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Harbinger of Things To Come

Posted by revkharma on April 28, 2009

Right now, headlines around the world are focusing on the sudden and virulent outbreak of swine flu. It appears centered in Mexico, and spreading within the United States. Other countries around the world are monitoring and reporting cases, but for now, it appears not to be a generally fatal strain.

WHO ( World Health Organization) has issued all sort of alerts, governments are responding by intensifying monitoring at borders. Even by recession standards, travel seems to be showing a decline.

In the U.S., DHS Secretary has already declared a “Health Emergency”, but no one has explained what that means. That is exactly the problem. In the last several weeks, we have been treated to a stunning display of ignorance and incompetence by Ms. Napolitano. She has declared returning war veterans to be potential terrorist threats to the nation, then she told the Canadians that the 9/11 terrorists came through their nation. In short, she has showed a stunning inability to do the job to which President Obama has appointed her. The problems, however run far deeper than just the DHS Secretary. Ordinarily, a defective appointment to a Cabinet level position can be papered over by those who actually run the day to day affairs of the department. However the DHS, as is the case in far too many cabinet departments, is simply not staffed. There is no HHS secretary, there are no secondary or tertiary positions filled. This mirrors the Treasury Dept, where the tax cheat who is running the department is essentially alone.

All of this follows and flows logically from President Obama’s campaign style and apparent personal style. He has always made everything about him. When, after he obviously backed away from his pledges to work for ‘bipartisan consensus’, he was confronted by a senator from the minority position who called him on his unilateralism. His now well known reply was “Because I won”. This is not about the nation, it is not about the best policies, it is all about Barack Hussein Obama winning and being the man in charge of everything. Should he have fully staffed and functional cabinet departments it would be much more difficult for him to simply pull the levers himself and get his way everywhere. If he had people working in government who capable of functioning in their jobs instead of merely being place holders.

 political background noise, Mr. Obama would not be able to get away with the nearly incomprehensible policy changes and deceptions he’s foisted on the nation. He allows low level staffers to present options, then he contradicts them, but only enough to dodge questions. This is what he has been doing with the entire fiasco regarding  the legal memos on interrogation techniques. One policy is announced, then something different is hinted by another staffer, then the President says something just a bit different than anything announced. Finally he washes his hands, saying the issue of prosecution is not his to decide, but entirely up to the Justice Department and the Attorney General.

This sleight of hand lets Mr. Obama dance away without answering the hard questions, while behind the scenes he  is dissolving the borders between private and public life in more and more areas of America.

A crisis atmosphere, such as the ‘housing/finance/credit/economic crisis, and now the declared ‘Public Health Emergency’ as declared by the comfortably numb DHS secretary allows policy changes to be enacted with little  notice and less public scrutiny  than any other time in our history. Mr. Obama and his administration continue to act as if he is a monarch rather than elected representative of the people. One need only look to the incredibly stupid decision to fly a 747 from the presidential fleet, followed by US jet fighters in a path toward the Statue of Liberty, then in low flight toward buildings in the NYC New Jersey commercial areas to see the attitude. Not only did the White House not care to give any notice, but local authorities who had to be informed, such as the FAA were told specifically NOT to inform the NYPD or the NYC Mayor’s office.  When people panicked at the near recreation of 9/11 in their area, it took hours for someone, anyone from the government to acknowledge it was planned.

There is simply no concern for anything other than the President’s agenda of economic takeover and government control. Each time something else pops up, it is ignored for as long as possible, unless it can be used to distract attention from what is actually being done.

President Obama has an agenda, a steep slope down which he is pushing the economic and political systems in America. Everything which does not advance this agenda is disregarded. His attention and that of his coterie of assistants and those who share his goals is focused only on fundamentally altering the economic system in this nation. The danger of such tunnel vision is the risk of some danger emerging which will be ignored until such time as it cannot be averted.  The current swine flu appears not to be a major threat at this time. the plane flying toward offices in the Manhattan area was not a terrorist attack. We were lucky. With the lack of a serious government, we may not always be so lucky.  President Obama and his enablers in Congress must be stopped and replaced at the earliest opportunity.


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Budgets and Spending: Obama’s “Budget Cut”

Posted by revkharma on April 22, 2009

Imagine you come home one day, and find fire engines in front of your house, significant damage has been done, and the home is no longer habitable without major repairs.

You call your insurance company, and they come out and estimate the repairs.

You go to the office to review the claim and find out how much it will cost.

The Agent says ” Well we looked at everything, and the work has already begun! We hired the finest contractors, and repair crews.

They’re going to redo everything. We’re installing new sod; a sprinkler system is being installed.

Your neighbor’s home got some smoke and water damage too, so we have to repair that as well. Since your home is nicer, and you have insurance and he doesn’t we agreed to upgrade his house, and landscape his yard as well. We’re also putting in a pool for him to compensate him for his hurt feelings since you have one, and he is not as fortunate as you, and deserves one too.

So, your total bill will be $34,000.

You naturally get a bit angry, telling him that he is spending way too much of your money, and giving it to others who have done nothing to earn their own nice home and pool.

He nods, and then says, ‘Ok, you’re a bit upset, and I understand that, but the neighborhood will never get nice unless we prime the pump so to speak.’

Finally, he agrees that the bill is just way too large. He says he’ll call a meeting of all the contractors and have then cut back the amount they’re spending.

They get together, and he calls you when the meeting is finished.

OK, we did it. There’s way too much being spent, so I told everyone they needed to get tough and cut back on everything that is not essential. $34,000 is a lot of money.

So, we reduced the spending plan.

Everyone agreed to reductions, and we will cut the cost by a dime.


Do a fast calculation:

Obama is crowing that he has called his cabinet together, and demanded $100 million in budget cuts.

If you reduce it down, (yes, a hundred million dollars is a large amount of money) and look at that amount as a portion of the incredibly huge spending he proposes it is the equivalent of discounting a bill of $34,000 by ONE DIME.


If someone offered that as a discount, on anything else, anyone would laugh. Instead he trumpets that  as if it’s some draconian slashing of necessary spending in an emergency. I think it’s an insult to taxpayers, and shows once again his self centeredness. He seems to believe that since he ordered it, it MUST be important. His press secretary was at a loss yesterday to even make it look good when asked about the paltry nature of the ‘cuts’.

It is a sign of just how completely out of control the DC government has gotten when One Hundred Million Dollars is literally pocket change compared to the rest of the spending proposed by the president. No economy can sustain this kind of wild spending and the stress it will bring.  Continued spending at this kind of deficit level will bankrupt the treasury, and eventually induce inflation on a scale we have not seen in a generation. The scope of the debt being passed along to the next generation has never been seen in history.

If you follow the comments of President Obama, he often references events as to how old he was when they happened.  He dismissed terrorist charges against Bill Ayers by saying he could not be held accountable for things someone did when he was eight years old.  During the recent meeting of heads of state of the Americas, he responded to an anti American tirade by Hugo Chavez by saying he was at least glad that Chavez had not blamed him for things that happened when he was three months old. Noting exists for President Obama outside his life experience.  This mindset explains much of his actions and plans. Certainly he is incurring a huge debt which will have to be repaid by future Americans. However, when the bill comes due, Mr. Obama will no longer be president, and thus can say, “Well, I’m not in charge now. Someone else handed you the payment slip; you can’t blame me for it.” Or worse, he simply cannot imagine a time without him, so when someone says the debt will need to be repaid down the road, he simply cannnot imagine that time, so for him it does not exist.  On so many fronts this is a dangerous man we have put into the Oval Office. Our children and grandchildren will pay for the mistakes we are making now.


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Back Door Take Over

Posted by revkharma on April 20, 2009

In a move which is covered by a media smoke screen the Obama administration is now moving toward taking control of the banks to which it force fed loans under the Tarp plan originated under the Bush administration. Back then we were told that the banks needed additional capital in order to continue to make loans, or to stay liquid, or well, it seemed the reason varied with what the weather was at the time.

Recently we have seen several banks loudly announcing intent to return the money and, stunningly hearing the Treasury department resisting the repayment. Banks were obviously spooked by the termination of the CEO of General Motors, ordered by Il Duce  President Obama. They saw the future and decided not to play in that game. As the Treasury Dept stalled, the Administration has now come up with another scheme. According to a NY Times story , the Obama Administration plans to convert the loans into shares of common stock. The Times obligingly states this is so that the cost will be minimal. After all, with a trillion dollar deficit, they can’t possibly find another billion or so to save a bank. 

The real story is that once the TARP funds are ‘converted’ to common stock, the US Government, through the Department of the Treasury will be major stake holders in the largest banks in the nation. Without speaking the words, they will have effectively nationalized the banks.  The Times and other media outlets are aware that most Americans are leery of that, instinctively knowing that nationalizing the economy is not the best way to run things. (Medicare is great, right) So the stories going to print now position it as a money saving move, or one which will allow the banks to free up cash.

So, follow the chess board here: First, the Treasury essentially forces the banks to accept loans, needed or not. Demonize the heads of financial institutions who ‘Took government money then spent it on bonuses’ .Then they delay or refuse repayment of those loans until the final part can be put in place. Finally, convert the ‘loans’ into common stock, taking control of the banks in order to extend government control of the economy.

We are moving in lockstep toward a command economy with all the dangers that will bring to our system. Unless Americans speak out, and demand accountability this will all happen without anyone interfering. We will wake up one morning with the very nature of our republic unalterably changed.  All this is being done with absolutely no input from the people, the congress or any legislative support.  This is an administrative takeover of the financial sector. Find me ONE place in the Constitution that authorizes this.

Keep the Faith

The Rev

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The Census and Election Fraud

Posted by revkharma on April 19, 2009

I came home from work the other day, and found that I had been visited by someone who had left a flyer at my door. I get those occasionally, from some company or other or a church group looking for new members. This was different. The paper stuck inside my door was from the Commerce Department, Census bureau. The flyer advised me that any answers given to the US Census takers was confidential. It states that bureau personnel  take an oath and are subject to jail and a fine if they disclose information. Well, I already know that, it’s all over the place every time there’s a census. ( I won’t get into the trust level here… recall how “Joe the Plumber’s” restricted tax data was released to the press during the last presidential campaign). 

So I wondered about the bid deal. Then I saw a note, printed in bold on the bottom of the notice.  It directed me to see the reverse side for a Spanish translation.  Sure enough, on the reverse the entire document was reproduced in Spanish.


Your answers are confidential!

Spanish language form from Census Bureau



I have to assume that is for all the Spanish speaking US Citizens. Oh wait a minute… if they are US Citizens, they have already gone through the naturalization process, right? And since they have become naturalized American Citizens they have been certified to have complied with this requirement:

Applicants for naturalization must be able to read, write, speak, and understand words in ordinary usage in the English language.

If this is so, then why should a document, which will count the population, for the purposes of apportioning representatives to the US Congress be written in a foreign language? True there are some exceptions to the English language rule:


Applicants exempt from this requirement are those who on the date of filing:

  • have been residing in the United States subsequent to a lawful admission for permanent residence for periods totaling 15 years or more and are over 55 years of age;
  • have been residing in the United States subsequent to a lawful admission for permanent residence for periods totaling 20 years or more and are over 50 years of age; or
  • have a medically determinable physical or mental impairment, where the impairment affects the applicant’s ability to learn English.


I don’t see how this small minority of those to be counted should necissitate an entirely separate form. 
So, the question then must be asked: Why is the Census bureau informing those who speak only Spanish that their answers will be kept confidential? This is almost a rhetorical question, as anyone who has followed the ‘open borders’ crowd already knows. We will count illegal aliens and count their population exactly the same as if they were legal, tax paying US citizens.  In many different districts, this will have the effect of grossly and fraudulently enlarging the population count, thus shifting congressional representation from areas in which legitimate, legal taxpaying citizens reside to those where the number of residents is inflated by those here illegally. With the consistently documented fraud at election time, this will continue to enlarge the majority in congress of those who seek to destroy the distinction between American Citizens and those who come here illegally and take advantage of our safety, and economic and medical progress. 
Understand, I have absolutely no objection to anyone following the legal path of visa, residency and eventual citizenship.  I have been acquainted with several people over the years who proudly took the path and availed themselves of the process to become Americans. This is how our nation grows and expands and continues to be come the envy of the world.  Allowing those who cross into our country illegally, then catering to their separatist demands does exactly the opposite. By providing services to all who demand it in whichever language they desire propagates a sense of separation and fragmentation which has and continues to destroy the nature of our nation and will destroy the essence of the country they seek to enter.  
Recent media reports(for example here, and  here) have described a campaign to demand that all deportation and ICE raids on illegal immigrants be halted until the completion of the census. The logic is that if Spanish speakers fear they will be deported they will not answer the census. If they are here legally, they will not be deported.  If they are not here legally, then they deserve deportation.  If I have not violated the law, I need not hide from the census. If someone is not legally a resident, then they should not be counted toward congressional apportionment in any case. This is simple and clear logic. 
The counting of illegal immigrants is actually a policy of the Census Bureau:
The acting director of the U.S. Census Bureau, Thomas Mesenbourg, told on Wednesday that the bureau intends to work with community organizations to ensure that all illegal aliens in the United States are counted in the 2010 Census.
The current 435 House seats are divided among the states in proportion to their population, which is determined by the decennial census. States with more people get more seats in the U.S. House.

This means that a state harboring more illegal immigrants could gain more House seats as long as the Census Bureau finds the illegal aliens and counts them. It also means that the illegal alien population in the United States during a census year has the potential to alter the regional and philosophical balance of power in Congress.

I say again, and for the record that if you are legally here, either resident or citizen then by all means you MUST be counted. If you are not legally entitled to be here you SHOULD be skipped. Anyone insisting that illegal residents be counted in the census is working to provide false numbers, and attempting to rig the system in favor of law breakers and destroy our system.
There is a single bright spot, however.  In a scene reminiscent of the new Sherrif of Rock Ridge in Blazing Saddles pointing a gun to his own head, a group of Hispanic leaders has now announced they are urging a boycott of the Census until ‘Congress enacts complete immigration reform’
The National Coalition of Latino Clergy & Christian Leaders, a group that says it represents 20,000 evangelical churches in 34 states, issued a statement this week urging undocumented immigrants not to fill out Census forms unless Congress passes “genuine immigration reform.”
Perhaps we should encourage more such boycotts. Maybe we can convince them all to deport themselves if they think we won’t count them!

Keep the Faith!
The Rev


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EPA Regulations: A Danger To The Constitution?

Posted by revkharma on April 18, 2009

On Friday, the Environmental Protection Agency announced proposed regulations under which it will regulate Carbon Dioxide as a toxic substance. This means that without any oversight, nor legislative control, the EPA will give itself the authority to control virtually any productive activity within the United States. Any mmanufacturing, use of engines, construction of homes or commercial buildings, essentially all productive activity can thus be regulated or stopped by administrative rule of the EPA with no recourse other than expensive and lengthy legal action. And the legal action to challenge it would be likely to fail, as the EPA claims it was ‘forced to act’ by a two year old Supreme Court ruling. In  2007 ruling on Commonwealth of Massachusetts et al. v. Environmental Protection Agency et al, in a split ruling the Supreme Court said that the EPA had violated the Clean Air act by not regulating new car emissions as a dangerous substance. Chief Justice Roberts, in his dissent even went so far as to say the majority had used ‘slight of hand to even grant Massachusetts standing to bring the suit.”

Even if we were to accept the alarmist proposition that global warming is an imminent danger, and further to grant that carbon dioxide is the ( or even the strongest) cause of global warming, the proper place for a regulation which will force action in every area of national activity lies properly with the legislative branch, not in the Supreme Court.  Once the EPA had made the originaldecision not to regulate CO2 as a hazard, the court should not have the power to compel, at the behest of a single state, executive action. So, what we now have is an activist liberal bloc of the court, conniving with liberal states to force an administrative agency of the executive branch of government to take action against its own rulings.  Massachusetts is certainly empowered to promulgate any regulations it sees fit, and regulate any activity within the state. By gaming the system, we have one state essentially forcing 49 others to follow rules it desires to enact.

Even in the press release from the EPA states that the proper place for such regulations should be with Congress. However, even while stating that, they asserted authority to control all emissions of CO2. The scope of this cannot be understated. There really is no facet of economic activity which cannot conceivably be regulated now by the EPA under this proposed regime. Even should Congress intervene, any legislation would be reviewed and managed through the EPA and it’s enforcement regulations.

With one ruling, the Federal Government has now taken a giant step toward eliminating private control of industry in the United States. Anything deemed to produce carbon emissions will now be subject to regulation, taxation or direct federal oversight.

Once more, and with little fanfare or resistance our government by constitution has become a government by regulatory fiat. At what point will Americans realize that the dream of the Founders is being crushed? Have enough of the people been given enough government cheese that they no longer care what else happens?  If you don’t contact your representatives and demand they act to rescind this, everything in our economy becomes weaker by the minute. Soon, very soon, we will become a third world nation.

Keep the Faith

The Rev

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Guns, Mexico and the DHS report

Posted by revkharma on April 17, 2009

Again and again we hear the representatives of our government, from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, to the President apologizing to Mexico for causing the problems south of the border. It is ‘our fault’ with our boundless appetites for drugs, and of course for providing “90% of all weapons” used by the narco-terrorists in Mexico. If only we could stop our be-knighted citizens from wanting these death dealing weapons,  they would not be available at ‘gun shops along the border’ and the drug lords would be disarmed. See, it’s not the fault of the weak and corrupt Mexican government, nor of the hundreds of Mexicans who desert their posts in the army and join the well armed gangs. It’s the fault of the American Second Amendment and those of us who still cling bitterly to our guns and bibles.

This week, in a short visit to Mexico, President Obama found one more foreign stop to denigrate America, and to grovel to a foreign leader to beg forgiveness for America’s transgressions. 

From the NY Times:

The Obama administration had already pledged to send more agents to patrol the border with Mexico and more helicopters to Mexico. But on Thursday the president went a step further, announcing that he would press the Senate to ratify the long-stalled inter-American arms treaty, which the United States had a major hand in negotiating through the Organization of American States.

The Mexican President discussed the problem, claiming the US as the source of all his country’s trouble:

But while the two pledged their “shared responsibility” in the drug wars during a news conference here, they seemed to diverge on the issue of the assault weapons ban, which expired in 2004. Mr. Calderón said nearly 90 percent of the weapons seized in Mexico could be traced to the United States, adding that organized crime increased after the ban expired.

Now, in recent weeks, Pres Obama has repeated over and over to US media that he will not seek a reintroduction of the assault ban. However in reply to President Calderon:

Mr. Obama campaigned on a platform of renewing it, but he suggested Thursday that reviving the ban was politically impossible because of opposition from gun enthusiasts. “None of us are under any illusion that reinstating that ban would be easy,” Mr. Obama said, while insisting he was “not backing off at all” from his conviction that renewing the ban made sense.

(italics mine)

So, with the government of Mexico in a state of collapse, much of the country controlled by drug gangs, armed with weapons, equipment and even the soldiers of the Mexican Army, the president of the United States goes to Mexico and says it’s all the fault of American Citizens. Curious isn’t it?

Meanwhile Janet Napolitano, Homeland Security Secretary released a report advising US law enforcement to be on the lookout for American citizens who think taxes are too high, abortion is wrong, visit gun ranges or have just left the military. They are the real danger, according to the report.

Despite criticism from both outside and inside government, Ms. Napolitano has stood firmly behind her report, stating that she remembers Timothy McVeigh, and so the report is justified. I guess she forgets the Saudi Islamoterrorists from 9/11 as her memory skips back to 1994. One deranged American is a source of law enforcement attention, but an entire ideology bent on our destruction is now to be called ‘Man caused destruction’ instead of Terrorism.

Take a step back, and look at all of this. Obama has consistently been a ‘blame America First’ politician. When pressed he has moderated his rhetoric, but never deviated from his path.  He has joined with his Attorney General, Eric Holder, to condemn us intelligence and military interrogators as torturers, even while saying they should not be prosecuted. The left wing of the Democrat party has always been about self perpetuation and maintaining power.  While the focus of attention is on external threats, Americans tend to draw together to unite to oppose a common enemy. Such was the case in the aftermath of 9/11. However as soon as some distance  made it possible, the left began to push for a return to a pre 9/11 mentality.

That focus is now inward. As President Obama and his international representatives scurry around the globe, condemning not those who have commited such acts, but America for somehow causing others to WANT to do so, they create a certainty that America is no longer prepared to stop our adversaries. As they blame the US, they must then, logically take steps to prevent a repeat. So,we skip over 9/11, and focus on McVeigh, and such events as Columbine high school, the attention of the bovine media will shift. Instead of being forced to call Americans ‘Heroes’ as they fight and die to save  us, they will be able once more find fault with Americans.

Law enforcement can be twisted, as Homeland Security now controlled by ‘open borders’ advocates will focus on creating domestic demons to fight. More and more we will see criminals conjured from the ranks of the law abiding. Those who maintain that the Constitution is the Law of the Land will be ridiculed and attacked. Free speech will be redefined as hate speech. We are seeing the opening salvo of a fundamental attack. The fact that even in the face of outright criticism Ms. Napolitano has stood firm shows that this is not a mistaken policy paper. They are moving. Concerned patriotic Americans need to stand firm, and speak out against this.

Keep the Faith!

The Rev


Over at the Conservative Examiner, they must be reading similar tea leaves.

Check out his most recent post: HERE

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Economics, Population and Abortion

Posted by revkharma on April 12, 2009

I have read many different articles over the last few years addressing economic trends. In the last year they have focused on the housing bubble and it’s relevance to our current economic crisis. Inflated housing prices spiraled out of control, and eventually collapsed which created a chain reaction throughout the economy of the US and the world.  Often we are told that the economic problems we face will not settle out until the housing market rebounds. When we begin to buy houses again, at re-inflated prices the US economy will re-inflate and we will back at our old pace once more, spending money we don’t have.

This afternoon I opened my newest issue of First Things. It sat on my desk for several days, I have been apprehensive about reading it. The original editor and driving force, Fr. Richard Neuhaus died earlier this year. The journal has inspired and educated me for more than a decade since I read the first issue I encountered. His passing has made me wonder just who is capable of picking up the banner he so ably carried during his tenure.

In this issue there is an essay, dealing with economics and families. I have seen bits and pieces and hints about this, but Daniel Goldman had fleshed out and given life to the ideas as no one has ever done. He describes the theory that it is the distribution of young and old that has continued to refresh and renew our economy for generations.  The young families have need of houses and all the accessories which would accompany that. The older members of our population have need of investment and growth of financial security. This has worked for generations, providing a continuous cycle of growth and expansion, opportunity and advantage for all concerned.

The demographics since the late 1960’s have begun to erode this model. Increasingly families are smaller, fewer children means fewer and smaller houses. As happens more and more often, there are single parent homes and homes with no children at all.

Make no mistake here, I am not, and never will criticize someone who has a small family, or even no children at all. Not everyone is cut out to raise a family.

The problem here is not the occasional small family or childless couple. The problem is a society that has devalued the family entirely. We have created a new ethos where having a family and raising children is not only removed from the primary role of a society, it is now frowned upon.  Those who have a family are regarded as outlaws, and the green movement had demonized them. We are no longer sustaining our population. Societies are aging. We hear over and over that the US Social Security program will be bankrupt due to a lack of wage earners paying to support those receiving benefits. Virtually every Western nation is moving toward demographic extinction. In his article, Mr. Goldman displays a chart which shows the age of ‘Advanced Nations”. In 1965 the population aged older than 65 was approximately 10% of the general population. Those under age 4 made up about 8%. Projected for the year 2050, the trend shows a remarkable shift. Over aged 65 is projected to be more than 30%, while those under age 4 show less than 5%. Clearly this presents an unsustainable strain on the traditional economic cycle.

What is it that could account for this? Mr. Goldman’s article is not meant to address this.

However, as I read it a number kept presenting itself to my mind. I kept thinking of a number I have heard over and over. That number is in the range of 50 million.

That number is the estimated number of humans who would be current Americans had they not been aborted. Our culture of death has wiped out the hope of our generation.

All the economics lectures, and demographic analysis ever written cannot erase that fact. The Culture of Death that has enveloped our society has caused a devastating erosion to our ability to fund our own nation.

We can debate deficit spending, socialism, and capitalism, democrats and republicans in government, but we face a stark reality.

America is rapidly aging. We are aging as a nation because we have become essentially self-centered. The inconvenience of bearing and raising children has been alleviated by the simple answer of eliminating the children considered such a burden.

This is certainly one of a panoply of factors which include delaying marriage, reduced size of families, and many other fractured and altered family structures. However the fact remains, that had fifty million children not been murdered before they were born, we would be facing an entirely different demographic today. Perhaps individual wealth would not have grown so fast. Individual self fulfillment might not be such a sought after goal. We surely would not have a society which faces extinction simply because we are growing older and are not able to fund our expansion. One may debate the morality of the issue, and many do. The straight economics are simply numbers. We are dying, and we are not replacing our dying members. There are many ways to look at it, but there is simply no way to see it differently. We are paying the price of convenience. We are paying now for the elimination of a generation which we never permitted to exist.

The culture of death has created a wound in our society and the infection continues to weaken us. Combined with the unlimited demand for government payment for individual needs we are facing a bankrupt nation.  America, we are paying for our choices, no matter if we decide to face it or ignore it.

We can look at so many of the dangers we face as a society and point back to the devaluation of live embodied by the abortion culture. The devaluation of life spreads and creates an ethos of total selfishness which infests and debases every aspect of our world today. The total self absorption, the movement toward the importance of the self and the instant gratification which has been exalted as the pinnacle of achievement all flow logically from the mindset which decides that one individuals life is more important than any other consideration. We are no longer looking toward self reliance, but rather to self preservation. 

The nation which was formed with a minimal government to protect basic rights is now a nation which wants a strong government to provide everything at the expense of others.  Instead of a generation willing to go to war to save the world, we have a generation which seems to want to beg the world to save them.  Istead of raising children and providing for the future, we want to have the government raise and provide for us.

We have taken the dream of the founders and turned it on its ear. We have perverted the original republic and corrupted it to a democracy which feeds off its children instead of protecting them.

That cliff is getting closer and closer and the nation is sliding faster and faster into the abyss. 


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Twenty Nine Palms (Combat Arms) Survey Update

Posted by revkharma on April 10, 2009

You may have heard of the now infamous survey of military personnel taken in the past, known as the Combat Arms survey, and administered at Twenty Nine Palms military facility. I have discussed it in the past.

Now, the Oath Keepers have promised to have Lt. Commander Guy Cunningham (U.S. Navy, Ret.), the original author, discuss his motivations and methods for creating it. The Oath Keepers have earned my respect with their fierce determination to honor the Oath taken to uphold the Constitution. Members of various military and police organizations find a home there with like minded patriots. This is a strong support for out nation, and these folks deserve respect and support.

I’ll watch for and link to the promised article when it arrives.

There is information on the site now about a gathering, a “Rally on Lexington Green“, perhaps something those in the area should check out. Should you get there, I would appreciate your description on the events.

Keep the Faith!

The Rev

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Bowing to Princes; Surrendering to Pirates

Posted by revkharma on April 10, 2009

Last week we saw the amazing and disturbing spectacle of a US President bowing down to a foreign prince. After several days the White House press office has issued a silly denial, and stood behind it even as just about any observer can tell the facts by watching.

We then had the follow up message. President Obama declined an invitation from French President Sarkozy to come to France and visit Normandy and Omaha Beach, the historic sites which showed the world that America is a nation which will sacrifice all in order to secure liberty. President Obama declined the invitation. Something about logistics. He would instead head to Turkey and there make a different kind of statement.

In Turkey President Obama praised Islam, assuring his listeners that we are not at war with Islam. He praised the historical achievements and gifts to the world from Islam. He praised Turkey and it’s commitment to the vision of Attaturk for a secular state. Further he apologized for the various historical mistakes made by the USA. The government to which he has addressed these words is now dominated by a party which seeks the return of Sharia law ad the implementation of an Islamic state in Turkey. The very principles which Mr. Obama praised them for are repudiated and reviled within the nation he so willingly prostrated himself and apologized to. President Obama seems not to find any foreign prince too extreme that he is unwilling to bow before.

This is contemporaneous with a couple of interesting events. While on his world tour of acclamation, Obama was confronted with another in the string of provocations by the North Koreans. Remember them? We have made nice, worked within a multilateral framework and engaged diplomatically to help solve a crisis. This has worked out so well that now not only does Comrade Kim have nuclear weapons, but is testing delivery systems. No one dared confront him. Not a single world power would do anything other than say appeasing words. The nutso leader of a starving nation told us that if we did anything to make him mad (oops angry—he’s already mad) he would take it as an act of war. So we acquiesced, and let him do as he pleased. Once more we bowed before a foreign ruler.

Then we had, for the first time in several hundred hears, pirates seized control of a US flagged merchant ship. If you recall history, this was the very reason for the creation of the United States Navy. In fact, it was at the very same locale. (From the Halls of Montezuma to the Shores of Tripoli…)

Following on the stunning and breathtaking show of force in the Korean theater, we responded in similar fashion. The crew of the ship managed to overpower the pirates, but they left with the Captain, taking him hostage in a lifeboat.

The United States Navy is now.. “Closely watching” the act ivies of the pirates. There are now reports that other pirates may be heading out to sea to join their brothers to help them. The Navy has responded. Working closely with the defense department, the Secretary of State has called in FBI hostage negotiator teams to assist in discussions to obtain the release of the captain.


“Piracy may be a centuries-old problem but we are working to bring an appropriate 21st century response,” Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said.

“These people are nothing more than criminals and we are bringing to bear a number of our assets, including naval and FBI, in order to resolve the hostage situation and bring the pirates to justice,” Clinton said

 Hmm, wonderful and very vague language. ‘Bring them to justice”. Used to be that pirates were regarded as outside the laws of war, and subject to summary execution. Now we will ‘bring them to justice” Does that mean that they will have Miranda rights read to them? Will they have court appointed lawyers to represent them? Will they have full right of pretrial discovery, allowing them to see the full scope of any and all US military assets in place to defend against the pirates? Oh the scale of this stupidity is breathtaking here.

Captain Phillips is reported to have escaped late at night, jumping overboard, and swimming away. While under the ever protective and watchful eye of the powerful US Navy and FBI, the pirates recaptured him and brought him back on board.  Yes, a very modern approach indeed. President Obama has begun to surrender to just about anyone he has not apologized to already.

The military of the US is ignored, the past historical sacrifice is hidden and put on a back shelf so we can praise those who wish to tell us what to do.

And rather than risk seeming the least bit strong, we negotiate with international pirates, giving them stature and power they can now use to gain even more money and arms with which to attack us.

One of the main roles for the government of the United States is to protect us from foreign threats. Instead, the government in DC is now bringing more and more power to bear to control the domestic population. The economy is being taken over bit by bit. Regulations are proposed to provide ‘financial assistance’ to the newspapers, so long as they surrender their independence.

Domestic spending is spiraling to unimaginable heights.

Meanwhile in the face of clear and present dangers around the world, the Obama Administration is either ‘seeking consensus’ or simply surrendering.

Make no mistake, the very fact that we are negotiating– the Government of the United States of America is negotiating with Somali Pirates—is a surrender to them. We have accepted the premise that we cannot stop them, and now are merely working out official terms of surrender.

What has happened to this once great republic?


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To Serve and Protect (themselves)

Posted by revkharma on April 5, 2009

This week there was another rampage, this time in Binghampton, NY. A man armed himself, and walked into a ‘community immigrant center’ and began shooting.  One of the first to be shot managed to call 911 to request police assistance. Police reportedly arrived within minutes. From their own reports, they heard no gunfire, but waited more than  an hour before entering the building. (Emphasis added by me)

Police heard no gunfire after they arrived but waited for about an hour before entering the building to make sure it was safe for officers.

 and there is more:

The man believed to have carried out the attack was found dead with a self-inflicted gunshot wound in an office, a satchel containing ammunition slung around his neck, authorities said. Police found two handguns — a 9 mm and a .45-caliber — and a hunting knife.

Ok, so here we have a crazed man, armed, carrying a knife. The police are called. They turn out to answer a call for people in distress.  They arrive, and wait hours to make sure they are safe. I guess since they didn’t hear the gunshots, but were still afraid to enter the building. He also had a knife. I guess they couldn’t hear any stabbing noises either, but waited outside just in case. Imagine being inside the building, knowing the police have arrived, counting on them to help (after all, no one inside the building was permitted to be armed) and then waiting for an hour and a half before anyone actually walked into the building to ‘help’. We have been told for all our lives that it should be left to the ‘authorities’ to protect us. And here they show that they will not take a risk  to help those they have sworn to ‘serve and protect’.

Mark Steyn collects some horrific examples of police-style ‘protecting’ from around the country.  Time and again those we are told will be our last resort in times of danger have failed to uphold their  end of the deal.

I realize I run the risk of  tarring all with the same brush. I am not saying all police are delinquent.  Most police officers are diligent and devoted members of the communities they serve.  However, this is NOT the official policy of law enforcement in the United states. In a case from the District of Columbia ( Warren v District of Columbia) two crime victims sued after police failed to respond to multiple calls for assistance. The women were raped, tortured and beaten for over fourteen hours. The DC Court of appeals ruled that the police have no obligation to respond nor to protect someone from being the victim of a crime. The Police, nor the District could be held responsible for their failure to assist the women being assaulted.

This afternoon, in a radio report, the head of the police involved in the Binghampton Police discussed the case. He stated that the shooter had a bullet proof vest, showing that he may have planned to shoot it out with police.  He elaborated, saying that he thought the gunman must have been ‘ a coward’ because when he heard the police sirens he hid in a closet and killed himself.  This comes from the police who, armed with heavy weapons, arriving en mass on site, certainly with protective gear and without doubt bearing superior firepower, still refused to enter the building for an hour and a half, in order to protect the safety of the officers. NOT to protect the citizens they have legally disarmed. Not to pursue the lawbreaker. To ensure the safety of the police officers. 

Next time some bureaucrat tells you there is no need for civilians to carry guns, think of the police in Binghampton, NY. Think of the DC court ruling. Think of the RCMP officers described by Mark Steyn.

Then if you have not already done so, proceed to your nearest shooting range and practice. Practice as your life depends on it. It just might. Be prepared for the day it will.

Keep the Faith.

The Rev.


From The Corner at NRO this morning, ‘Jack Dunphy’ discusses the Binghampton,NY fiasco. Bringing his own police experienct to bear he writes the following: ( find it here)


re: Binghamton    [Jack Dunphy]


Mark Steyn echoes the frustration expressed by many at the failure of some police officers to react decisively to an incident of ongoing violence.  He cites a news story on the mass killing in Binghamton, New York, that told of officers arriving within two minutes of receiving the first call, but waiting “for about an hour before entering the building to make sure it was safe for officers.”

“What’s the point of calling 911, Mark asks, “if they arrive within two minutes and then sit outside for the rest of the day to ‘make sure it’s safe?”

The question is reminiscent of the Columbine massacre that occurred ten years ago this month outside Denver.  The delay in deploying officers into the school led to changes in policy in my own Los Angeles Police Department and in other agencies across the country.  In Los Angeles, officers responding to reports of shots fired within a school, a business, or what have you, must determine if they are facing an “active shooter” or a “barricaded suspect.”  In the case of the former, the first four officers on the scene are obliged to make entry, locate the shooter, and end his aggression.  In the case of a barricaded suspect, it is assumed that he has no access to victims inside, allowing the officers time to take whatever actions are needed to apprehend him.  If this involves waiting outside for the suspect to surrender or fall asleep, so be it.

But in a situation where, as in Binghamton, a suspect is known to have shot people, an hour’s delay in making entry strikes me as grossly excessive.  Even if the gunfire had ceased, the people already wounded deserved an all-out effort to provide them with medical care as quickly as possible.  I expect we’ll be learning that some of the victims bled to death while waiting for the help that came too late.  Knowing how police departments function as I do, I have no doubt that there were officers ready and willing to enter the building within minutes but were prevented from doing so by superiors who, in ordinary circumstances, make no decisions weightier than selecting which desk tray to place a piece of paper in.  These people had to be prodded from their desks when the trouble started, and their presence at the scene merely clogged up the decision-making process.

— Jack Dunphy is an officer in the Los Angeles Police Department. “Jack Dunphy” is the author’s nom de cyber. The opinions expressed are his own and almost certainly do not reflect those of the LAPD management.



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