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In Time of Danger, Senate Springs to Action

Posted by revkharma on March 27, 2009

We are facing dangers on many fronts. The North Koreans are ramping up to launch a ballistic missile. The pentagon is considering using anti missile systems to shoot it down. Russia is placing bombers all around the Caribbean basin. China is warning us to keep our debt load in check. There is an increasing danger in Afghanistan. Iraq still simmers. The financial community is still in shambles. Mexico still teeters on collapse bringing chaos on our southern border.  Our Secretary of State takes blame for violent Mexican drug lords. Our tax cheating Treasury secretary openly speculates about the possibility of ending the role of the US Dollar as a reserve currency. We are on the edge of disaster in so many ways. 

In the face of all these situations, one of the most senior senators in the opposition party, Orrin Hatch (R-UT) has announced that he will convene hearings in his subcommittee to deal with the pressing problem of the lack of a playoff system in college football.


It seems that all sort of major political figures are up in arms because college football does not have a playoff to determine the annual NCAA champion. Now, this may be a big deal but I am at a loss to see how it is remotely the concern of the United States Senate, once touted as the greatest deliberative body in the world.  I suppose the great lions of the US Senate figure if they can distract attention from their attempts at theft and destruction by dealing with trivia, they might just keep their jobs. The trite comparison is the time honored ” bread and circuses for the masses” from Roman times.

Their allies in the major media will cooperate and cover this farce, because they tend to think that the ‘dummies in flyover country’ will not care at all. They will sit down and shut up and do what they are told by their ‘betters’ in the corridors of power.

The Founders of our republic installed a written, fixed Constitution for a reason. It was to constrain the power of government in order to maximize liberty for individual citizens.  The current regime is working with allies and supine opponents to expand the power and control of government more than at any time since the Civil War, and perhaps even since the founding. By convening a hearing on NCAA football, Senator Hatch and his sub committee are showing contempt for that Constitution, and the restraints contained within it.  If the Senate of the United States has the authority to investigate and control the format used to award a championship in college football there is no limit. The NCAA is a private organization, it is NOT a federal department. The fact that Hatch and his stooges think the Senate has a role is breathtaking in it’s contempt for liberty and private rights. 

We may see a few things happen here. First, Congress can move forward, following the lead of Obama and his band of tax cheats and assorted thugs, and take over larger and larger sectors of what used to be the  private sector.  Obama’s breathless admirers will lay back, content to be fed from the efforts of others. They will cheer as we move from a society based upon individual liberty into a statist prison run by the whims of an overpowering and corrupt government.  The other possibility is that the Americans in ‘flyover country’ will stand up and restore the liberty upon which we were founded. I still harbor hope that the ‘flyover people’ will be able to do the right thing before it is too late.

Keep the Faith

The Rev.


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