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Science and Politics: Deception and Dishonesty

Posted by revkharma on March 10, 2009

Our President took to the airwaves yesterday to shill for his new executive orders. He announced that he will ‘reverse the last administration’s restrictions on stem cell research.’ He also announced that his administration will not “elevate politics above science”. A clear and pointed jab at his predecessor in office. It seems that The Great and Powerful Obama believes that Science has been held hostage to political considerations, particularly on the issue of stem cell research. Obama and the media circus that followed these announcements have continued a massive and deceptive campaign designed to minimize the actual impact of past administrations, and maximize the deception and dishonesty presented to the American people.

First, the Bush Administration, after careful analysis, and consultation with scientific and ethics experts made a determination to provide federal funds for research using embryonic stem cell lines which were already in existence. (Find info about the actual policy here) This was the first time that any federal money was provided for any research using stem cells. The very first time ever. Yet, for some reason, the Obamites and the media continue to promote factual distortion in which they say The Bush Administration ‘restricted research’. There were never any federal restrictions, no executive orders, no laws promulgated, no department rulings which restricted or prohibited the use of any cells, from any source at any time during the Bush Administration. What the Bush rules did was provide guidelines for the distribution of new federal funds. Funds which had not been previously available.  As to the science, I urge anyone with just a few minutes time to look at the actual scientific literature regarding the use and efficacy of adult, pluripotent stem cells. Look into the generation of  teratomas in embryonic stem cell lines. So far today I have heard nearly a dozen references to the ‘potential cures for such diseases as diabetes, and Alzheimer’s’ on various news outlets. Any respectable scientist will acknowledge that this is purely speculation and not based on any sound science. I have written before on this topic, (here) and in more depth here.

As to the political distortion of science, one need not look any further than the ‘science’ behind global warming Global climate change.  Once the eminent geophysical research scientist political fraud Al Gore did his pioneering research, he declared that “The Science is settled” and no one would be allowed to disagree. Wait, I am mistaken, Gore’s ‘research’ amounts to a power point slide show of  pictures of sad polar bears floating on ice, and scare tactics about imminent destruction.  Yet, the Great and Powerful Obama, always concerned about elevating science above politics suppresses any dissenting voices. Of course, he’s only interested in true, pure science.

What is actually being promoted here is not science but what is increasingly being called ‘Scientism”. Essentially a religion which preaches dogma and permits no dissent.  I find it particularly interesting to see the shutting down of dissent from the party line of “Embryonic Stem Cells as miracle cure, and Global Climate Change is a Fact”, with the recent gathering of scientists at the Vatican to discuss evolution. Those who preach an actual religion (which apparently is to be suppressed in Connecticut) are more open and willing to engage in rational scientific discussion than the political powers in this country.

Scientism is a tool, useful to make political ideas carry the cachet of scientific fact. By draping their political theories in a cloud of scientific jargon, politicians can claim an unearned level of respectability and add weight to their ideas in order to confuse citizens and garner unwarranted support. The communists did the same thing with ‘Marxist theory’ and the Nazi’s did the same with genetic theories of the ‘Master Race’.

The government in power is willing to do just about anything to curtail individual liberty and expand the scope and reach of government power. The distortion and misuse of science is but one more bit of subterfuge do aid in their massive power grab.

I take no credit for any of the actual science, I merely read and follow. The government power mongers count on the fact that most Americans have been fatally mis-educated by the government run schools, and so remain ignorant of real science. They are counting on America to be distracted by the fear of the economic chaos which they continue to stir. The longer they can distract attention, and distort the truth, the further along the path to control they can lead those who are ignorant of the way we are headed. Before we know it, the road they are paving for us will lead us into a total submission to government care, and total reduction of liberty.

None of this can be taken in isolation. So much is happening all at once, and carefully being presented, one piece at a time that the pattern and scope of abuse and oppression is obvious. We ignore the warnings at the risk of the collapse of the republic which has brought the world more liberty than we could ever have had. We are on the brink, and being led by the High Priests of Scientism to follow their lead directly over the edge.

Keep the Faith!

The Rev



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