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Dependency into Serfdom

Posted by revkharma on March 25, 2009

The newspaper industry has hit hard times. Old line papers are feeling a financial pinch, and many are either seeking mergers, or just shutting down the presses and quitting. When liberals see a problem, they generally have a solution to offer, and that is almost always the same: Government. In the case of newspapers, many in congress have been bouncing around some thoughts of a “Newspaper bailout bill”. The thinking seems to be that if the Federal government can use tax money to save financial business, and the auto industry they should do the same for newspapers. After all, everyone knows that the newspapers are just as important to the nation as any other institution.

The fact that the product being produced is less and less desired by their target consumers seems not even to enter into the calculations. The NY Times, and all the other long time liberal print outposts simply have a smaller and smaller audience, and refuse to adapt at all to changes in the media market. That is how business changes and grows.

But, to the current government, any problem needs intervention, and that must take the form of Government intervention. So Senator Benjamin Cardin (D) of Maryland has proposed a bill to rescue the failing newspaper industry.

This will make some fundamental changes to the newspaper industry. They will now be classed essentially as not for profit, educational entities. Ad revenue will not be taxed, and any contributions to the news gathering   functions will also be tax deductible. While papers will be able to continue to substantially report everything they currently do,they will be ‘prohibited from making political endorsements.’

Take a breath and think about this for a moment. The First Amendment to the US Constitution provides for a free press. This is one of the bedrock principles we established to curtail the power of the Government. It is one of the areas that virtually all Americans will agree on. A Free Press is essential to our liberty, and a vital check on government power running amuck.

Now, if this bill should be enacted, the papers will become, essentially wards of the State. Newspapers will still be nominally independent, but the financial life stream will no longer be free, and independent citizens, it will be Government funding, and tax shelters upon which they depend.

According to the bill, ‘Political Endorsements” are to be prohibited. What, exactly, will constitute a forbidden endorsement? Will it require specific wording such as ..” We endorse this person for this office?” Or will there be a commission established to police the forbidden zone of endorsements?  Currently, the FEC investigates violations of the various and complex election law. Imagine a newspaper having to navigate the regulatory tangles of a government established  “no endorsement” regime. Would some senator or congressional representative unhappy with an article or editorial call the newspaper executives in for a public hearing, as they did with the AIG exec?

Remember that with Government there is no ‘reverse gear’. Once in place power is not relinquished. Think, this is a government which characterizes a tax cut as an  expense or an unfair ‘payout’ the ‘more fortunate’.

AIG execs who received contractually required bonus payouts were subjected to a firestorm of criticism, since after all they had ‘taken government money’. Now Barney Frank, who was literally in bed with Fannie Mae while deflecting investigations of their finances, now wants to have government control of ALL financial companies, and to review any compensation to determine if, in his opinion, it is excessive.

Do the newspapers think that they will be spared such direct control of their actions and content?

What we are seeing here is nothing short of an attempt to destroy the First Amendment. Incredibly, the newspaper industry seems to be welcoming it. They will be comfortable, well fed and well maintained lap dogs of the government in no time at all. Combine this with a new ‘fairness doctrine’ to control TV and Radio, and all that is needed is some sort of control of internet media and we will have a government monopoly over all communications and media. Presto, freedom is gone. Bought and paid for at taxpayer expense. What starts out as ‘just a little support’ becomes the sole support, then becomes the chains that will bind us into slavery.

What is needed is a brake on all this, a firewall of some sort. There may just be some hope over the horizon. Look to the states. Many are currently considering ‘State Supremacy” legislation. Watch this space, as I will have much to say about that shortly.

Keep the Faith!

The Rev


3 Responses to “Dependency into Serfdom”

  1. James said

    What we need to do is consolodate all our government departments into four: The Ministry of Truth (or, minitrue), The Ministry of Love (miniluv), the Ministry of Peace (or minipax) and the Ministry of Plenty (miniplenty) then we could . . . Oh, wait a minute . . .

  2. Jim Wilson said

    Love your articles and posts. You are always on point.


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