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Bowing to Princes; Surrendering to Pirates

Posted by revkharma on April 10, 2009

Last week we saw the amazing and disturbing spectacle of a US President bowing down to a foreign prince. After several days the White House press office has issued a silly denial, and stood behind it even as just about any observer can tell the facts by watching.

We then had the follow up message. President Obama declined an invitation from French President Sarkozy to come to France and visit Normandy and Omaha Beach, the historic sites which showed the world that America is a nation which will sacrifice all in order to secure liberty. President Obama declined the invitation. Something about logistics. He would instead head to Turkey and there make a different kind of statement.

In Turkey President Obama praised Islam, assuring his listeners that we are not at war with Islam. He praised the historical achievements and gifts to the world from Islam. He praised Turkey and it’s commitment to the vision of Attaturk for a secular state. Further he apologized for the various historical mistakes made by the USA. The government to which he has addressed these words is now dominated by a party which seeks the return of Sharia law ad the implementation of an Islamic state in Turkey. The very principles which Mr. Obama praised them for are repudiated and reviled within the nation he so willingly prostrated himself and apologized to. President Obama seems not to find any foreign prince too extreme that he is unwilling to bow before.

This is contemporaneous with a couple of interesting events. While on his world tour of acclamation, Obama was confronted with another in the string of provocations by the North Koreans. Remember them? We have made nice, worked within a multilateral framework and engaged diplomatically to help solve a crisis. This has worked out so well that now not only does Comrade Kim have nuclear weapons, but is testing delivery systems. No one dared confront him. Not a single world power would do anything other than say appeasing words. The nutso leader of a starving nation told us that if we did anything to make him mad (oops angry—he’s already mad) he would take it as an act of war. So we acquiesced, and let him do as he pleased. Once more we bowed before a foreign ruler.

Then we had, for the first time in several hundred hears, pirates seized control of a US flagged merchant ship. If you recall history, this was the very reason for the creation of the United States Navy. In fact, it was at the very same locale. (From the Halls of Montezuma to the Shores of Tripoli…)

Following on the stunning and breathtaking show of force in the Korean theater, we responded in similar fashion. The crew of the ship managed to overpower the pirates, but they left with the Captain, taking him hostage in a lifeboat.

The United States Navy is now.. “Closely watching” the act ivies of the pirates. There are now reports that other pirates may be heading out to sea to join their brothers to help them. The Navy has responded. Working closely with the defense department, the Secretary of State has called in FBI hostage negotiator teams to assist in discussions to obtain the release of the captain.


“Piracy may be a centuries-old problem but we are working to bring an appropriate 21st century response,” Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said.

“These people are nothing more than criminals and we are bringing to bear a number of our assets, including naval and FBI, in order to resolve the hostage situation and bring the pirates to justice,” Clinton said

 Hmm, wonderful and very vague language. ‘Bring them to justice”. Used to be that pirates were regarded as outside the laws of war, and subject to summary execution. Now we will ‘bring them to justice” Does that mean that they will have Miranda rights read to them? Will they have court appointed lawyers to represent them? Will they have full right of pretrial discovery, allowing them to see the full scope of any and all US military assets in place to defend against the pirates? Oh the scale of this stupidity is breathtaking here.

Captain Phillips is reported to have escaped late at night, jumping overboard, and swimming away. While under the ever protective and watchful eye of the powerful US Navy and FBI, the pirates recaptured him and brought him back on board.  Yes, a very modern approach indeed. President Obama has begun to surrender to just about anyone he has not apologized to already.

The military of the US is ignored, the past historical sacrifice is hidden and put on a back shelf so we can praise those who wish to tell us what to do.

And rather than risk seeming the least bit strong, we negotiate with international pirates, giving them stature and power they can now use to gain even more money and arms with which to attack us.

One of the main roles for the government of the United States is to protect us from foreign threats. Instead, the government in DC is now bringing more and more power to bear to control the domestic population. The economy is being taken over bit by bit. Regulations are proposed to provide ‘financial assistance’ to the newspapers, so long as they surrender their independence.

Domestic spending is spiraling to unimaginable heights.

Meanwhile in the face of clear and present dangers around the world, the Obama Administration is either ‘seeking consensus’ or simply surrendering.

Make no mistake, the very fact that we are negotiating– the Government of the United States of America is negotiating with Somali Pirates—is a surrender to them. We have accepted the premise that we cannot stop them, and now are merely working out official terms of surrender.

What has happened to this once great republic?



2 Responses to “Bowing to Princes; Surrendering to Pirates”

  1. Paladin said

    The ignorant and uninformed turned it over to the weak, timid and corrupt.

  2. revkharma said

    Good to hear from you again paladin!
    Short and to the point. As always

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