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Distraction, Confusion, and Misdirection

Posted by revkharma on March 9, 2009

Leonard Pitts lets loose on Rush Limbaugh in the Miami Herald today, following the footsteps of The Great and Powerful Obama. Now, I hold no inordinate fondness for Mr. Limbaugh (see here) but the full blast attack on him seems a bit out of proportion to what he has done, and what he is even capable of doing. It seems pretty obvious that as more and more attention is given to the details of the Obama administration’s actions, both domestic and on the international scene, that they will do whatever they can to deflect any hard look at their plans.  The minority party is beginning to gain some traction with its criticism of the Obama stimulus plan, and the omnibus spending bill. In addition, even some of the media outlets which prostrated themselves before Obama during the campaign are starting to question the blind acquiescence to any and all policies he spouts. Obama and his handlers know full well that if the brittle hard shell surrounding him is hit just right, it will crack like an egg, and the gunk held inside will ooze out quickly, revealing that inside the golden egg is nothing but a rancid and rotten mess.

So, what’s a wanna-be savior to do? Easy, find an opponent, and puff him up, tell everyone that he is the demon, and that he is the one causing all the trouble.  Limbaugh is an easy target. His radio show is huge, with several million people listening each time he broadcasts. He got his start as an alternative to the prevailing media culture, providing a voice that did not march in lockstep with the liberals. He pretty much blasted open the category of talk radio on a national scale. As time and fame moved along his program became a parking place for much of the traditional conservative ideas, but he seems to have been co opted by the mainstream of the GOP.  He has become a shill for the Republican Party, with a few exceptions he loudly trumpets as a way to say he is not a mainstream, big government loyal party member. 

Attacking Limbaugh is a way, and a very effective way, for Obama and his apologists to deflect attention from their plans, and the failures which are already becoming apparent. It gives a focus and a rallying point. Tying him directly to the Republican Party nets a two-fer, as their allies in the media are lazy enough to deliver the gift wrapped package as news without hesitation or question. The leftists in the media are eager to join the shouting, calling Limbaugh and anyone who defends him “haters”.  Such branding is a way to short circuit any examination of the substance of his attacks, and to distract anyone who might actually seek to find out what it is that they are afraid he is saying.

Any fascist regime needs an enemy, an outsider to point to as the source of problems and as a justification for actions which restrict freedom. Attacking Limbaugh might just give Obama and his congressional allies all the fury they need to impose some sort of broadcast restrictions, called a “Fairness Doctrine” or something else.  The problem is, once they do that, there will need to be another enemy, larger and more diffused throughout the culture to point at.

Make no mistake, they will begin searching, and they will start laying the groundwork soon. Once it is clear just how willing the serfs in this country are to follow his lead, the Great and Powerful Obama will begin to find other targets, other rallying points, other demons and dragons to slay. With each silly target he deflates, he will claim more and more to be our protector, and will request more and more liberty surrendered to help him win his fights, and justify his power grabs. Circular reasoning will confuse and allow him to work with little resistance.

He campaigned on talking with, and accommodating our enemies abroad, and derided the idea of a war on terror. He pledged to make nice with Russia, North Korea, Iran, Hezbollah, and the Islamofascists across the globe. So, if we have few enemies abroad, there is only one place for the Great and Powerful Obama to find enemies. That is right here. Expect all sort of domestic problems, subversive groups, hate groups, government opponents to pop up across the country. Recall during the mid 90’s the constant focus on ‘militia’ groups all across the country. Anyone who thinks that was the biggest threat we faced at the time was not paying attention. Recall that 1993 was the first attack on the World Trade Center, and it was given less urgency than the militia groups in Michigan. I have a hunch we may be in for more of the same before too long. Anyone in favor of the Second Amendment will be a villain. Anyone who prefers private property to Government control will be greedy. If you want to keep your own money instead of giving it to the IRS (of course headed by a tax cheat) you will be un-American and blocking needed reforms to ‘move the country forward during this crisis’.

Now more than ever, our Constitution and Bill of Rights need to be cherished and protected.  Those who have sworn to protect it will need to step up. Those of us, who are not sworn to do so, will need to be the backbone. Watchfulness is the byword; preparedness is the key

We had best be prepared. We had best pay attention. Watch closely, and do your best to peer through the smoke screens to see what they are REALLY doing.

Keep the Faith

The Rev



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