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Lindsey Graham, Self Proclaimed Winner

Posted by revkharma on May 17, 2009

Yesterday South Carolina’s GOP held their convention. A new chairman was elected, and  they planned to move forward, building on what is arguably a successful run. Roughly 80% of candidates nominated by the SC Republican party have gone on to victory. This includes US Senator Lindsey Graham. Graham captured the US Senate seat held by Strom Thurmond in 2000. He campaigned as a conservative in the mode of the legendary Thurmond, and was reelected in 2006. Since that time he has taken several rather curious stances. He was among the ‘gang of 15’ that worked with Democrats to move selected court nominees through confirmation. While this had the appearance of a seemingly bipartisan victory, theyactually left many originalist nominees to the federal courts languish with no hearings.  He worked closely with John Mccain and key liberal senators to create an amnesty bill to allow illegal immigrants to stay in the United States with little or no penalties for breaking immigration laws. This was a pivotal decision, which has allowed many to see his true sympathies.  While this was eventually stopped by a backlash among American voters, he has never backed off his stance. He was a key ally of Senator Mccain during his failed presidential bid in 2008.

All this is prelude to Senator Grahamnesty’s appearance at the SC GOP meeting. As he spoke he was jeered by a vocal minority in the audience.  After he spoke for a  while, someone shouted out that he was a hypocrite.

“You’re a hypocrite!” one man yelled.“I’m a winner, pal,” Graham shot back. “Winning matters to me. If it doesn’t matter to you, there’s the exit sign.”“Ron Paul is not the leader of this party,” Graham said, prompting a few jeers. Some people yelled, “Yes, he is!”

It is clear that there is animosity towards Grahamnesty. While it is true that Grahamnesty has won, his stated goal, of winning in  Pennsylvania and Connecticut shows the problem . His concern is not for the people of his home state, he is concerned about the approval of voters in other states who have no vote in his elections. This is a fundamental flaw in the system, which has come to be dominated by national parties, and life long seats for politicians who get the approval of national polls rather than the voters in their home states. Grahamnesty, in order to maintain his ‘national powerbase’ has had to alter the positions which got him elected from South Carolina  to gain acceptance of national party leaders. This reminds me of a rather well known quotation:

For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?  

Grahamnesty won from his home district, and his home state, and appeared to hold convictions respected by his constituents. His eagerness to hold the office has supplanted his roots in South Carolina. Lindsey Grahamnesty is now just about the same as so many other DC Pols. He will always do the thing needed to win; this is not the same  as doing the right thing.

Compare this with statements from South Carolina’s ‘Junior Senator (that title in itself gives you an idea of the problem with the system of incumbency and seniority in DC) : Jim Demint has been quoted  as saying that he would prefer to serve with thirty senators who held to their core convictions than with sixty who voted only based on political expediency. And Senator Demint has also shown that he is a ‘winner’ just as Lindsey Grahamnesty.  To get a good feel of Mr Demint’s beliefs, check out an essay he wrote in November 2008. Here’s a great quote:

 …let’s end the seniority system that turns too many Republican outsiders into Washington insiders. This requires term limiting our conference leader and appropriations committee members, then choosing committee heads on merit, not seniority…

Finally, we must recruit new leaders. We’re never going to reshape the way Americans see Republicans with the same old faces.  

This shows the way to win is not surrender, but to hold to the views that brought America to greatness.  To simply mimic the views of the liberals, the statists and socialists, and merely say “OK, OK, just not so fast” is a recipie for failure.  To stand and proudly say “This is what I believe”  will give hope and strength to those who also believe that the way to survival lies in individual liberty, and not in state control of our lives.  

We need more of Demint, and less of Senior Senator Lindsay Grahamnesty.  Clearly this is a case where the incumbent should be targeted and replaced. After all, how much worse could another democrat be, Grahamnesty simply follows them, while saying he is holding the line.  He has shown he has lost his way. He should be shown the doorway home.


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