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Have We ‘Tipped’?

Posted by revkharma on April 3, 2009

I will admit that I am late to this, and facts and events passed me on quite a bit of this. Last month, the State of Missouri released the ” MIAC Report” ( Missouri Information Analysis Center) The most sensational part was a classification of those to be considered potential criminals. Included in this  category are supporters of Ron Paul, Libertarians, supporters of Chuck Baldwin, and others:

The report’s most controversial passage states that militia “most commonly associate with third-party political groups” and support presidential candidates such as Ron Paul, former Constitutional Party candidate Chuck Baldwin and Bob Barr, the Libertarian candidate last year.

as described by JD Tuccile, in the Columbia Examiner, TSA security appear to have acted on this information. A political activist was detained in St Louis, carrying cash proceeds from a Campaign For Liberty event.  He was detained and questioned by apparently over zealous TSA security, who were angered by his calm refusal to answer questions from them without advising him of his legal rights.  As you listen to this, keep in mind, this gentleman knew that in his baggage were pamphlets and stickers supporting the Campaign for Liberty. Knowing the MIAC had indicated this as an organization which could be suspected of generating ‘militias’ he rightly refused to provide information without proper cause. Judge Andrew Napolitano had appeared there, had the story of the detention and questioning on his program

We must be cognizant of the vast interlocking network of law enforcement agencies and their tendency to react in a protective manner without consideration for constitutional restrictions.  We must acknowledge that we are indeed living in perilous times, but we are bound to prevent the destruction of the Constitution in order to ‘save the country’. Surely there is a better way to cure someone of an infection short of killing them. Shredding the Constitution to save the nation produces the same result.

Another site, AxXiom for Liberty has covered this extensively.  While the State of Missouri appears to have backed away from this, we need to continue to be watchful. This one was caught because even some law enforcement people decided this was too much to keep quiet.  The tone of our current administration and the climate in the nation now say this will probably return, but more carefully cloaked. The liberals have loved for years to speak of the ‘chilling of free speech’ any time a pornographic magazine was called trash.  This, my friends, is the real chilling of speech.  We must stay alert, and we must be prepared to respond again and again to prevent this from taking root. We speak of tipping points, those moments in history when events reach a critical juncture. Once past these spots and events begin to take an inevitable direction, toward a destination from which they cannot be deflected.  The MIAC, no matter that it has been ‘retracted’ combined with such events as this detention, provide evidence that we may in fact be near a tipping point in our history.

Keep the Faith.

The Rev


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