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Incompetence: Coincidence, or Planned?

Posted by revkharma on March 6, 2009

This has been a dreadful week for the good old USA.  We can see the incredible danger we are facing when politics trumps all other considerations. Recall that as a sop to some of the old guard in the democrat party, The Great and Powerful Obama named Hillary Clinton,a woman of vast foreign policy experience. remember her tall tales?  How it was the fabulous Hillary who negotiated the Dayton Peace accords? Or how she dashed between flying bullets in Kosovo while representing her husband’s administration there? 

This week we heard of her offer to allow Russia to regain control of our new allies in Eastern Europe, if only Putin and Medvedev would talk nice to the Iranians. The Russians, seeing an opportunity, laughed at the offer, and so once more the USA looks like a weakling, pleading for help from stronger friends.

Obama himself showed a complete disregard for America’s longest, strongest ally in Europe, forcing British Prime Minister Brown to practically beg for the traditional press conference standing with twin flags.  Obama’s diplomatic tone deafness rang through as he presented Mr. Brown with a silly collection of old movies on DVD as an official state gift. Ironically, among the gifts given to Mr. Obama was a seven volume biography of Winston Churchill. Recall that the Obama administration returned the bust of Churchill that has been in the Oval Office since former Prime Minister gave to  the US as a sign of solidarity after 9/11.

Not to be outdone, Mrs. Clinton had a wonderful time in the last few days. First a in a ridiculous gesture, she gave a red button, so symbolize ” VP Biden’s pledge to reset our relationship”. After bragging how hard she had worked on getting the word exactly right. Afer her great show of intellect, the Russian foreign minister( speaking in English, by the way) told her that she had gotten it wrong. Instead of the word for ‘reset’ the magic button said ‘overcharge’. How appropriate.

Add to this, Mrs. Clinton had continued to mangle the names of top EU diplomats with whom she has met this week.

The crowning bit of public self humiliation was her lecture to EU leaders as to how she ‘could not understand the multiparty democracy’ which they practiced.

“I have never understood multiparty democracy.


“It is hard enough with two parties to come to any resolution, and I say this very respectfully, because I feel the same way about our own democracy, which has been around a lot longer than European democracy.” 

Never mind that the roots of democracy go back to ancient Greece. After all, everything is new now that Obama is here, isn’t it?

Of course she didn’t end there. She followed this by reminding her European counterparts that they should not miss the opportunity to take advantage of a good crisis’ to advance their agenda for global warming  and energy security. 

Lastly, we come to the US Treasury Department. Reportedly at least a third of all mid to high level potential appointees have some sort of tax problems keeping them from assuming a post.  Today we now hear that Tax Cheat Geithner had his choice for the number two slot withdraw her name, as she now believes she is not confirmable. To date, the Treasury Secretary has not named a single top deputy or assistant secretary to the department. Somehow this does not show the commitment Obama the Great and Powerful promised to use upon taking office to fix our economy right away.

The chaos and disarray are, I think not accidental. This group has no plans, other than to sow fear and confusion, while attempting to fix blame more than fixing problems.  The longer the dolts who voted this charlatan into office remain in the dark, the easier it will be for Pelosi and Reid to ram Obama’s agenda through Congress while Obama insists he’s fixing everything for us.

Those who see through this need be prepared. We will see just how bad things can get. Only of his agenda can be stopped can this Republic survive.  I know I have pounded this drum before, but we are in a dangerous time for our nation. I do not believe for an instant this is all mere coincidence. These incompetent appointments are not accidental. The worse things get, the more power the uneducated will permit to be taken from them. The worse things seem, the more the welfare serfs will agree to surrender to a ruler who promises to save them from the dangers that lurk in the dark and evil world. We remain ignorant at our peril.

Keep the Faith

The Rev


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  1. James said

    1 Corinthians 10:12
    Psalm 2


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