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Harbinger of Things To Come

Posted by revkharma on April 28, 2009

Right now, headlines around the world are focusing on the sudden and virulent outbreak of swine flu. It appears centered in Mexico, and spreading within the United States. Other countries around the world are monitoring and reporting cases, but for now, it appears not to be a generally fatal strain.

WHO ( World Health Organization) has issued all sort of alerts, governments are responding by intensifying monitoring at borders. Even by recession standards, travel seems to be showing a decline.

In the U.S., DHS Secretary has already declared a “Health Emergency”, but no one has explained what that means. That is exactly the problem. In the last several weeks, we have been treated to a stunning display of ignorance and incompetence by Ms. Napolitano. She has declared returning war veterans to be potential terrorist threats to the nation, then she told the Canadians that the 9/11 terrorists came through their nation. In short, she has showed a stunning inability to do the job to which President Obama has appointed her. The problems, however run far deeper than just the DHS Secretary. Ordinarily, a defective appointment to a Cabinet level position can be papered over by those who actually run the day to day affairs of the department. However the DHS, as is the case in far too many cabinet departments, is simply not staffed. There is no HHS secretary, there are no secondary or tertiary positions filled. This mirrors the Treasury Dept, where the tax cheat who is running the department is essentially alone.

All of this follows and flows logically from President Obama’s campaign style and apparent personal style. He has always made everything about him. When, after he obviously backed away from his pledges to work for ‘bipartisan consensus’, he was confronted by a senator from the minority position who called him on his unilateralism. His now well known reply was “Because I won”. This is not about the nation, it is not about the best policies, it is all about Barack Hussein Obama winning and being the man in charge of everything. Should he have fully staffed and functional cabinet departments it would be much more difficult for him to simply pull the levers himself and get his way everywhere. If he had people working in government who capable of functioning in their jobs instead of merely being place holders.

 political background noise, Mr. Obama would not be able to get away with the nearly incomprehensible policy changes and deceptions he’s foisted on the nation. He allows low level staffers to present options, then he contradicts them, but only enough to dodge questions. This is what he has been doing with the entire fiasco regarding  the legal memos on interrogation techniques. One policy is announced, then something different is hinted by another staffer, then the President says something just a bit different than anything announced. Finally he washes his hands, saying the issue of prosecution is not his to decide, but entirely up to the Justice Department and the Attorney General.

This sleight of hand lets Mr. Obama dance away without answering the hard questions, while behind the scenes he  is dissolving the borders between private and public life in more and more areas of America.

A crisis atmosphere, such as the ‘housing/finance/credit/economic crisis, and now the declared ‘Public Health Emergency’ as declared by the comfortably numb DHS secretary allows policy changes to be enacted with little  notice and less public scrutiny  than any other time in our history. Mr. Obama and his administration continue to act as if he is a monarch rather than elected representative of the people. One need only look to the incredibly stupid decision to fly a 747 from the presidential fleet, followed by US jet fighters in a path toward the Statue of Liberty, then in low flight toward buildings in the NYC New Jersey commercial areas to see the attitude. Not only did the White House not care to give any notice, but local authorities who had to be informed, such as the FAA were told specifically NOT to inform the NYPD or the NYC Mayor’s office.  When people panicked at the near recreation of 9/11 in their area, it took hours for someone, anyone from the government to acknowledge it was planned.

There is simply no concern for anything other than the President’s agenda of economic takeover and government control. Each time something else pops up, it is ignored for as long as possible, unless it can be used to distract attention from what is actually being done.

President Obama has an agenda, a steep slope down which he is pushing the economic and political systems in America. Everything which does not advance this agenda is disregarded. His attention and that of his coterie of assistants and those who share his goals is focused only on fundamentally altering the economic system in this nation. The danger of such tunnel vision is the risk of some danger emerging which will be ignored until such time as it cannot be averted.  The current swine flu appears not to be a major threat at this time. the plane flying toward offices in the Manhattan area was not a terrorist attack. We were lucky. With the lack of a serious government, we may not always be so lucky.  President Obama and his enablers in Congress must be stopped and replaced at the earliest opportunity.


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