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Obama and Friends Seem To Forget About The Constitution

Posted by revkharma on March 18, 2009

Sen. Chuck Schumer of NY bellowed yesterday, about those who received bonuses at AIG: ” They can return them voluntarily, or we will take them back.” There is talk of passing new laws, or new taxes to ‘recover the money’. Iowa Senator Grassley rumbles that they should take the ‘Japanese way” apologize, bow deeply, and kill themselves. The Great and Powerful Obama claims not to have known, nor anyone in his administration. They did, however review all the contracts before paying the last round of billions of dollars  in support money to AIG. Insiders say the Treasury and White House checked with the Justice department to determine the legality of the bonuses. They paid the money, knowing the bonuses were to be paid.

Timothy Geithner, the tax cheat at the head of the Treasury was one of the main negotiators for the original, first bailout of AIG. All such bonuses were discussed and reviewed at that time. Any pleas of ignorance are simply facile excuses to try to deflect the anger of the mob. (Speaking of mobs: apparently AIG has had to place armed guards outside their offices due to threats of violence) They encourage, once more, anger and rage at someone else. Always, always, this administration seems to need someone to point to, to scream at, to demonize as a way to prevent the American people from looking directly at them and seeing the results of the last election are producing the kind of change we may not be able to live with.

As to the screaming about bonuses, and attempts to pass laws to ‘take them back’ there are a few things to consider. I seem to recall the Great and Powerful Obama claimed to have taught Constitutional law. If that is the case then he should be well versed in several phrases: ex post facto laws, bills of attainder among the most important. See there is this silly document. No matter how ‘alive’ it is, the leftists have still been unable to erase. Look up article 1, section 9 paragraph 3. It’s pretty clear. Even a tax cheat in the Treasury ought to be able to understand it, as well as a brilliant Senator from New York.

When confronted with the fact that there is a valid contract, which legally binds AIG to pay those bonuses, the crowd pleasers bray … ” Well, they should be forced to renegotiate those contracts!” Hmm, just a little further down the page in section 10 an interested reader can find a prohibition against any  law impairing the obligation of contracts. 

Oh, I think I can see the problem. I said there, that any interestedreader could find such words. I think that’s the problem. Those who are screaming and fomenting the anger are simply NOT interested in the constitution, nor any laws which support it. Schumer, Obama, Geithner, Grassley, Pelosi, Reid, well I could go on and on, but all the legal experts ranting about the bonuses are looking to form a mob mentality. They are interested in emotion, in rage. A nation engaged in serious, sober dialog will follow the rules, and will maintain order.  By finding a soft spot, and pushing it, and yelling that someone else is at fault, these rabble-rousers are attempting one of the oldest political ruses in history. They WANT Americans unhappy, angry, aroused. A contemplative nation will not engage in class warfare. They will not disregard laws, and rules, and the Rule of Law. They will work calmly and seriously to solve problems with the lawful tools at their disposal.

Only if they can rub away at a sore spot, confuse and enrage the people at large ( Demos in Greek.. the root of Democracy… a MOB) can they get away with the wholesale corruption and discarding of the constitutional foundation of our Republic. We may be facing, in the near term, a mob of nearly uncontrollable anger, whipped into a fury by this mass of crooks and decievers. God help us all when that day comes. These dopes in DC think they can control it, but they will reap the ashes of the fires they stoke. I repeat myself here, but we need to be prepared for the worst. We may face it sooner than any imagine!

Keep the Faith

The Rev



2 Responses to “Obama and Friends Seem To Forget About The Constitution”

  1. deaconkharmafuture1 said

    If they can make people angry enough then they can have the people’s complicity in destroying the constitution for “the cause”. Make the constitution look to be what has failed or what stands in the way of “getting those evildoers”…Create the necessity and then help facilitate the destruction and the people will love you for it. This whole thing is fabricated, and we would do well to realize it sooner than later.

  2. […] echoes several of the discussions we have had here in the Rev’s Place. ( Here, Here Here here among others) The conclusion that the DC government is growing more dangerous by the day is […]

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