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Education, ‘For the Children”

Posted by revkharma on May 17, 2009

One of the debates I have periodically is the nature and results of our public school system. For the most part, teachers are good and decent people, working to enrich the lives of their charges. What could be wrong with that? How could anyone object to that?

Yet time and again the taxpayer funded schools seem to exert more and more control, and to produce class after class of ever more liberal  graduates. If the teachers are simply and only trying to educate the young of our communities why do the schools seem to produce a class of people who simply seem never to even understand the idea of individual liberty or the founding principles of our nation.

Suppose you send your children to a Roman Catholic School. In every classroom you will likely find a Crucifix on the wall. The school is run by the Catholic Church, and will make at least token efforts to inculcate the values of the Church into the pupils. They will have  a vested interest in teaching that the best solution to one’s problems can be found in the teachings and values of the Catholic Church.

Similarly, if your children attend a Jewish run school, they will be taught that the best solution will likely be found in the values and teachings of Judaism. There is nothing sinister with either of these examples, it is simple logic. The various groups are funding and supporting the school, they will certainly reflect their values and ideals in the classrooms.

Now, if your children attend a government run school, funded by taxpayer dollars, staffed by teachers and administrators  who are paid by taxpayer funds, they will naturally be taught to seek assistance from the government to solve their problems.  As federal funding and control have extended deeper and deeper into local classrooms, the interest in representing the federal government as problem solvers and source of assistance has grown.

This is not a sinister conspiracy, it need not be any more complicated than simply acting in self interest. As long as the community at large is convinced of the essential nature of the federal government as the source of help and the solution to problems great and small, the continued funding and support of the public school system will maintain it’s place of dominance and prestige.

If the time should come when the population at large should decide that they can find assistance and solutions from other sources than the government, then their monopoly on education will crumble.  This is simply preservation, self interested survival instinct.  Our children are being indoctrinated in a system which will perpetuate reliance on government as a way of life.

There is also a fundamental difference which is far more insidious. The government has a power not possessed by any other group. Through the law, the government has the ability, and uses it, to compel attendance in school for all children.  More important, it compels that all citizens should fund the schools through taxation.  The parents who choose to educate their children in some other method than that provided by a government run school must pay double.  This makes it extraordinarily difficult to prevent children from receiving information filtered and approved by the government. The end result is that America now has generations who have largely been taught only what has been approved by the government, and have thus grown to believe that government is, and should be the source of information, assistance and direction in life.  Any one who dissents from this worldview must first overcome a lifetime of learning orientation which contradicts this.  Is there any question why Americans now vote for those who promise more government, and find those who seek less government to be dangerous?


One Response to “Education, ‘For the Children””

  1. i believe that the best gift we can give to our children is to educate them. and i mean here quality education. given this tool, i believe they will be able to surpass whatever challenges they will encounter in their time.

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