deficit in history, saddling our children with debt, yet act as if we are solving problems? We are merely kicking them down the road to be dealt with later. Social security itself is a burden we gleefully bestow on our children like the unfit parents we are! How dare we pass not only that burden our children had no choice in, as well as the burden of the latest increase in deficit? We commit these crimes against our own children and we see fit to call ourselves “parents”; for shame!

We have been called cowardly by our own Attorney General in recent months and I am afraid I’d have to agree with him, we are cowards, though not for his specious reasons. What kind of indescribable cowards are we that we allow this burden created under our very noses, our objections silenced by rhetoric smattered with racism and class envy? What kind of cowards are we
who buy prosperity now and send the mortgage bills to our children and grandchildren.

I too feel America is a nation of cowards who have become fat and complacent and would rather languish in the newest form of slavery, economic servitude, rather than make the effort to cast off the chains that bind them. Yet another new shackle has been placed on us and our posterity yet we barely hear even a groan. How dare we shackle and enslave our own children!  How shameful we are and how sorry we must seem to those that have gone before. It seems slavery is now our chosen status and slavery perhaps we deserve. Sadly we have gleefully bestowed it upon our own posterity as well. For this we deserve shame and earn the curses of our own children.

Our forefathers knew that once we allowed the fruits of our labor and the sweat of our backs to benefit others who would not toil for themselves, our great experiment would end. They risked and most ended up sacrificing, their lives, sacred honor, and fortunes to the liberty we were to be entrusted with.  We have failed those men. We have shamefully cowered under blow after crushing blow until the liberty we were trusted with, lies in tattered remnants, trampled under the foot of the occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
One glimmer of hope seems to shine ever so slightly among all of the political darkness that is swallowing this nation. Courageous representatives of some states have begun to pass referendum and bill alike, espousing a return to States’ Rights. These representatives have chosen to do what we, the people, should have had the courage to do. H3509 is just such a resolution in SC. Other states are beginning to make moves in this direction. Perhaps we could at least muster the residual fortitude to support those who have the courage to match their convictions?


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Asked, Not Answered, Then Forgotten

Posted by revkharma on March 17, 2009

Often I wonder, “why are the media outlets not asking the basic questions on this administration?” The total lack of accountability is staggering. Then I see that in fact, the questions are being asked, the answers are stumbling, incoherent non responses which answer nothing at all. They display a staggering level if incoherence  within the Obama administration, and colossal incompetence. However, not to worry, the entire thing just vanishes ‘down the memory hole’.

I’m going to put this here, directly from National Review Online this morning, something I ordinarily don’t do, but this is just not to be missed.


Exchange of the Day  [Greg Pollowitz]

Chris Cillizza of the Washington Post wonders if yesterday was Robert Gibbs’s toughest day yet.  It might have been.  The exchange about Dick Cheney grabbed the headlines, but these non-answers on AIG are what’s important.  Stick around to the end where Gibbs basically says, “go ask Geithner why it happened.”


Q    Did you guys first find out about these bonuses last week?

MR. GIBBS:  I think that’s true, based on what I read in the newspaper.

Q    But you gave money to AIG two or three weeks ago.  How could you not know that they have these millions, hundreds of millions of dollars —

MR. GIBBS:  Well, again, Jake, there’s — according to news reports, there’s existing contracts, some of which the President — of which the President has asked the Secretary to examine, going forward.  I think you also heard the President speak today about having a resolution authority that gives the government and taxpayers far more flexibility in dealing with the disposition of AIG in a way that gives taxpayers protection and flexibility; a disposition that we don’t currently have, but steps that we would like to see taken in order to deal with AIG as a whole.

Q    But why didn’t you attach it to the $30 billion you gave a couple weeks ago?

MR. GIBBS:  Again, Jake, the —

Q    You’re looking to retroactively attach it to this new $30 billion.

MR. GIBBS:  Well, they’re looking through contracts to see what can be done to wrest these bonuses from their recipients.

Q    No, I’m sorry, I don’t think — I don’t understand, so maybe I’m just not understanding.  But President Obama said in early February when he gave the speech on executive compensation, “These kinds of compensation packages in the midst of this economic crisis isn’t just bad taste, it’s bad strategy, and I will not tolerate it as President.  We’re going to be demanding some restraint in exchange for federal aid.”  Since that time, he gave tens of billions of dollars in federal aid to AIG without demanding restraint.

MR. GIBBS:  Well, again, Jake, we’ve got existing relationships, contracts, as I just mentioned, that were negotiated a year ago, assistance that was granted outside of the legal authority prior to the creation of the Troubled Asset Relief Program.  The President has asked the administration to go back and look at what remedies are possible to block those bonuses.

Q    Well, why didn’t he do that before?

MR. GIBBS:  Well, again, the excessive compensation rules that you noted — and I think somebody asked this at the background briefing that we had — obviously are prospective based on some limitations that we have in looking backwards.  The President has asked Secretary Geithner and members of the administration to exhaust all legal remedies in looking backwards to see what steps could be taken to block these bonuses.

Q    I know, but since — and I’m sorry to belabor this point — but since President Obama gave his speech, you guys gave more money to AIG.  Why wasn’t it attached to the new money?

MR. GIBBS:  Because it’s — again, it’s part of the —

Q    Part of the old contract.

MR. GIBBS:  Right.  It’s part of —

Q    But you’re looking now retroactively to see if you can attach something to that old money?

MR. GIBBS:  That’s what we’re looking at.

Q    Well, why didn’t you do it at the time, if you’re looking to retroactively do it?

MR. GIBBS:  The administration is taking the steps today to go back and see what can be done, as Jeff said, to call those bonuses back.

Q    But, Robert, to follow up on Jake’s point, did Secretary Geithner make a mistake by not reviewing these contracts — they’re a year old — before he cut a new check to AIG?  Why didn’t he do that?

MR. GIBBS:  I would certainly ask the Treasury — I’ll ask the Treasury that.  But again, to some degree, there are legal instruments and contracts that predate this administration, that predate the legal founding of the TARP program.  The President has asked this administration to exhaust all legal avenues to see what can and should be done going backwards.

Q    When the President gave that speech — on January 29th, I think it is — about excessive compensation, the next day you came in here and said, “I think you will see the President and his economic team outline a plan to deal with what he found irresponsible yesterday.”  Where’s that plan?  Because it’s now been about six weeks and you’re acknowledging in Jennifer’s question there’s not really that much you can do legally, it appears.  So why in January did the President and you tell the American people we’re going to stop —

MR. GIBBS:  Okay, let’s be fair, Ed.  Let’s be fair, because —

Q    You said you were going to stop —

MR. GIBBS:  Hold on, hold on, let me answer your question before you ask another one.  I think if you go back and look at the background briefing that we did here — I’ll be happy to provide you the transcript — it was specifically — there was a specific question about moving forward on executive compensation.  Look, Ed, we deal with things every day that are not of our own making, that we have, for whatever reason, fallen onto our plate and been given the amazing responsibility of dealing with.  Some of that are contractual obligations and responsibilities that we found when they gave us the key to the front door.

Our job is to do all that we can to protect the taxpayers going backwards and, as I’ve said and as the President said and as each economic member — team member has said, to change the rules of the road going forward.  That’s why we changed the rules of the road in how money could be spent in an economic recovery package.  We changed the rules of the road in addressing home foreclosure crisis by for the very first time giving help to those that had played by the rules.

We will change the rules of the road going forward as it relates to financial regulation to ensure that this type of activity doesn’t happen again.

We can’t change everything in the past.  We will do all that we can — the President has asked the administration to look and see what possible remedies there are.  But we’re also focused on ensuring that the actions we take are consistent with changing the way we do business here in Washington.


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