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Twenty Nine Palms (Combat Arms) Survey Update

Posted by revkharma on April 10, 2009

You may have heard of the now infamous survey of military personnel taken in the past, known as the Combat Arms survey, and administered at Twenty Nine Palms military facility. I have discussed it in the past.

Now, the Oath Keepers have promised to have Lt. Commander Guy Cunningham (U.S. Navy, Ret.), the original author, discuss his motivations and methods for creating it. The Oath Keepers have earned my respect with their fierce determination to honor the Oath taken to uphold the Constitution. Members of various military and police organizations find a home there with like minded patriots. This is a strong support for out nation, and these folks deserve respect and support.

I’ll watch for and link to the promised article when it arrives.

There is information on the site now about a gathering, a “Rally on Lexington Green“, perhaps something those in the area should check out. Should you get there, I would appreciate your description on the events.

Keep the Faith!

The Rev


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